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  1. Dive them into hot water, then into cold one, It should work.
  2. I've just sized it and yes, It's exactly 1 inch base, 2 inch tall or so.
  3. I'm interested in your question, What do you find I think U should be capable of get through your other clan members, although not ending your movement into their same place
  4. Well, I don't know how much does it cost the paint there in the USA, here in Spain U can buy a single small paint bucket (100 ml) for about 7$, and the quic-shade is even more expensive. In addittion, U need to have lots of free time (wich I don't really have) and great painter skills (wich have not either). Si I think that 20 figurines for 50$ is a great prize (2,5$ each). Too bad they don't put the same effort in all the figurines in the set.
  5. I recieved the 2 sets this morning and, although they're really good painted in general therms, They have almost nothing to be with the photo of the Convention where the game were presented. I have taken photographs of all of them and I uploaded them into www.boardgamegeek.com, if U want to check them before buying them. Personally, I'm really happy wih the buy, but If U expect them just as shown, U'll get dissapointed (specially in a pair of them, that I had to paint over a little beacause they were very poor, while nevertheless some of the other are AWESOME). I'll show U the two best and worst in my opinion, juzge by yourselves: VERSUS Why in the first two they painted shadows in the skin and wrinkles, buttons, belts, different tones of brown and amazing details (the first one have a pig head tied to de shield that can't be seen in the photo and the pig have an apple in the mouth with different colour, shadows, and even the rope that ties to that shield have another colour!!!), and they don't even try to shadow the skin in the third, nor even colour the blue line she should have in the dress accourding to the picture of the box, only plain tones of green and brown like if they get tired of painting? Anyway, looking at them in a picture so big does a little favour to them all. Looking at them in their original size, running through the board are simply fantastic.
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