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  1. This looks promising. Should get a better "bite" on the ball bearing. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=R622CS-S
  2. I'm chiming in with AsylumSeeker. Unpainted would be wonderful, and like I mentioned on BGG, I'd even pay the same price. I'll be buying these (or mod'ing my own) for all the AO's and Heralds who change the way a monster works (cultists, dark young come to mind). Plus I'll buy them because I'm a huge miniatures nerd. That and the Dark Young is the best sculpt of its kind I've ever seen.
  3. While not board games, my wife and I like Dominion and Ascension, which are deck-building games. With Dominion, both players start with a "deck" of seven Treasure cards and three Victory cards. You lay out ten sets of cards you can purchase with the Treasures and add to your deck. This lets you get to customize the deck as you play, and develop new strategies and combos. It's a pretty level playing field, and works great for 2-4 players out of the box. Adding the Intrigue (expansion/stand-alone game) set lets you expans the player base. Ascension is another deckbuilding game, but instead of Victory cards you get attack cards that you use to kill monsters. And instead of a fixed card pool, a large deck of cards to add (and monsters to kill) is shuffled and six cards are laid out for players to use. As cards are purchased or killed, they are immediately replaced.
  4. I would recommend having whoever knows the rules best draw and read all the cards. That way players can focus on their character and strategy (or in this case, the rules & phases) without getting thrown off. Keep passing around the First Player button, but have one person in charge of game effects. We usually have one person (me) read and draw the cards, one person take care of tokens, and another take care of monsters (drawing from cup, movement, gate placement, doom counters, etc). I would also print out a cheat sheet of the phases (especially steps to the Mythos phase) and follow it closely. Good luck, and have fun!
  5. Had a lot of fun with this tonight, thanks! We made a couple of changes, I hope you're not offended: 1. We didn't put out clues/items when cultists/masks entered play, only when they were destroyed. Much easier as far as keeping the board tidy. We also played with Masks from every expansion. Additions: 2. Grinches: Moon Monsters do not move normally. Instead, if a Moon icon appears on the Mythos Card, give all Clue tokens at the Moon monster's location to Sinterklaas. If an investigator in the same location as a Moon monster, they must pass a Sneak +0 check or discard all of their Clues. Then, all Moon monsters move two spaces toward the nearest Clue token in a location NOT occupied by a Moon monster. They ignore Investigators during this movement, but stop one they're on a Clue. Begin with Moon monsters closest to Clue tokens. If all spaces with Clues are occupied by Moon monsters, or no such spaces are on the board, Moon monsters move normally. Final Battle: 3. Milk & Cookies: You may discard one Food or Whiskey during Final Battle instead of attacking to remove one Doom token. Not-So-Secret Santa: Every turn during at the start of upkeep, draw one Common item and give it to Sinterklaas. Then, one investigator may return one of her items to the box to return one of Sinterklaas' items to the box. If this is done, the investigator may also trade an item for one of Sinterklaaas's items of equal or lesser value. Investigators may not trade with each other unless someone trades with Sinterklaas. Great times were had by all. Merry Christmas, everybody!
  6. I believe the black-background symbols are places you can guarantee getting a reward if certain conditions are met (money at River Docks, clues at Science Building, common item at General Store, etc).
  7. Old Dwarf said: I agree it appears not to offer Solo but we're all thinking of trying to play against a robo Keeper,perhaps there is a way to play the keeper and robo the Investigators Gotta see them Rules. OD Now THIS would be genius. It would give Keepers a way to create custom scenarios and playtest them without revealing everything. I've been trying to find ways to play a Cthulhu RPG besides my 20-year old 4th ed. Chaosium stuff (wife doesn't like new systems, but LOVES Arkham Horror).
  8. I would love to see At the Mountains of Madness as an expansion. After all, who says the AO actually HAS to be an AO? Isn't the expedition itself enough to provide for an epic endgame? You could have a Supplies track instead of a doom track, with different effects happening as the game progresses.
  9. @electronicham: Innsmouth will double your available Investigators and GOO's, which is nice for even base games. Plus the personal stories are lots of fun.
  10. We tried adding a doom token when an Investigator is devoured, unless other effects happen. This was kind of harsh. Then we tried adding a doom token on top of an existing one so the GOO is harder to kill if it wakes up. I think I like mi-go hunter's idea better. Easy to keep track of too, just put all devoured Investigator markers on top of the GOO card. The number of successes needed to remove a token should be equal to the number of investigators that have been in the game. I think this would probably stifle the crowd who feels that killing the GOO isn't a "real" win.
  11. I heard if you say "Arkham Horror" in a theatre you will suffer a horrible game-related accident. And if you place your investigator's base on the seam of the board, you might actually break your mother's back.
  12. I'm with everybody in the "stop bumping it" camp, but if you really need a solution I have two words: Sticky Tack.
  13. Like I said, I have base game, Dunwich, Innsmouth, Kingsport, and Lurker. All fit comfortably, and I even have a 1/2 sheet of foam on top. The shop I work at sells the cases two for $1.75, or one 100-count for $1.75. The plastic storage tray for my tokens is from Wal-Mart, in the sewing/crafts section I believe.
  14. Grudunza> Did you take off the drawer-thingie that's screwed to the top lid? That was giving me fits for a couple days. Also, how many expansions are you trying to cram in there?
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