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  1. What ever one I find to be the most successful at the time. With the current meta and expansions
  2. Man I cant wait for the game to start rolling out so every month we get new goodies like these
  3. Ok I also didn't realize that about traits and keywords Thanks
  4. Im wondering why they didnt just put in the rule book if you have the vehicle trait you cant have war gear instead of putting it on each of the cards?
  5. I was just looking on ebay today The Blood Angels Promo is already over 40 dollars with 6 days to go and 9 Bids The Playmat is listed at 200 (no bids) Promo Markers 50 dollars (No Bids) Is this value because it was at Gen Con and no one could go or do LCGs promos have some solid value?
  6. Damm you guys are in the wrong part of California Im stuck in Norcal
  7. So I like how its set up I want play sets of everything and no way will they put that in the core set so for any LCG you will have to buy three boxes for play sets so I prefer the lack of wasted cards besides the Warlord and his Units. If I have to buy three for a play set I rather not have a lot of wasted cards.
  8. Oh that sucks I was hoping it sold out as fast as thouse two games. Is there a possibility that they had more product because of past sell outs?
  9. Yeah just trying to show people that its not that cost prohibitive less then a box of any ccg
  10. Nope I got three core sets 300 ultra pro sleeves and the legendary board game villains for under 150 with shipping
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