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  1. My thought is that the next hero has to be of natural Justice Aspect......
  2. I dont know if the decks/cards will be translated, but could that mean that each unique decks will existe in each translated versions of the game?
  3. @eggmancorp I was talking to my group about Game Mastering a few Black Crusader sessions in the futur and our veterant game master told me the golden rule about running a evil game. You have to make sure that the player's character fear their boss. Think He-Man style. What keep his croonies in line? They feared Skeletor. Sauron in Lord of the ring is also a great exemple of controling with fear. You could hear/encourage your players to make comments like: " I would crush you right how, but I wont do it because of our boss. If he was not there, I could kill you in an instant!" I hope it helped.
  4. Hello people, What movies would you recommend to new players, used to play D&D 4e to have them know the diffrent feel of a Warhammer setting? Thanks
  5. Bonjour, Je voulais savoir s'il y avait des joueurs dans la région de Montréal. Je suis à la recherche de quelque uns pour faire jouer une partie. Répondez à ce message si vous seriez intéressé. à plus!
  6. monkeylite said: Here's a good list of equipment, but the prices are in the v1-v2 '1/20/240' style denominations. http://www.chumley.co.uk/wfrp/wfrppricelist.pdf Wow, I am impressed by the list. Thanks a lot. I will use it a lot!
  7. shinma said: what sort of equipment are you looking for exactly? Pretty much everything that characters could be interested in having for adventuring. And I was also wondering about donkey. Since encumbrance raises fast, how much could animal carry and how much would you pay for them? Will the information come in future books?
  8. I found the box books had little content regarding equipement. I think more will come in expension books. Does anyone know a good website with great list of adventure equipement for this fantasy RPG? Thanks
  9. Yes there is some spells in The Gathering Storm. I will buy the Winds of Magic next week. I dont know all the magic in Warhammer, but I would think that having a necromancer in a group would be a bad thing. I guess every Priest of Morr, witch-hunter and other heros will try to kill anyone dealing with necromancy. I think people in the warhammer dont like it when people make corps raise from their graves. They make good antagonistes. But a GM can allways change the world as he see fit so the players can have fun, because that is the point. If your player will really have fun playing a necromantic and you are ok with it, go ahead. In my game, I would not allow it (I am kinda lore nazi) and I would propose other types of magic shools. Cheers!
  10. Hello, I have a small question about ranged attacks. Is there a rule for attacking a character with a range attack? I thought of adding 1 missfortune die per engaged adversary. Your thoughts? thanks
  11. I think I'll just download the sounds of goats yelling...
  12. ErrantThought said: From the Tome of Corruption p110: Dark Tongue and Beast Tongue: The Beastmen, much like the Skaven, speak a modified (debased) version of the Dark Tongue. They blend a crude version of the Black Speech with body language, grunts, clicks and so on. The Beast Tongue, as it is called, sounds more like random noise than language but can be used to express a wide variety of thoughts on any number of subjects. Humans can not speak the Beast Tongue and; "In the rare instances when Beastmen deign to talk with Humans, they use a mix of basic Dark Tongue, body language, and gestures, only descending to Beast Tongue when frustrated, and killing the Human when really frustrated." Runes of Beast Tongue: A simplified version of the phonetic runes of the Dark Tongue are used to communicate with other Beastmen through writing. Another, preferred, method is the use of bodily excretions to leave messages for other Beastmen. regards, ET Thanks a lot. That book is in the winds of magic, right? I'll buy it next week!
  13. I was wondering what beastmen language would sound like. Can they talk or just make animal sounds? Thanks!
  14. Hello Guys, I have 3 questions about the mecanic on the Party Sheet. 1-When the gamemaster rewards fortune to players for any reason, that fortune goes to the Fortune Pool or to the individual? Could it be both? 2- Fortune in the Fortune Pool are they allways avalable to any player or they have to waite for a Fortue Pool Refresh? 3- The talent on the Party Sheet, are they Free from game start or the players have to pay it? Do they come from the individual talent of the player or a diffrent set of talent? To change it, a player as to spend a manouver? Thanks for the help...
  15. I have a problem with a priest in my group. He always uses Blessing of Health to clean the stress and the fatigue from the other characters. This makes the rest, or lack off, not so dramatic... How could I discourage him from keeping him to do that. I would prefer the solution being in-game, not just talking to him... Thanks guys!
  16. I have a problem with a priest in my group. He always uses Blessing of Health to clean the stress and the fatigue from the other characters. This makes the rest, or lack off, not so dramatic... How could I discourage him from keeping him to do that. I would prefer the solution being in-game, not just talking to him... Thanks guys!
  17. My players are about to face lots of Beastmen. I wish to have the beastmen in diffrent tribes. I am ok to pick names for Greenskins Tribe, but not that good for Beastmen. Could you help me out? Pretty pliz! Thanks
  18. When making Priest or a Wizard, does the basic spells and blessing come for free? Do they need to buy them as other action cards? Thanks friends
  19. I have encountered a situation. I have a priest. He is casting. He had a succes on the dice roll, but he has not enough favour for the blessing. He the decides to waite for the next round to curry favour. But in the same turn, later, he gets hit by a arrow and takes damage. Is there a rule to check if he loses the blessing or it is automatic, unless he passes out? On a side note, can the priest use the manoeuvres with out a chance of losing the spell? I mean, he does not take an second action... And how about reactions? they are not really action, right? Thanks guys! ! !
  20. That is what the rule says. I agree that it would make less sense to add the Agility, but seems that the FFG mindset is to have less rules. I like that... Keep the system simple.. Thanks.
  21. Hello all, 1) I am still new to the rules, but I am not 100% shure on one thing. Let's say I am hitting a orc (p.61 in the tome of adventure.) I add 2 str characteristic dice, one yellow for my wepon skill. I add a challenge die because it is a close combat action. Then I add one misfortune die because he has 1 Defence value. Do I have the correct number of dice. 2) If I hit him and deal 8 damage. He soaks 2 damage, as it is said in the book. So, my attack does a total of 6. Soak comes from armor, right? Does it have anything to do with toughness characteristic? Thanks in advance!
  22. I use to run a Legends of the 5 rings and their most popular cult of blood magic is called Blood Lotus.
  23. Ok, that makes sense. So Str 3 [2] would mean that a character making a brute str roll would have 3 characteristic dice and 2 fortune dice. Using one fortune point would make the roll 3 characteristic dice and 3 fortune dice. A character rise a characteristic by spending it's advance (4 in our exemple) but it can only be a primary characteristic, which does not count as the career transition. He could spend 1 advance to have one more fortune dice which would count for the career transition. Is it about right?n thanks
  24. Hello folks, I have bought the Core Box last week and I like the game a lot. I have found that sometime the rules are a bit confusing. I have a question regarding the white box on the right of the Trait. Str 3 []. I know it has something to do with the Favour and you can increase the number with advancement. But if I have invested it twice, does it mean that I have 2 white dice when I spend a Favour? And how does it work when I am looking at a monster'S chart or an NPC from the Master's book? Thanks in advance.
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