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  1. Great news! Thanks for the update FFG! I'll be buying then, this sounds well worth it. How about clearing up the role of Miskatonic Horror now?
  2. I've decided that I do like the sound of this and probably will replace my old one. I like: Easier access to exhibit items through the whisperer token (or whatever it was). Exhibit encounters to make their pursuit more interesting. The police tokens replacing the ineffectual and rare barred from the neighbourhood cards. I would like to see them alter how you draw benefit and detriment cards; nobody has ever had one in any game I've played!
  3. Tibs said: Something tells me that there aren't going to be new Arkham location cards with expansion effects. The components list cites "New Innsmouth Location cards," which says, to me, new cards for the Innsmouth neighborhoods only. I don't think this expansion was designed in a way to confuse players into mixing in cards that they can't use. That's what I thought at first. But looking at this thread: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=5&efcid=1&efidt=462532 You can see that the blight has cross-expansion effects. Now I'd have thought they wouldn't bother having any cross-expansion effects like this, since they increase the number of expansions that any particular player needs to be able to use the new cards (anybody that just wanted to purchase Miskatonic for the new King in Yellow cards will now be able to use one card less - at least at its full potential), and this might limit the number of potential buyers for Miskatonic. So, if the new blight cards for King in Yellow affect other expansions, then maybe the new mythos cards for the base game will also affect other expansions similarly. I still think there is hope!
  4. Curator said: http://www.gametrademagazine.com/public/default.asp?t=2&m=1&c=58&s=818 Looks like the blight cards will include allies from the other locations too. Thanks Curator! I think this is really great news. I thought that the new cards that were listed for each expansion might only be linked to that expansion, to maximise the sales base. But, it appears otherwise. This might mean that even though the new mythos cards are listed as being for the base game, they might be linked to Dunwich or Innsmouth! More gates on the other boards would be great ) The cross-expansion theme linkage is nice in itself anyway though. I'm now actually feeling optimistic about this expansion.
  5. valvorik said: It seems clear to me from the overview description: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1989 That it adds to base game and to expansions as if just "had more in it when you bought it", so whatever your chosen flavour/mix you get something sprinkled on top. Sounds great. If it refines balance anything for any of those in particular, most excellent. Will be purchased by this victim of the Old Ones with certainty. As to "he who shall not be named" above, I'm just glad he keeps coming back with variants of same username, helps me decide which posts to ignore. Rob That's what is written in the overview, but if you read the more specific, point by point list of what is included then: * New Skill, Gate, and Mythos cards for the Arkham Horror base game * New Injury, Madness, Dunwich Location, and Dunwich Horror cards for Dunwich Horror, as well as an all new Dunwich Horror Herald sheet * New Innsmouth Location and Innsmouth Look cards for Innsmouth Horror You see, it only lists mythos cards as being added for the base game. Also, it only lists location cards as being added for Dunwich, Arkham and Innsmouth, not the base game. Don't get me wrong; I'll probably buy this no matter what it contains! I just think that FFG could make some effort to balance play for all of the people that own lots of expansions and enjoy combining them.
  6. _Kroen_ said: Agent of Cthulhu said: So more dilution, no more balance? *assuming it was ever balanced* this game was broken from day 1 Heh, I guess I meant no additional work done to balance the game. I'm not sure I'd call it broken, but you get massively different gaming experiences depending upon what investigators/heralds/number of players/difficulty cards/whatever else you use. You can tailor this until you find a difficulty level and gaming experience that suits you. Problems-wise, the inate randomness doesn't bother me, and the dilution of items and encounters doesn't bother me. And only a few mythos cards have a mechanic that will suffer from dilution, although this is a bit annoying (e.g. act cards/debts come due/story continues etc.). What really bothers me are big board expansions which you'll never need to visit because gates probably won't open there! Sort it out FFG! Please don't print more Arkham-gate-opening mythos cards just because every AH player can use them! Help save Innsmouth and Dunwich!
  7. Wondering if anybody can confirm that this is only going to add gate openings for the Arkham board? It says that it contains "New Skill, Gate, and Mythos cards for the Arkham Horror base game. This implies that none of these new mythos cards will open gates in Innsmouth or Dunwich. So more dilution, no more balance?
