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  1. I think this is the problem. Is this always active? If not, how can soul reper use spitit link without being her turn? I dunno, just a guess. Wait for the expérts
  2. One thing I'm sure. If a third edition happens, I'll not buy a thing. I'm not playing 2nd edition for years, not to mention 1st edition. But I use mainly the tiles from the games often. Not even the minis I use anymore cause I have a good stock of D&D minis, so it's entirely of no use for me to buy a third edition of descent.
  3. To put it simple, my thoughts are almost the same. When I heard of Gloomhaven, went to check the rules, and almost immediately lost interest too.
  4. This picture makes me remember the darksiders style, very cool
  5. It's on netflix. I really can't tell the name of the first game, 'cause I don't know well the other games in Terrinoth universe. But probably you're right.
  6. Yesterday I was watching one tv show called "Orphan Black"; pretty good, by the way, in my opinion. I saw that few episodes ago, some people were playing a terrinoth game, but I couldn't tell what is it. Wars in terrinoth, maybe. They even mentioned "Mad Carthos". But the last one has a true advertise. One guy was playing Descent and teaching a little girl. She was playing with Syndrael and facing some spiders, while we could see the box nearby. I told my wife, "look, it's my game!" 😄
  7. You put my toughts in good word. I thought I was missing something, cause it's hard to see the point in the card being level 3 card. Seems almost useless for this price.
  8. So, basically, the hero drops the weapon. It happens after the attack or before?
  9. Not sure if I understand the 'epic fail' card. Care to elaborate?
  10. In my humble opinion it's better play something new than replay a whole campaign with some rules changes, that's why.
  11. My three cents: I agree with any2cads, working on someting new sounds better
  12. I disagree, but for different reasons. I'd like more content just cause I use mainly the tiles on my own game. And descent at this point lacks ice and desert themes. To tell the truth, it's been years I don't play real descent, and that's why I'm not interested in this new expansion, probably made only with cards for classes.
  13. Exactly good friend, exactly. Big trouble in little china has a kind of Rayden from Mortal Kombat. Guess i'm getting old
  14. I remember "Big trouble in little China"
  15. In my humble opinion, to play the 'bosses' as tokens, makes the game weird. It would be better have all the monstes and heroes in tokens then. Every time I bought an expansion I ordered the lt. packs along.
  16. I agree with new addon for descent 2 zero chance. But...for 3rd edition, according to my calculations, the 3rd edition 27,43% chance, but only 13,87% that this 3rd edition will be a good one.
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