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    leewroy reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Bigging up the love for Runewars Miniatures kit   
    Runewars Lord Hawthorne mount used for custom class Gksozae's Cavalier

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    leewroy reacted to ComtriS in Fun Facts in Descent   
    Fun fact #28:
    Descent: the Video Game
    This was for the first edition of Descent and was eventually cancelled due to "creative differences" between BattlePawn and FFG.  But who knows, if it wasn't perhaps they would've made one for Descent 2E as well.
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    leewroy reacted to KelRiever in I honestly hate the lack of stock in games like Descent   
    @any2cards  How long?  There is no time limit at all on how long a good game sells for.  The only reason games are cut off is to make you buy the game again.  If there's no Descent 2, then when Descent 3 comes out, people have to buy it.  It's completely manufactured.
    Risk isn't that good a game, and yet do you think anyone is going to stop producing Risk? Things were never different until people started participating in the disposable economy.  And that's when you started having 'special editions' of Risk come out.  But you can still buy Risk, the base game, forever.
    In fact, as someone mentioned, Ticket to Ride, you can buy that game forever.
    Editions are a fallacy.  There is no scarcity in gaming except that instituted by game companies themselves, and when it comes to Descent, I have to think it is straight greed.  Descent would sell plenty, 1st or 2nd edition if it was around.  
    Anyway, I'm on my soap box.  There's something wrong with a company that can't be happy selling a good game and keeping it in stock.  I just think it makes little sense and this is why I end up buying less FFG games now.  I really don't want to, I'd rather buy Descent 2nd ed from FFG.  But I feel forced to look other places  now, that's all.
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    leewroy reacted to doubletapdaddy in I honestly hate the lack of stock in games like Descent   
    Reversi (1883) remained relatively unchanged for 88 years until it was revamped as Othello in 1971. If they don't release an Othello big box expansion soon, I'm just going to sell and move on to Ming Mang. 
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    leewroy reacted to Watercolour Dragon in If second edition's retired- no need to retire yours :)   
    As it does now seem certain second edition might be being retired just wanted to say I will continue working on my new fan content for 2e regardless of what it seems certain is now 3e or 'the new Descent' so whatever the new thing is, there will still be quite a bit of new stuff for 2e from my projects as I will be continuing these whatever the new thing is, so no need to scrap your 2e collections if you're hungry for new stuff, 2e will remain very much alive. I'm sure other makers will continue with their own works in progress.
    My 2e work in progress is as big as that big box of big boxiness, bigger in fact, so all in all with that too there's a lot of Terrinoth on the way for the next few years at least
    I might even ultimately weave it into whatever's in that box so it works with or without whatever's in there, but it will still offer plenty of 2e-only/not needing the new stuff stuff , likewise some new stuff not needing the old stuff stuff once I know what we're getting thus what I have to work with (want to make sure my stuff covers all bases for what people do/don't own)
    As my fan project overlaps 1e and some other Terrinoth game bits too (I'm working on potential solutions for people without 1e and the other bits, many of which like the big Battlelore minis are no longer available) it might be unique in bridging the game content like this.
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    leewroy got a reaction from Alarin in Descent vs Gloomhaven   
    To put it simple, my thoughts are almost the same. When I heard of Gloomhaven, went to check the rules, and almost immediately lost interest too.
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    leewroy reacted to Bucho in Fun Facts in Descent   
    Curse of the monkey god used to replace your mini with a monkey token back in 1e.

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    leewroy got a reaction from jopan in Is Descent 2nd edition dead?   
    One thing I'm sure. If a third edition happens, I'll not buy a thing. I'm not playing 2nd edition for years, not to mention 1st edition. But I use mainly the tiles from the games often. Not even the minis I use anymore cause I have a good stock of D&D minis, so it's entirely of no use for me to buy a third edition of descent.
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    leewroy reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Fun Facts in Descent   
    I know that this has been discussed long time ago, still thanks for the clarification!
    And woah! That is a super find! That yellow background really camouflaged the artwork from me , good job!
    Lets add 3 more fun facts then:
    4) Did you know that the Ice Wyrms in the conversion kit have the Swallow ability which was replaced with the Entomb in the updated version and is no longer used on any monster in the game.

