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  1. Looking at the back of the box, I see that the game requires 2 FF Green packs. So I get the game opened, and I'm sleeving away, and I get to the Green sized cards. It seems to be a pretty average sized deck of cards - why does it need 2 packs of sleeves? Lo and behold, there are 51 cards of that size. 1 more sleeve than is in a pack. I think it's time you guys start saying how many of each card, by size, are in the box, in addition to how many packs of sleeves are needed. I happen to have an extra pack of Green sleeves already, so I didn't need to buy 2 packs of sleeves, but I had no way of knowing that until I opened the game. Listing 5 Invasion Plan cards, 28 Tech cards, 32 Crisis cards, etc, tells me nothing about their size.
  2. Is anyone else having some pretty serious problems getting that centre gun into the head of the AT-ST? I had to perform minor surgery with 2 different knives to cut away enough plastic to get it in there.
  3. So I recently got a bunch of the Lieutenant Packs, and I have a couple questions. The cards in the base game/expansions show attribute values, but the cards in the Lieutenant Packs don't. Admittedly, I haven't played a whole lot of Descent 2nd, but is this an oversight? My plan is to use only the cards that come in the Lieutenant Packs, but if they are missing information... The expansion that comes with Queen Ariad only had 1 card in it for Act II, but the Lieutenant Pack had 2 cards (for both act 1 and 2). Is my expansion missing a card, or was this on purpose? Does this happen in any other pack? Any particular reason why Mirklace's name changed? ...That's about it for now.
  4. Oh! I almost forgot. I am a professional developer. I can give you a hand with things if you like.
  5. Fenyx said: TyrionXavier said: All screens: There's some noticable screen flipping as controls adjust themselves to fit the screens. Some shifting up/down, and left/right. I'm currently using a Galaxy S3 - don't know if this is device specific or not. This is right as the screen is loading up, right? I'll see if I can reproduce it. There should be a way to freeze the layout while it loads… Thanks again for all the feedback! NP, I know what it's like to QA things and have things slip through the cracks. What I'm talking about (object flipping? I dunno how to explain it really) happens every time I change screens to a new one. For example, switching from the Locations screen to the Other Worlds screen. Like I said, I am currently using a Galaxy S3. I can show you what I mean sometime, either through a remote viewer app, or failing that, a webcam.
  6. Here is a UI and usability quicky review (did not read spoilers at all): Looks pretty good so far. Things to add: Expansion Selection screen - a button to "select all" and "select none." Expansion Selection Screen - The ability to add either the Location events OR the Other World events from a specific expansion. For example, I may want to have the Location events from Dunwich, but not the Other World events. Accomplished by having 2 toggles per entry on the Expansion screen. Expansion Selection Screen - Increase the size of the selection text. All screens: Icons for switching areas of the app need to remain in their positions. For example, the "Locations" button (that takes you to the Locations screen) should always be in the lower left. Grey it out if you are currently on the locations screen. History button needs an icon. I'm pretty sure you knew this one already. Expansion neighbourhoods need their appropriate colours. The Exhibit Event deck is missing! All screens: There's some noticable screen flipping as controls adjust themselves to fit the screens. Some shifting up/down, and left/right. I'm currently using a Galaxy S3 - don't know if this is device specific or not. The Men/uSettings button should do *something* on every screen, even if it's just to display the About box. It says in the About Box that I am free to redistribute and/or modify it - where can I access the sourcecode for it?
  7. Suppose that I fly my ship in such a way that it is dangerously close to the edge. I plan to take a sharp right turn to avoid the edge. The template fully fits on the board, and the ship - after moving - is fully on the board. But, during the move, if you were to slide your ship along the move path, part of the ship would be off the board. Does the ship get destroyed because it left the battlefield during its move, or does it not get destroyed because its final position was fully on the board?
  8. richsabre said: i think i see the problem here- have you bought a dwarrowdelf pack WITHOUT the khazad dum deluxe expansion?? if so you need that pack first as the torch is in it rich Ah! Yes, I do have that - bought it at the same time as this pack and a few others - I just hadn't opened that yet. Thanks!
  9. During setup, it says to the first player should attach Cave Torch to a hero. What is Cave Torch? The pack that I have doesn't contain anything called Cave Torch. Am I missing a card? What number is it?
  10. TyrionXavier said: I got my response at the tail end of december/beginning of january. It is now March. That's 9 weeks and not a peep. I realize it said "8 to 10 weeks", but is there any news as to when the replacements are actually being sent out? Mine arrived in the mail today. Roughly 11 weeks from notice.
  11. I got my response at the tail end of december/beginning of january. It is now March. That's 9 weeks and not a peep. I realize it said "8 to 10 weeks", but is there any news as to when the replacements are actually being sent out?
  12. Is this by design? They don't really fit into their walls completely on all sides, and just sort of hang there, unsupported.
  13. On second thought, turns out I agree with the guy who called me stupid. Although it would be nice if, in the future, he would refrain from insulting other posters. I would play the card as if it was worded like this: "Take 1 Mark of the Witch to add 3 to the required attribute on any attribute test. You may not spend skill points on the same attribute test."
