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  1. What books that have been written about WH40K are about the Imperial Guard Duty / War Drama. I remember seeing one online several years ago but didn't buy it at the time and was just curious if anyone had any suggestions on which titles are good and which ones can be used as great background material for Only War.
  2. I am looking to join a Group (online play) or a Play By Post game. I didn't know where else to turn when asking this, what other sites or forums out there that I am just ignorant of. I know the system, but haven't played, and most likely won't play as a Tabletop Group for some time. Any help or offers are appreciated.
  3. I am a long time fan of WH40K and I just purchased the Only War core-rules and want to get playing either by PBP or some 'meeting software' and online realtime voice. I haven't played or used the book, having a hard time finiding and getting players to startup a game or campaign. If you need some more people then definitly count me in. Let me know if I am in or not?
  4. I will be avaliabe Monday if we want to arrange an online meetup to discuss all the logistics in scheduling. I have access to a virtual tabletop application called iTableTop, and I believe I can have unlimited users connect to my game account that I would create (assuming I DM), all the players have to do is use IE 8 + install Silverlight when prompted, and then register for a account(free)... then I can invite you all to join my game. It's platform independant, but it is more of a 'telemeeting' app but made specifically for RPGs and supports mics/webcams, etc. So, software related I think it would work out fine, if I run the game. i.e. you wouldn't have (hopefully) need to install anything or worry about getting 'frameworks' for RPTools made for the Death Watch mechanics. I did express interest in DM'ing, but I haven't gotten through all of the Death Watch rulebook yet. That is going to take me several days, at the very least, so I woudn't expect me to have a first gaming session this week...
  5. I am defintily interested in either playing in or running (if no one steps up first) a game. I have the book, BUT no one i know would be intersested in a pen-paper game at this time, so it appears online is my only (and maybe better) solution. I am Central Time USA. I have a very flexible schedule and can more then likely make any day and time you specify. Technology is no problem, I don't care what Online Tabletop you use, or either Teamspeak or Skype... so just consider me eager and totally in on any game. I have experience with roleplaying games, but haven't been able to play in any games due to my friends schedules and life conflict with doing that. Feel free to contact me directly. Thanks.
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