    5) Do you know how Merrick Farrow bottom part of the robe looks like? Because artworks on the web are usually cropped, someone is painting it red and others keep the robe in the same color. Here is the full artwork:

    6) Did you know that Lady Eliza Farrow used to be called Lady Cathori in Runebound 2nd and Sir Alric Farrow looked like a skeleton?

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    leewroy reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Fun Facts in Descent   
    I was thinking about making this relaxing topic while we are all waiting for new FFG announcement. We all love Descent and there are some fun facts that are not well known if you don't own and know every possible Terrinoth game.
    I will start with the 3 facts, feel free to share more and also react if you want to know more!
    1) Did you know that Merriod appeared in the Runebound - The Island of Dread and looked like this?

    2) Did you know that original tiles artwork contains unused artwork of magically locked doors and green water spaces on some tiles?

    3) Did you know that even though most of the items from the first edition are included in the second edition, there are still some missing, like this talisman called "Beastman Fetish"? And also did you know that it was REALLY named like that?!
    EDIT: See the comment bellow, it was also used on the hex tokens

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    leewroy reacted to mulletcheese in 2 new descent novels and a new edition of the Board game   
    I was looking to pre-order the new descent novel on amazon (UK).
    To my surprise I found 2 novels available to pre-order.
    The one that hasn't been mentioned before is: The Shield of Daqan: A Descent: Journeys in the Dark Novel Paperback – 2 Feb. 2021
    in the description on amazon it mentions introducing a new edition of the Board game.
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    leewroy reacted to thinkbomb in Super Descent - coming soon   
    Project long time in the works, I'm posting a preview here.  It'll be available to play at some point within the next month or two.

    Super Descent is essentially an unofficial 3rd edition.  The 30 second sales pitch is as follows...
    - A summoning resource called "Peril" will allow the Overlord more strategic flexibility regarding when to unleash a wave of monsters on the heroes.  As well, monsters will have different strengths that cost different amounts of peril (rather than Act 1 / Act 2 distinctions).
    - Heroes have a healthy/wounded status (similar to IA).  Bearing in mind the game has been rebalanced for this, it does remove the oppressive nature of Corpse-Stalking and always targeting the squishy mage/healer first.
    - Heroes will have their own unique XP upgrades called Talents in addition to their chosen class (this is to enable more flexibility in what heroes are good at what classes).
    - Great efforts have been made to retain as much Descent-ness as possible, including maintaining minion/masters, wealth of conditions, separation of heroes/classes, etc, etc, etc
    - A companion guide to update existing campaigns to Super Descent (no maps included, so original copies still required, for obvious reasons)
    - A new AI deck is being developed specifically for this mod (given the other systems are incompatible)
    - There will be a card creation suite to enable faster development.
    - And a host of other changes to accommodate for the major new systems.  For example: the new tools have been used to push each monster into its own role (for example: the sluggers like Ogres, Giants, Ettins, and Trolls all now have more diverse personalities and roles)

    Being said ... here's a couple of card previews ...

    The Monster Card

    The big thing is that EVERYTHING is on 1 side of the card.  This means the Overlord can hold a small hand of monsters and not reveal to the heroes what they'll be up against until he pays the peril and unleashes them.
    A couple points to note ...
    a) the new dice icons at the bottom were born out of necessity to allow for b/w printing
    b) the white text will have black outlines implemented in the card editor suite
    c) The card template will be extremely flexible, including adjusting: surge abilities, whether or not surges are master only, if you hide extra info like the monster traits, attributes, etc
    d) awful pink picture is there as a safety-net.  The card editor will allow the user to input their picture of choice

    The Item Card

    These changes are more quality of life than anything, but it certainly helps.
    a) the item type icon has been moved next to the picture.  This was done to allow more text space and cleaner presentation
    b) Now there's an option to include class restriction at the bottom of the card.  It makes it a lot easier to tell the starting class equipment from shop cards without having to look at the backside.

