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    macgowan reacted to Wintersong in What would you change?   
    Release date. To next friday.
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    macgowan reacted to Extropia in 28mm Compared to 32mm - Picture examples   
    Don't speak for all of us thanks. Spme of us are very happy with better models
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    macgowan reacted to EmpireErik in Star Trek Attack Wing stands for X-Wing   
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    macgowan reacted to EmpireErik in Star Trek Attack Wing stands for X-Wing   
    No matter how grumpy you people get, or how much of a stickler you are for the rules, I still think they look good. Also when I play people like you guys that protest over stands, etc, at a nontournament, i just roll my eyes and realize there are people who need to act your way in order to "be somebody" in real life.
    At the club level, i play for fun and not social status. Tournaments are different. When I play and a person who buys acrilic movement sets, I trust them when they say they are the same, and if for some reason there is a small discrepency and they win, I congradulate them and enjoy my game.
    After several years of playing numerous miniature games, i really could not care about the small stuff.
    Hopefully, many games from now you people will learn to have fun playing these games.
    Last, if enough of you by them, then the company will, or an outside vendor will build them.
    Thats all....please enjoy your games, and hope to play you one day.
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    macgowan reacted to zathras23 in Star Trek Attack Wing stands for X-Wing   
    Four languages you say? From your post I'd say english isn't one of them. More like internet trollkin.
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    macgowan reacted to Osoroshii in May 4th Weekend   
    May 3rd is a regional championship near me.
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    macgowan got a reaction from oneway in Model-mod to make ships rotatable   
    This looks promising. Should get a better "bite" on the ball bearing.
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    macgowan reacted to dracos12 in Store Championship Results   
    "The Core" ran its Store Champs today in Cedar Falls, Iowa
    We had a low turn out of only 5 players: 3 Imperial 2 Rebels.
    1st place: Jon with Lando+Chewy both with Gunner+EH
    2nd place: OMG+Vader, Howlrunner+Evasiveness, Dark Curse, Night Beast, Obsidian, Academy
    3rd: Howlrunner+Shield+PtL, 4x Black+VI, Academy
    4th: Turr+VI, Soontir+PtL, Howlrunner, 2x Academy
    5th: BBXX "Blue Thunder" HLCs on the Bs
    Edited for 2nd-5th lists and Store Name
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