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  1. I hope they do add Eleanor at some point but I like the look of Elena (female elf?) Funny how they changed the art a bit for Aragorn, they added a beard! https://goo.gl/images/vvhf3Q Also glad they did new Art for Berevor, her old art wasn't my favorite.
  2. What a disappointing Con from an non-attendee perspective, the inflight report was a totally dud, no new announcements, no real suprises or new cards revealed, not much social media posting to share the excitement...
  3. Any? Come on people, show us poor folks some love! Pics of the couple unrevealed cards from Carcossa Some non-spoilery info on the Stand Alone Scenario
  4. Just got word from Team Covenant that demand was so high there's going to be a slight delay in receiving it. Sounds like this is unique to them so don't worry if you're buying from somewhere else but I'm bummed
  5. Yeah, for LOTR I have a campaign through the Saga boxes that I play as the first time through each scenario. Then I have one I started a couple boxes in and once we have all the boxes I'll go back again. I think it's fun to have a campaign that you're playing each scenario blind with. It can be rough but it feels more exciting. You can always record your campaign info and decks so you can return to them later.
  6. I ran through the Sands of Harad scenarios with Aragorn(lead) and new L&G with a NO allies deck! it was pretty fun but I definitely had to add some allies for the last scenario.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy some sand!
  8. I am curious, is there a lot players in LOTR LCG that don't enjoy the deck building aspect? I am more of a 1v1 TCG player, so for me deck building is the biggest draw beside the IP itself, and I always thought other than IP this game would be more attractive to the game TCG/CCG players. And I still haven't given up the idea of making this game somehow competitive 1v1 yet, especially now that we are getting Harad heroes and allies. Just look at Cardboard of the Rings, two of their hosts don't even like deckbuildig! I would say yes there are
  9. I like the Ultra Pro deck boxes (color coded for sphere) and the Ultra Pro gaming case. it's compact, portable, and sleek. Keeping cards in the original box or one of the big wooden boxes looks nice but not very portable. Also, it's not that expensive. Maybe $40 for the boxes plus case.
  10. Dang it, I wish i had just waited to get my playmats! The shipping to way too high...
  11. Thanks! Nice work! Can we add a feature that we can log in and save our campaign information?
  12. My question is does only the player who plays Outta here get to resign or does it apply to the whole group. I love the text
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