    Skill and Talent Cards

    Talents (XP Upgrades) that are specific to heroes now have their own fancy background colors.  In addition, I put the Heroic Feat on the talent card (hence the little add-on graphic there).  Also, some cards will have the option of being double sided (flip over mechanics).
    ... which leads to ...

    Hero Cards

    Healthy Heroes have an extra ability.  yay!  That ability gets lots when they're wounded, and their stats take a hit.  Uh oh!
    - If nothing else, facetiously, it provides players an actual reason to flip over their hero card.
    - More importantly, it's in the best interest for the Overlord to spread damage and eventually attack EVERYONE (as those stat decreases can affect the success of a mission).
    I've put out a rough roadmap to convert all retail content, as well (with permission) a great portion of community content.
    The development tools (which is really all I'm waiting on) are going to super straight forward and will allow everyone to pitch in if they want to (as well as making it much easier to kick out content in a timely manner).

    So if you're interested: discord server's here --> https://discord.gg/fw6ssGH
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    leewroy reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Updated CK cards and story with pictures   
    Oh my, I found another artwork of Astarra in Realms of Terrinoth. It's tempting to make another card version 😂

    By the way here is updated card with original artwork:

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    leewroy reacted to Dadler93 in 12 New Unofficial Official Heroes Project   
    I messed around a little on Hero Forge and it seems that you can make some pretty good proxies to match artwork.
    So if you've got a lot of money I guess Hero Forge is a good option.

