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  1. Yo when can I get a digital copy of the alien book?
  2. Dok Martin said: Quozzo said: Blood Angels: A full ceremony on Baal with the chapters chaplains and sanguinary priests attending. The chaplains say a blessing to suppress the black rage while the captain recalls tales of valor and courage. A sanguinary priest reveals his Blood Chalice. As the priest fills the chalice with the blood running through his veins this fills the marine with honour and the seconded marine then drinks from the icon of the Holy Relic inspiring him to achieve great feats in the name of his Primarch and his chapter. Thats my take on it anyway. Yes, Blood Chalice and Sanguinary Priest most definitely. Also I imagine it all taking place in a rokoko kind of palace with richly decorated balconies, white marble and gold, filled with glorious white light, beneath the golden statue of Sanguinius. Full war gear of course. Or in the semi translucent chapel of a ship floating above the clouds. Hmmm maybe not FULL wargear, a simple pristine white toga type robe (slightly stained from the ritualistic, sacrificial, scarring and blood letting of a true Angelic leaving party).
  3. Ooooh i like that, something made by the Cabal (A collection of xeno). What can be more disturbing but to find the Xeno to be working together!
  4. Sorry my mate took controlmof my account and posted that last message. I think that every Raven Guard would love a stalker pattern bolter from the start, but should they? I think not. Some kind of personal stummer in the form of a single large Raven flight feather.
  5. Raven Guard are all about stealth and striking from the shadows. Sniper bolters are wrong silenced pistols or stealth bonus's are a better idea
  6. Perhaps a piece of Old Ones tech. Some type of Arc that can create new forms of life, ie new Xeno! More weapon based life forms created by the old ones in their battle against the Necrons (Like Orcs) that were never let out into the Galaxy. Imagine the hordes of new creature they Marines would have to face from the midst of their protected "impregnable" iron collar worlds. Obviously the mechanicum decided to encase the Arc in their own protective sigils and gave over custodian ship to the marines. Well thats my idea, i like this thread though. Conspiracies are fun.
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