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  1. In my humble opinion it's better play something new than replay a whole campaign with some rules changes, that's why.
  2. My three cents: I agree with any2cads, working on someting new sounds better
  3. I disagree, but for different reasons. I'd like more content just cause I use mainly the tiles on my own game. And descent at this point lacks ice and desert themes. To tell the truth, it's been years I don't play real descent, and that's why I'm not interested in this new expansion, probably made only with cards for classes.
  4. Exactly good friend, exactly. Big trouble in little china has a kind of Rayden from Mortal Kombat. Guess i'm getting old
  5. I remember "Big trouble in little China"
  6. In my humble opinion, to play the 'bosses' as tokens, makes the game weird. It would be better have all the monstes and heroes in tokens then. Every time I bought an expansion I ordered the lt. packs along.
  7. I agree with new addon for descent 2 zero chance. But...for 3rd edition, according to my calculations, the 3rd edition 27,43% chance, but only 13,87% that this 3rd edition will be a good one.
  8. I'm particulary interested in what the new condition will be
  9. Seems impossible. 1)The campaigns are quite different, you can't juts apply a 'mini campaign' as an extension for all others; 2) FFG is paying attention to descent anymore, despite our claims in the foruns. Go ahed and make your own, is all I can say.
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