    Links to each character:
    Bogran The Shadow
    Brother Glyr
    Landrec The Wise
    Laughin Buldar
    Mad Carthos
    Tobin Farslayer
    Varikas The Dead
    Note that I haven't adjusted the hight among other things. So do not order any of these right away before checking all the sliders out for yourself.
    Also, feel free to give suggestions on how to improve them. I guess you'd have to fix some things with green stuff after ordering them to achieve even closer results. For example Laughin Buldar's cat shoulder pads or Kirga's giant cloak.
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    leewroy reacted to sportscomedian in 12 New Unofficial Official Heroes Project   
    Working on a way to get some more heroes into Descent. Not that the game needed more, certainly not. But this is what quarantine boredom does to a person. And it seems pretty certain now that Fantasy Flight is done releasing anything for Descent 2nd edition, and maybe Terrinoth in general.
    Going to try to make them characters that are already in the Descent universe(most unreleased from 1st edition), and then find minis and make cards to get them properly integrated into the game. Will use the stats and abilities from the conversion kit heroes as a starting point, with some suggestions by this thread from the official forums: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/299679-missing-12-heroes-from-conversion-kit/
    To get these seamlessly integrated you can get the cards printed at Staples. Right now delivery is free, mine arrived within 48 hours of ordering! Just do no re-sizing printing, the files below should be the correct size for Descent character cards. Do a front/back print with Head to Head orientation(otherwise the back will print upside down, although not a huge deal). I had all my cards laminated, so did the 110 lb cardstock weight, and once laminated you can not tell the difference between official and unofficial. They also have 12pt Postcard stock available, which is probably more accurate to the real cards unlaminated, but it was more expensive and I didn't really need it.
    For the minis I've found either real figures or proxies for everyone here(if you don't have minis what's the point with Descent). The scale is a little off in some places, but Descent figure scales are all over the place anyway, so it's not out of line with the regular figures. I'm providing links to Miniature Market, as they are a great online shop, but pretty much everywhere sells these figures, just do a web search based on the names. Their bases aren't the right size though, so I'm re-basing on litko bases from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MV91ORG/
    Painted Figure & Printed Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/DbeUlKa
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/jL1ONib.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/zF2QAnC.png
    Miniature: The most accurate one is the one made by FFG for Runebound 3rd edition with the Unbreakable Bonds expansion. But that is pretty impossible to find now, so maybe something like this might work: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73707.html
    Red Scorpion:
    Red Scorpion
    Painted Figure & Printed Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/c8zJJv1
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/Gwt6R1N.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/sf3XKwY.png
    Miniature: The most accurate one is the one made by FFG for Runebound 3rd edition with the Gilded Blade expansion. But that is pretty impossible to find now, and I can't find any minis that look too much like her art. Maybe a generic human fighter: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72597.html
    Brother Glyr:
    Painted Figure & Printed Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/qnMVddO
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/oZ50rG6.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/30D92UL.png
    Miniature: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk90003.html - Cleric with hammer behind back
    Mad Carthos:
    Painted Figure & Printed Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/cVKrgtw
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/9JKLtEz.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/bdbflJz.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/rpr44052.html
    Varikas The Dead:
    Painted Miniature & Custom Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/7xqLQgA
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/foUXxex.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/aak7UUc.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73399.html - This one is tough as the Helmed Horror has the closer armor look, but the face and cape on the Death Knight more closely match. Will probably go with the Helmed Horror, since these are pre-assembled and you can't kit bash.
    Painted Miniature & Custom Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/YgEqF3C
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/hVe6YbB.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/HSlDPlx.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73390.html - Pose with staff
    Landrec The Wise:
    Painted Miniature & Custom Card: https://imgur.com/gallery/0DyETw6
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/Lzqfedd.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/f8JKehF.png
    Miniature: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72618.html - Less heroic pose.
    Painted Miniature & Custom Card: imgur.com/a/bqNygjS
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/1TiETM6.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/zzTOAzu.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72636.html - Hooded figure painted with green skin
    Tobin Farslayer:
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/Vb4auwZ.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/Y2WRpXo.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73702.html
    Laughin Buldar:
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/z2lNQaV.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/krt9wm2.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk90007.html - Cut and glue both axes to sculpt 2's hands.
    Kari Wraithstalker:
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/gCuN4CT.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/hme8iAU.png
    Miniature - She is available in Runewars minis game starter set, and in some ala carte shops on eBay. Snagged the mini for $3 myself today on eBay.
    Bogran The Shadow:
    Card Front Download - https://i.imgur.com/OIKoXjv.png
    Card Back Download - https://i.imgur.com/nlKgJKX.png
    Miniature - https://www.miniaturemarket.com/rpr77224.html - Remove a dagger from one hand.
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    leewroy reacted to rugal in INFO/LEAKS about the future of DESCENT From BGG forum   
    I hate those game using apps when you spend more time looking on your phone than playing with your friends, being almost a slave to the game, placing and removing stuff as the app orders you, without knowing why sometimes and rolling dice the rest of the time, when not reading usless story?
    I don't see the point of those games far from what I'm looking for. But games tend to where I don't like so maybe it's time to me to go search for a new hobby 😭
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    leewroy reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Custom Hero - Gaia [Maze of the Drakon]   
    I don't think that's a good idea since you remove hero player interaction from defending.
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    leewroy got a reaction from Dadler93 in Custom Hero - Gaia [Maze of the Drakon]   
    Two brown defense is cool, never seen before 🙂
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    leewroy got a reaction from AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Custom Hero - Gaia [Maze of the Drakon]   
    Two brown defense is cool, never seen before 🙂
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    leewroy reacted to AwesomeTree_in_the_Dark in Custom Hero - Gaia [Maze of the Drakon]   
    Czech version:

    This hero (4/5) is part of the custom expansion Maze of the Drakon
    this hero is in play-testing phase, read about play-tests here


