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  1. Love this conversion kit idea. It's great for people who own the 1st edition. But what if we want to use some heroes from 1st edition but no longer own the 1st edition? It would be really nice if FFG released a "Heroes of Descent 1st Edition" pack that included the cards and figures for all the old heroes.
  2. I spoke with someone from CoolStuffInc and he said it should be in stock by the end of November or early December.
  3. I don't usually use house rules, but in this case I think we may have to in order to make tick blast useful. Thank you both for your suggestions, i'll be sure to give them a try and see how it goes.
  4. Declarent said: Agreed. I would kill (uh, pay lots for) a consolidated rulebook and a dungeon/encounter pack to provide more content. New minis would also be awesome, but the content comes first. We play a lot of RtL and now SoB and want more random stuff to delve. Also, when was the last time new OL cards came out? We need an OL deck update, too. There's a pretty nice consolidated rulebook for WoD, AoD, and ToI (RtL and SoB not included). I have the entire thing printed out and it seems really well organized. It even includes the latest errata and FAQ. You can find it here: www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/46083/updated-merged-rulebook
  5. I've read a bit of discussion about this here and in a couple other places, but it seems like nobody has come to a solid conclusion about how this card can be used effectively. It seems almost impossible to get a trite in the proper position since you can't move it before you blow him up. Im curious to see how the game designers were able to use this card during play testing.
  6. ASFx

    Invader cards

    Neuromancer said: From the expansion deck Wraith Jump and Tick Blast are pretty spiffy too, specially the latter as it makes useless trites into something actually decent. I find trites to be extremely useful. I like keeping them in a room with a vent in the ground, far away from the marines. when the marines stop near a vent in another room, i pop the trites in, attack the marines, then pop them back through and out of range of the marines. The only way they marines can defend against this is if they have a guard order up when a trite comes through.
  7. shnar said: The campaign rules aren't really that fleshed out. They sound a bit more like "here's a good idea for a campaign, good luck!" particularly when you include the Expansion missions. I would probably recommend starting the campaign over when you get to the Expansion missions, but until then, you can indeed draw another skill card. -shnar Thanks for your input. I'll probably just start over once i begin the expansion missions as you suggested. I feel that it just wouldn't be fun with each marine having 5 or 6 skill cards hah
  8. shnar said: It's always a good idea to AIM your Blow Through attacks, since you will get to reroll every one of those attacks. Thinking about what I just said, I'm not entirely certain if that's true, since Blow Through gives you more attacks, and Aim is only used on one attack. Do all the blow through attacks count as one for the purposes of AIM? -shnar I'd say that your AIM order can only be used towards a single one of the attacks, whether it's the main attack, or one of the blow throughs. The rules state that each blow through attack must be tested for ammo usage and LOS, so i'd treat the AIM order individually as well.
  9. I'm playing as two marines and just won the 3rd map of the campaign. I've always been a completionist, so I had already earned enough points to buy an extra skill card for each of my marines by the end of the 2nd map. After the 3rd map i had enough to buy ANOTHER skill card for one of my marines, but opted for extra base armor for one of my marines instead. I know the campaign rules state that i can only buy one extra armor per marine through the entire campaign, so that's fine, but what about skill cards? Im already feeling a bit overpowered having four skill cards per marine, and once i get them both to 4 base armor (probably after the 4th map), im going to continue saving up for more skill cards. I just feel like my marines are going to be pretty much unstoppable by the time I even get to start the expansion maps. Anyone have a remedy to this? Do most people allow just 1 extra skill card per marine? Not sure what to do. I don't usually like making house rules, but I may have no choice in this case.
  10. ASFx

    second expansion?

    Fingolfin80 said: Sad but true. Doom is a great game with a very well builded setting. Unfortunately, we won't see any other expansion. Worst: I'm experiencing troubles in order to find the first expansion. On this site results unavailable, and it's difficult to find it in other stores, even on ebay. Good luck in your quest to find the expansion. I've been looking for so long, then finally found someone who was offering a brand new and sealed bundle with both the main game+expansion on BGG. A bit expensive to buy the bundle and receive a second copy of the core game, but how much longer are we going to see SEALED copies of the expansion? Had to pick it up! And plus.. now i'll finally have a set of the updated dice. My current set of dice are from the original 2004 release, and all the icons have rubbed off. I had to draw all the icons back on with a sharpie
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