  14. Delenvor said: Hi everyone, We have a doubt about the Alien Statue card, of the Season of the Witch expansion. Can you play that card when you have no any skill counter? I mean.. it says: "Instead of spending a skill point on an attribute test, you may take 1 Mark of the Witch to add 3 to the required attribute", if you don't have any skill counter, I understand you can't "choose" to take 1 Mark of the Witch instead spend a skill point, right? We have been one and half hour discussing this issue but we didn't agree on anything.. Thank you. I would play it the way you are. It would seem that you have to have a skill point to use the other ability. It says "instead of spending a skill point..." - that implies that you have a skill point to spend in order to chose not to spend it.
  15. nher78qwe said: I bought Descent Journeys in the Dark. But one white and one red Naga each, one red Demon, two red Bane Spinder threes white ones, and two white Skeleton were broken. Please provide me with A/S. If possible, I'd like to get whole monster components replaced. All would be broken based upon condition. nher78qwe@naver.com my home adress 301ho 603dong ,Anhwadong Maeul Jugong 6 Danji Apt., Byeongjeom-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea You should go through their customer support page. There is a section there for replacement parts requests. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_npm_sec.asp?eidm=12&esem=3
  16. Miljenko said: How long did you wait for response fom FFG support? I'm missing Chaos Card from Chaos in the Old World, and send mail to customer support, and after almost a week still no replay. I had the same issue with a card from Warhammer Invasion. They never did reply to the email, but I did get the card in the mail.
  17. I either have the worst luck in the history of game purchasing, or there is a problem with FFG's products. Of the past 10 products from FFG that I have purchased, 7 of them have had problems that I have had to email about to get replacement parts for. Cave Troll - 2 broken adventurers. Chaos in the Old World Horned Rat expansion: Broken unit. Conan: Destroyed box and insert (insert was carved up with a knife, box base had all 4 corners ripped so it wouldn't stay together - damage is invisible when shrinkwrapped) Mansions of Madness POD: Box arrived in the mail *empty*. It was just the box. Dust Tactics medium panzer walker: Missing both arms. Game of Thrones 2nd edition: Yellow plastic markers omitted. Exchanged this one at the store I bought from. Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy - Missing rulebooks. I just don't get it. I've tried ordering direct from FFG, and they still arrive with damage and/or missing components (Dust and MoM: POD expansions). I've tried buying from my FLGS, and just like today, they have damage or missing components. Each time FFG does their best to replace damaged or lost pieces, or in Conan's case they sent me an entire replacement game, but they have to be thinking that I'm trying to take advantage by now. 7 times this past year I've had issues. I don't know what else to do
  18. The most common complaint that I've heard from people after playing quite a few times is that the deck that you build is, more or less, going to be the same each time you play as a specific faction. For example, if you are playing the Undead, every time you play you will have some combination of the 4 basic units in your deck, plus a mix of a very few select neutral cards. This doesn't leave for much variation on repeats. An idea to mix up the decks a bit, is to add in extra unit cards that you choose before playing. For example, an expansion could include 4 new units per faction, and before the game starts, each player selects 4 of the units to put into their decks, with restrictions being that you have to have one of each "category" of unit (a level 1, 2, 3 and 4 unit). Different types of strongholds with different abilities could also be chosen beforehand. This would mix up the "base" deck quite a bit, and make for some interesting variation.
  19. daveman006 said: So my friends and I were playing and I am a little confused on the timing of the elf archers. You refresh all exhausted cards at the beginning then what happened is the elf archers would be played to fight something say a stronghold. Now he would exhaust the stronghold he had to "save" and then refresh and then exhaust again then exhaust the other stronghold again for a total of 3 influence. Can he do this or does he have to spend influence only on the spend influence step and if so how does one use the units ablilities such as the pegasus rider and the warrior? I am kinda confused on this so any help is appreciated thanks. You can't save up gold or influence in between actions. Addiotinally, there is no such thing as "spend influence step." During your turn, you can take any number of Actions (the Perform Actions step #2) in any order you wish, and one of the Actions you can take is spending influence. If you exhaust your strongholds to get some Influence, you must spend that influence before initiating another action (in your case, an attack action). The attack action, and playing the Elf Archer during that action, is what allows you to reset your strongholds. By this time, any excess influence (and gold) gained earlier in the round is removed. This is outlined in the rules on page 8, where it states: Similar to gold, a player may acquire multiple units by exhausting a single city, or acquire a single unit by exhausting multiple cities. Once a player exhausts a card to generate its influence, he must spend the entire value of the influence generated by the card(s) or lose it. Players cannot “carry over” any unspent influence from exhausted city, stronghold, or Reward cards.
  20. A review for Rune Age. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/684542/stormgate-reviews-rune-age
  21. I was just on the phone with one of the local game stores, inquiring as to whether or not they will be getting any of the Print on Demand expansion(s) in to their store, and they told me that their supplier told them that Mansions of Madness is being phased out, and they (the supplier) will not be carrying any expansions for it. Is this true? Is Mansions of Madness being phased out?
  22. I have 2 core sets, and thus enough dials and tokens and doodats and thingamajigs. How does one set up the adventure deck from the 2 sets? Do you only use one of them? Do you combine them both? Is it possible to play with *more* than 4 players with additional core sets?
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