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  1. No. Skip the prior and just embrace the new edition.
  2. Teamwrong

    Full TI4 documentary now on YouTube

    Agreed. As much as I'd love for each race to have their own individual looking units, it'd add more confusion to the board. Though the glow-in-the-dark units color they came out for TI3 was pretty cool.
  3. Teamwrong

    Full TI4 documentary now on YouTube

    I won't lie. I would have dropped $250 for TI4. Yeah, I love the game that much.
  4. I've read the debate on the Villager tokens in the Castle Daerion scenario where there's a debate on how to treat those tokens in reference to how much are they treated as "Heroes" and I understand the debate, but my question is whether you can play OL cards on these tokens and not just in this scenario but every quest where there are villager tokens. Can you play trap cards on them forcing attribute tests? In some cases these villagers have attributes (like uniques NPC such as Cardinal Koth) and in other cases they don't have any attributes listed. Do they auto fail when they don't have attributes or is it illegal to play the card on them to begin with? And what about stamina loss on these villagers? If there's no stamina loss are they immune to affects such as with Words of Misery or will they take damage from stamina loss like the Heroes do or again, is it just illegal to play OL cards on them? Or maybe this is all dependent on the quest where in some quests you can treat the Villager tokens more like Heroes than in other quests? I'm leaning towards not being able to play OL cards on them but would like to hear if there's an official answer out there some where. Thx.
  5. Teamwrong

    Find Your Twilight Imperium Players!

    Hey Zogwort and anyone else in the Los Angeles, CA area. My TI tournament is scripted in the events page of http://www.strategicon.net/index.php?goto=events. You only need to play either Fri or Sat to qualify for the finals on Sun. If you come definitely introduce yourself to me and hopefully we can get a more regular TI thing going.
  6. Teamwrong

    Tokens with Plastic Units

    Steve-O, the obvious reason of indicating that those tokens were yours, obviously didn't occur to us(!). And we considered your recommendation on using control markers as indicators. Still kinda debating the whole thing and we're still sore about STs being so limited. Trying out some house rules and the Shattered Ascension rules on it.
  7. Teamwrong

    Nekro Virus and Pre-Combat

    I say yes because pre-combat is part of a space battle so the Nekro would just score a victory during the pre-combat phase.
  8. Teamwrong

    Find Your Twilight Imperium Players!

    Hey there's a few of you that live in or around Los Angeles, CA, USA: thekingofblades, twentytwelve, unit00kai, zogwart. If you don't attend or know about the gaming con that happens by LAX 3/year: http://www.strategicon.net/index.php. I've run TI a couple time at the con though always for beginners, though I usually end up playing a normal game either Sat night or Sun afternoon when the rest of my gaming group shows up for the Con. We're always picking up new players and it'd be nice to run with experienced TI players so we don't have to do our starter games. This September, if things go as planned, I'm actually hoping to run a TI tournament for the Con. Getting a 2nd copy with all the expansions and am hoping to run a round 1 on Fri and round 2 on Sat with different players. Then I'll take the top 4 players from each day and run an 8 player finale on Sun. So with 2 copies of the game I can handle up to 32 people with Fri and Sat combined though you'll never see those kinds of numbers except maybe at GenCon. So take a look at the site and keep an eye out, hopefully things will work out and I'll have my TI events scripted in.
  9. Why do we think there's a limitation on ground force, fighters, and shock troop tokens where they always have to be with a plastic unit? My group's been thinking about this one and can't really come up with really strong reasons for this limitation. a) Ground Forces. We could think that with an actually plastic unit there was a visual represantion of the tokens you had stationed at a planet or moving with a fleet. This way you could easily identify what that stack of tokens were. Another reason is to limit the amount of plants you could occupy with your ground units. There are 12 GFs in each set so the maximum amount of planets you can occupy with GFs is 12. These were the only reasons we could think of. So another question is, are these reasons necessary? We can easily look at tokens to identify which units they are and is there a need to limit the number of planets you can occupy? If everyone can occupy unlimited planets with GFs then it seems this evens the playing board for everyone so this shouldn't be an issue. So are there other reasons that we're just not seeing? b) Fighters. Same thing above with visual representation but again, we can easily identify tokens. Couldn't think of any other reasons except maybe limiting the number of space fleets that can contain fighters. May be an issue with Advanced Fighters tech but again, if you remove this limitation for everyone, it doesn't seem such an issue. Again, are there other reasons we're just not seeing? c) Shock Troops. This is the token that really got us thinking about the whole issue. There are only 12 ST tokens, so the most they'll ever be on the whole board are these 12. We've always thought that Hope's End wasn't the greatest because you always had to keep a GF on the planet to produce the STs and also have another GF when picking up the STs so the planet's ability to produce STs wasn't the greatest. Why not just remove the limitation and have STs exist by themselves? STs on their own honestly aren't the greatest units because you've only a 10% chance of producing them in the first place. If they had created a better mechanic to produce STs they would be a lot more viable to play and would be really awesome units. But the plastic unit limitation makes them really unwieldy. Again, there are only 12 of these tokens, do they really need to be with plastic GF units? So any thoughts?
  10. Seems a little debatable to me. Just so we're all on the same page: Dacxice Animators: If you win an Invasion Combat, roll once for every Ground Force unit killed (yours and your opponent's). For every roll of 6+, place one Ground Force unit on the planet from your reinforcements. Gen Synthesis: All of your Ground Forces now receive +1 on all combat rolls during Invasion Combat. When one of your Ground Force units is destroyed, roll a die: On a result of 5+, the unit is instead returned to a planet in your Home System. So I hear what Aoenim is saying, if you apply the Gen Syn, and you roll 5+ you can argue that the unit was never killed/destroyed because it got returned to your Home System. With this ruling if you roll <5 then you should apply the Animators to see if you can replace them from your reinforcements. One could debate that the unit has to be killed to begin with to even trigger the Synthesis so that both would apply. You'd roll for the Synthesis to see if it respawns back in your Home System and then roll for the Animators. Seems more balanced to me, the way Aoenim interprets the cards. Hm… Anyone else want to add their $.02?
  11. My TI group wants to play a game where it's all about us just building armadas and fighting it out. I was wondering if anyone's done something like this and if they modified some of the rules and in what way. We were thinking of taking out the political card and using both warfare cards. Possibly even doubling the resource value on all planets and the production capacity for space docks. Some really radical stuff for pure combat, possibly last man standing kind of game. Any possibly suggestions would be appreciated also. And yeah I know, why play TI if you're not going to include any of the diplomacy? My group just loves the combat so much they want to see at least one game where we're all duking it out. We usually play 5-8 players. Thx!
  12. My players talk about this all the time. I agree with everything already written, makes a lot of sense when you can easily identify other pieces and wouldn't be cost effective and yet I'd also would pay for unique armadas. I guess I'll meet somewhere in the middle and say it would be awesome if every race had their own unique flagship! This, would make all the sense in the world to me.
  13. Teamwrong