    Can I use Hero Ability multiple times in one turn?
    Can I use Hero Ability multiple time in one attack - suffer X Heart to add X Shields?
    No, you can use it only once in the attack - suffer 1 Heart to add 1 Shield. Limit once per attack.
    Can I use Hero Ability multiple time on multiple targets when they are affected by the AOE attack like Fire Breath or Blast?
    Can I use Hero Ability on myself?
    No, you can use it only on other heroes.
    What If familiar from the Heroic Feat cannot expand in the selected space?
    Expand familiar to the closest possible empty space.
    Can I place familiar from the Heroic Feat in the space containing terrain?
    Yes, terrain space still persists.
    How long does the familiar from the Heroic Feat stay on the map?
    Until the end of the encounter or until it run out of health.
    Can I use abilities on familiar from the Heroic Feat?
    No, both Spring of Life and Roots of Protection are NOT treated as the figures.
    Does familiars block movement or line of sight?
    No, they don't.
    Can I attack Spring of Life?
    Can I choose not to roll the die when I am standing in the space containing Spring of Life?
    No, you must always roll the die when you end your turn in a space containing Spring of Life.
    When I only recover 1 Heart from 2 Heart roll, because I am at the maximum health now, does Spring of Life suffer 1 or 2 Hearts?
    Spring of Life always suffers rolled amount and not recovered amount. In this case it would suffer 2 Hearts.
    Can I attack Roots of Protection?
    Yes, it works exactly same as Geomancer familiar Summoned Stone. Roots of Protection may be targeted and affected by any attack (even from heroes). 
    Can monsters move Roots of Protection with the attack ability, e.g. Ynfernael Hulk with Knockback?
    Roots of Protection are Unmovable and therefore may ignore any game effect that would force it to move.
    Is attacked space changed when Roots of Protection are declared as the target of an attack instead of the original target?
    No, this works exactly same as Knight skill Defend. Range and line of sight are still measured to the targeted space.
    What happens if Shadow Dragon attacks hero standing in Roots of Protection and uses Fire Breath to affect 3 which are also standing in Roots of Protection?
    Roots of Protection becomes target of an attack 4 times.
    Does Spring of Life heals and Roots of Protection protects enemy figures when they are in their space?