  8. Great idea! I would love nice versions of the online heralds too.
  9. I ordered mine to the UK from the FFG store. Including shipping, it came to about £9.94 for both packs.
  10. Hi, Because people are always asking about this kind of thing, I thought I would share the solutions I have used so far in protecting my AH gaming bits and pieces. The tokens part needs fleshing out because I am yet to find an answer that I like - or enough advice to be able to implement one of those options! I hope this is of some use, to somebody: Sleeving Cards ***************** I use the FFG cards. They are nice and sturdy and guaranteed to fit. I originally tried some of the much cheaper Mayday sleeves but found them to be horribly flimsy. However, Mayday now do Standard Chimera and Chimera Mini size card sleeves, and although they are flimsy, they fit tightly enough so as it isn't going to matter. A pack of Mayday Chimera sleeves is cheaper than FFG sleeves and contains twice as many (100 vs 50). Also, thinner sleeves keep the physical size of your deck down; a stack of FFG sleeved cards is way bigger than a stack of Mayday sleeved ones. I have already sleeved too many cards FFG. It's too late for me to turn back. Maybe you can still be saved before you reach the point where you have paid more for FFG sleeves than you did your house... Still, the FFG ones are nicer though. (1) Ancient One cards (Mythos cards, Gate cards etc.) *Fantasy Flight Games Standard American card Sleeves (the green ones, come in 50s) (2) Investigator Cards (Spells, Common items etc.) *Fantasy Flight Games Mini American card sleeves (the yellow ones, come in 50s) (3) Great Old Ones and Character Sheets (the massive cards) *Genuine large Polyprotec large postcard sleeves 7 x 5 inch (came in 100) Do an ebay search if you struggle. They are sealed on three sides and don't have a thumb hole thing. They fit pretty well and offer good protection. They do have a visible edge to them on the three sides where they have been put together. Ultra Pro do offer similar things, but according to my research they are either really, really chunky or thin, like comic book wrappings. So I opted for the above. (4) Heralds *Genuine large Polyprotec large postcard sleeves 7 x 5 inch (came in 100) FFG, realising that the 7 x 5 inch cards weren't challenging enough to sleeve, cunningly opted for the bizarre card size of 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches. Brilliant. They don't fit very well as they move about inside, but it's the only sleeving solution I have found, so far. Stands ******** *I use the stands from Tomb: Cryptmaster (by AEG) It's much nicer to play Arkham Horror using stands. I didn't originally because the stands included with the game have nasty, sharp teeth that will slowly devour investigators and monsters alike. Solutions suggested to me have been to engineer your own stands (folded paperclips?) or to file out the teeth on the stands that come with the game. I recommend getting hold of some of the stands from AEG's Tomb, or Tomb: Cryptmaster. I contacted AEG and asked them for some extra stands that I could use. Their stands don't have teeth and don't compress the tokens. They just hang on by friction. AEG kindly sent me out a batch to use - free of charge! And when they didn't turn up they then sent me another batch - again free of charge! I now have enough stands to prop up my monsters, gates and investigators. AEG rock! I don't know why FFG don't offer alternative, non-damaging stands, but this was the best solution I found so far. Other sources may include (I can't vouch for these): *The original, 1985 Arkham Horror (had a different type of stands, apparently) *Star Wars: Jedi Unleashed Tokens ******** To be honest, I haven't got as far as working this out. Possible solutions that people have suggested: *Print your own tokens to degrade in lieu of the proper ones (a lot of work!) *Sticky backed plastic (don't know if this would work as the tokens are very thick) *Varnish the tokens (haven't tried this) *Use a PVA glue mixture to seal the edges (haven't tried this, but it would only protect the edges) *Roll dice against a chart to randomize the monsters instead of shuffling them (I didn't want to do this as it would alter the probabilities and be a pain) P.S. Forgive any typos, it is getting late...
  11. The feature that I would really like to have seen would be one that automatically tracks and randomizes the monsters in play. I think it should be perfectly usable if done through a touch screen, with just a few presses to dismiss and spawn monsters. I'm really concerned about how my poor little eldritch monstrosities will fare over time with all the wear from mixing them about in the bag. Other solutions, like a chart to roll dice against, don't seem very elegant and/or adjust the probabilities. A program to sort this for you would be awesome. You could just have the monsters neatly stacked up beside the board - of course needing yet another acre of table space though...
  12. Wow. I was going to suggest using little ice cream tubs to stand the cards up in (I bought mine at Aldi - cheap UK supermarket store), but looking at those awesome foamboard builds make me feel totally inadequate. I am definitely going to try and do something like that!
  13. Yeah, I know I could still perhaps have spawned a couple of genestealers through events, but should the last location card ever really play out like this? To be fair though, every other time I've made it to the last location it has been much more intense. Just seems like a massive anti-climax this time round! I even had two whole space marines left!
  14. So we made it to the end of the game, after having gone through two and a half decks of genestealers, and then we finished off the level 4 blip piles. I couldn't find any mention anywhere in the rules that the blip piles should refill. This left the bizarre situation where we could chill out and fill up the final location card with support tokens at our leisure - no combat involved! This didn't seem to me like something that should happen. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Just thought: are the plastic stands that Fantasy Flight just released the same as you'd get in Arkham Horror? Or are they maybe a less-damaging variety?
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