    Is Twilight Imperium good for my group?

    Treguard said: Team Wrong said: May the Lazax rule again! But they're so tasty when cooked right.. LOL! Innsmouth13: In response to the table space, I definitely won't disagree with what everyone else has already wrote about space. I'll just add a bit more to what's been said. If you only play with the basic AH game, I definitely feel TI needs more space, especially the more players the more space. Maybe a 3-4 player TI game takes the same room as AH and I'll lean more towards 3 players than the 4. What Shadow said about players wanting to layout their armada is very true. Some players absolutely love doing this. If you keep everything except what's currently in play in plastic boxes or bags whatever, then you definitely minimize some of the space needed. I honestly don't enjoy doing that too much and the more room the better. The game just looks so much more impressive when you've got enough room for everyone to lay everything out and you don't feel as cramped. I generally tell people that TI needs a lot of real estate. We play with both expansions and typically do 5-8 players and when I can manage it, I'll make a table that's something like 6'x6' which involves the dining room table plus a few other tables I add to it all. Understand that this is a hex map so adding players increases the diameter while AH expands in a very rectangular way. I would say for a 3 players game a good starting point would be at the minimum 2'x2' and that to me is a bit cramped. 3'x3' is more comfortable and just add 1/2-1' for every additional player. The only time we ever need the same space as AH is when we play AH with 1 or more of the big expansion sets and yes, we have even played with every expansion ever made. If you've done the same, that same kind of space is needed when you play an 8 player TI game. Again though, TI expands in a circle while AH expands up and down. So it's a lot harder to accommodate TI. I also teach people to lay out all their pieces as described in the manual which probably is not the best way to minimize space and I'll admit it, I'm a little anal about this so that all our play areas looks the same. IMO this is really important as everything you have is public knowledge so needs to be transparent. In AH everyone can have their own setup and it's not as important as everyone's working together so minimizing space is easier. How Kerrin2's got their setup with plano boxes actually makes a lot of sense and something I've been really considering. Kerrin2-what size plano boxes do you use? Not sure what to say about some of your players having a short attention span. This game really is a game that does not do well with players like this. Requires a lot of attention and focus to win the game much less track everything that goes on in a game. Though one of the most brilliant things I think this game does so well, is that it almost always keeps you engaged 100% of the time, even when it's not your turn. So even with players that get distracted easily may find themselves really involved in this game. Like Shadow wrote, the game can be really punishing if you leave the table but this is kinda dependent on the players. For a legitimate leave of absence, I generally freeze play until the player can come back. But if you want to play more cutthroat, by all means, plot and plan behind that player's back and play cards while they're away. Mind you, the way we play a lot of the times we're constantly making and breaking secret alliances and deals so players are always leaving the room to discuss the details in private anyways… Jersey is a trip brother, though I make a trip to NYC every now and then. NYC is my 2nd home and I actually might be heading up there sometime soon and nk, I'm actually thinking of lugging TI up with me so I can teach my NYC group the game. So maybe if you don't live too far from NYC? The final advice I can give you is if you do decide to jump into this, I strongly recommend that you play your first game to only 5 VP points. 10 is the normal but y'all burn out the first time you play trying to shoot for 10 points. I always teach my 1st game to 5 VP points and change the Imperial Strategy card to give you only 1 point. This game should take y'all about 4-6 hours. Trying to play to 10 VPs the 1st time can take a punishing 9+ hour game. Not IMO the best way to teach newbies to play any game. But after this 1st game or maybe even a 2nd game like this, it usually becomes unanimous that everyone agrees 5 VPs is just not enough and you move on to 10 VPs or 8 VPs, whatever your group is comfortable with. Whatever you decide definitely keep us all informed. We'd all welcome a new convert to the Galaxy!
  14. What Steve-O wrote is pretty much what I agree with. All games eventually go OOP. This TI is the 3rd edition afterall. Whether this game will every completely go OOP is IMO incredibly doubtful. TI is FFG's flagship game, the 1st game they ever made, I think back in 1997. And it's got a real (cult?) following as it's an amazing game and keeps getting better with expansion sets. So I would definitely recommend you jump into this game if you think it's for you. Definitely one of my favorite games ever and honestly I think one of the best boardgames ever made. May the Lazax rule again!
  15. Teamwrong