    I am integrating heroes from FFG Drakon 4th, which includes two heroes from the Descent box & rules art - Knight and Ranger and also great proxy for Tyrus. I wrap them under custom expansion "Maze of the Drakon". Goal here is to make them interesting as much as possible, bringing something new to the game - I would rather have them weak with something new than overpowered.
    Aurora, Ravvis the Ranger and Ocvist the Dragonslayer are done so let's continue with the Druid, healer archetype. Heroes have very limited design space and therefore I had to decide which way to go, since druid have huge variation of integration possibilities. I decided to go with the "nature connection" instead of classic healing or transformation druid. I highly recommend to take a look at Rugal's custom Druid class which integrate transformation into Werewolf, you can easily play that class with this hero!
    It would be much appreciated, if you leave any feedback, suggestion, find typo, fix bad wording, anything.
    We have art from the Drakon and for the first and only time I decided to use it. I think that this is only "alright" hero art from this game and at least we have obvious connection to an original game by using it.
    Sadly I wasn't able to find HQ artwork, so I used combination of artwork from this news post and scan of the Druid card from the Drakon. However artwork is small and cropped and the card is also small with texture on it.
    I spent some time improving the quality in the photoshop, removing the texture, painted missing connection, etc. and even though it is not ideal, final result turned out well.
    To create Spring of Life and Roots of Protection tiles, I found artist of the Descent tiles - Henning Ludvigsen and I used his Imperial Assault tiles. I mixed them together and painted missing parts.
    FFG didn't name her, so I came up with name connecting with the nature:
    Name Gaia [Gaea] is from the Greek mythology, personification of the Earth. That suits Druid nicely and fit with the other short names like Zyla, Tahlia, Sahla.
    Fluff text:
    "It is in nature where we truly connect with the mother and ourself."
    Nature connection quote with subtle hint about her origin.
    We have small little flavour text on the Drakon page which doesn't really say anything:
    They had been trapped in the labyrinth for mere hours, but their partnership had broken in seconds. The druid moved more carefully now, hand pressed firmly against her side to help the blood clot. She entered a new chamber, and she peered left and right for any sign of Drakon or her former companions. Either would attack on sight, given her weakened state. In the center of this room, a wooden horn, carved with runes and archaic sigils, rested on a small altar. Before she set the horn to her lips, not a breath of air stirred the dust underfoot. But then she sounded the horn, and with its booming voice she called the hurricane…
    I would like to explain her origin (which can be in Latari elves) and give her a real story.
    Yet to be written.
    In order to make her interesting, it's a first hero with two brown dice! Also there is not a single monster with two browns. You can check the comparison with the 1 gray defense die here. Statistically speaking it's almost the same, higher chance of throwing blanks (25% instead of 16,67%), but additional little chance of throwing 4 shields (2,78%)! Making her ability even more interesting. Since I wanted to have solid replacement for 4 10 4 Avric Albright, I decided to give her premium 5 stamina, with that her Health had to be 8 or premium 10. Since she already have unique defense, I decided to also break the common rules and give her 9 Health, something you could already see in the Charmy's balance patch.
    4 Speed, 9 Health, 5 Stamina, 2 Browns defense.
    There are only 3 healers with 5 stamina, Ulma Grimstone with 4 8 5, Augur Grisom with 3 12 5 and Aurim (CK) with 5 8 5 .
    It's common for healers to have big Willpower and she shouldn't be an exception. Since she is the one connected with the nature, I decided to go with the 5 Willpower.
    2 Might, 5 Willpower, 2 Knowledge, 2 Awareness.
    Unique attributes, Rendiel have 2 5 3 1 and Serena have 1 5 3 2.
    Hero Ability:
    Initial idea used to be, that she created connection with the hero - feeling what he feels, making some sort of bond. I did wanted to make ability that helps other heroes with defense, but at the same time damages her.
    Each time another hero within 3 spaces of you is attacked, after dice are rolled, you may once suffer 1 Heart to add 1 Shield to the results [limit once per attack].
    This is simple, yet powerful skill. Sometimes 1 shield is all you need to survive the massive hit or prevent receiving condition. But at the same time, it's at the cost of damage for her, she takes hit for you.
    Similar abilities:
    Jonas the Kind: Each hero within 3 spaces of you that has not performed an attack this round adds 1 Shield to each of his defense rolls.
    Necromancer - Dark Pact: Your Reanimate adds 1 additional brown die to its defense pool. Each time you suffer Hearts, you may choose to have your Reanimate suffer all of the Hearts instead. Each time your Reanimate suffers Hearts, you may choose to suffer all of the Hearts instead.
    In consideration was:
    Each round until you suffer 1 or more Heart, if you or an adjacent hero are targeted by an attack, you may suffer 1 Fatigue to add other hero's defense pool to the attacked one. Both heroes suffer Heart from the attack result.
    Too complicated mechanism and too similar to Tomble Burrowell ability and Spiritspeaker skill Stoneskin.
    Each time a hero successfully defend attack, heal 1 damage, each time he receive hit, suffer 1 damage.
    Elder Mok wannabe, not really interesting or fun.
    Heroic Feat:
    Based on the connection with nature, she modify the map with the nature elements.
    Action: Place either Spring of Life or Roots of Protection in a space within 3 spaces of you.
    Flexible heroic that focus on either healing or defending, but can backfire!
    Wording based on:
    Vyrah the Falconer: You have the Skye familiar. At the start of your turn, if Skye is not on the map, place him in your space.
    Geomancer - Terracall: Action: Exhaust this card to place a Summoned Stone in an empty space within 3 spaces of you. While this card is exhausted, 1 of your Summoned Stones may perform an attack during its activation (using 1 of your equipped Magic weapons).
    In consideration was:
    Action: You and adjacent hero each perform an attack at once that targets a same monster. 2 separated attacks are made but only 1 defense roll.
    Not much fitting to an healer and not interesting enough.
    Spring of Life:
    Healing choice.
    0 12 -
    Any figure that ends its turn in a space containing Spring of Life immediately rolls 1 red power die and recovers Heart equal to the Heart rolled and Fatigue equal to the Surge rolled. Then Spring of Life suffers Heart equal to the Heart and Surge rolled.
    Heal 12 (or more) Heart and some Fatigue. It's different approach of Avric Albright heroic, which might backfire if you let enemies heal from the pool!
    Wording based on:
    Lava: ...Any figure that ends its turn in a lava space is immediately defeated...
    Crusader - Divine Light: Exhaust this card when a hero without a hero token on this card would be defeated. Roll 2 red power dice. That hero recovers Heart equal to the Heart rolled, Fatigue equal to the Surge rolled, and discards all Conditions. Then place that hero's token on this card.
    Roots of Protection:
    Defensive choice.
    0 8 -
    Roots of Protection may be targeted and affected by any attack and are Unmovable. When any figure in a space containing Roots of Protection is targeted or affected by a Melee attack, Roots of Protection are declared as the target of the attack instead.
    Successfully protecting group from Melee attacks, wasting 8 (and more) damage that could be dealt to your heroes. It's different approach of Roganna the Shade heroic, which can also protect enemy figures, if you let them!
    Wording based on:
    Geomancer - Summoned Stone: This familiar is treated as an obstacle, but may be targeted and affected by any attack (even from heroes). You cannot have more than 1 Summoned Stone on the map at a time, unless an ability allows it. Each of your attacks targeting a monster adjacent to a Summoned Stone gains 1 Surge.
    Knight - Defend: When a hero adjacent to you is targeted by an attack, use this card to instead declare yourself as the target of the attack. Range and line of sight are still measured to the targeted hero's space.
    Thank you for your time reading this ❤️.
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    leewroy reacted to BurnyBurns in Painting Descent after ten years of mini painting pause   
    Shadow of Nerekhall's rat swarms:
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    leewroy reacted to Kaaihn in Painted Descent is best Descent   
    Guardians of Deephall

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    leewroy reacted to Watercolour Dragon in Heroes in the real world   
    These are challenging times for us all as we fight a very real threat of a pandemic that is sweeping the globe- many of us cut off from friends including in the gaming community, although co op games like Descent through the app could be played through the social distancing medium that we call the web, something I may look into, but not the main reason for this post. My country as with many other places is in what many are describing as a sort of lockdown with many non-essential activities on pause and a fear of what current events will mean for the future as things progress.
    I'm posting this as I've just re-watched the short video trailer for Descent which ends with some apt words for these times which I felt were worth sharing and which inspired this post:
    Even within the bounds of staying safe ourselves most of us will be able to do something, however small, to help someone or some aspect of the current situation.
    Our communities need that more than ever now, so whatever it is, within those confines of keeping yourself and your loved ones and wider communities safe, if you can, do that little something to help as collectively all those small actions and kindnesses will make a huge difference. And if you're in an area asked to exercise social distancing please follow the advice given- it will slow the onslaught and could buy vital time that will at least limit the risk of systems becoming overwhelmed or reduce that to the least serious it can be. Every break in the chain of potential for infection is a firebreak that will save lives. It also further protects, and reduces the risks for, those like myself who still need to be able to go to work to provide key services, universe willing.
    Thinking of you all and wishing you the best, real heroes are sometimes ordinary folk who face that which seems impossible and any arising fears together as friends.
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    leewroy reacted to any2cards in Descent prices reduced   
    I hope you are right.  I just don't believe that to be the case.
    As for the "forum was condemned to die" comment ... it was directed more to the history of what happened with D1e.  When FFG ended production of all things D1e, the forum basically went away shortly afterward. Now, to be completely fair, part of this is because they started the D2e forum, and most likely didn't want any apparent confusion as to which was which.
    Still, they all but eliminated the existence of the product from their website; this in turn eliminated most interactions between individuals about the game.  Why would it have hurt to maintain both?  I, and many of my friends, still play way more D1e than we do D2e.
    I'm just afraid that now that there is nothing new coming out for D2e, the forum will end up going down the same road, and I will no longer have the opportunity for stimulating conversations about the great game with people such as yourself.
    EDIT: And quite frankly, the elimination of the D1e forum & product from FFG's website was by FFG themselves (as that was the whole company back then); Asmodee is WAY WAY worse with this kind of thing.  They are getting rid of whole product lines that they see as not competitive monetarily; that's fine as its a business decision; but to also remove methods of communicating about the product such as their forums, when people invested significant amounts of money in the game, is simply short sighted and callous.
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    leewroy reacted to tomkat364 in DarthTom's Painting   
    Back again, this time with a Core Set lieutenant. The least threatening boss ever!!! Lady Eliza Farrow. Not a whole lot to work with on this one, but she is what she is.
    More pics at my blog, as always: https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/

    Let me know what you think.
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