    Is Twilight Imperium good for my group?

    My group are avid players of AH though we've never tried Galatica (on the to-do list!). I even have every AH expansion set and we play all sorts of crazy variations with AH. TI is IMHO on a whole other level. Honestly, I think it's on a whole other level compared to almost any other game out there. My group loves it. We play a lot, at one point playing every weekend. I consider TI the top of the pyramid for boardgames, it's for pretty hardcore gamers because of the length of play (I've played 9 hour games!), the complexity of rules, the strategies and all the moving parts that your in control of. It's got more moving parts than the basic AH though less cards. Pretty much what everyone says is true about how long the game is. It can really be a whole day affair (just Google the horror/delight stories!). It is a game with a lot more depth in everything. Resource management, strategy, tactics and table diplomacy. It's the diplomacy that we love the most. You negotiate everything and nothing is binding! I (and everyone else on this forum) could go on and on about how great this game is but I'll try to sum up a couple things. AH and BG are co-op, with the exception of BG eventually making the Cylon traitor. In TI it's everyone for themselves. Everyone there has to want to win for the game to be enjoyable. So it can get really competitive (but don't things personally!). So the dynamic is obviously quite different from a co-op game. And there's a lot to remember though about 70-80% of the rules become very intuitive when you actually start playing the game. So don't let the thick rule book intimidate you. I actually teach this game a lot (cons and so forth) and everyone agrees that the game becomes pretty intuitive when you actually start playing. The expansion sets are awesome. Though they're kinda a situation where you don't know what you're missing until you get it and it's a lot another $60 for each expansion. Once you play with one of them, you'll never play without them. They really are that good and they even fix some of the issues from the basic box. But are they vital? No they're not, and my group played the basic for some time before I decided to shell out the cash for the other expansions. And I really understand what Goldherz means about them being a must have because they really are awesome expansions but are they vital? No. Kinda like Dunwich isn't vital to AH but it's a pretty awesome expansion. The other advice I can recommend is to watch some youtube videos. There are some pretty good ones out there that describe the mechanics and the play of the game and you may better gauge if this is the game for your group. Most of them are really long but it usually takes me about 1 hour just to explain rules and I'm really practiced at teaching this game. Like Panzerkanzler I got zip lock bags for everything and I fit both expansion sets with the basic set in the original box and it completely closes. Though I've been wanting to get some plano boxes to better organize everything. So storage isn't a problem as long as you got room for original box. And your last question, again I've never played BG and I really love AH a lot but TI is quite possibly my favorite boardgame ever. And this is among all those other games we all play like Agricola, Settlers, Eclipse, Ticket to Ride, etc.. The real challenge is finding other people who loves it as much and are willing to devote an entire day to just playing one boardgame. Hope this helps a bit! Oh and it's a long shot but I live in the Orange County area in California. If by some slim chance you live nearby, I'm always willing to teach new people the grand wonderment that is Twilight Imperium. May the Lazax rule again!