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  1. In my opinion universal would include primitive wepons. However, I would say that some people would only know how to use primitive wepons and need to be traind to use some of the more high tech-wepons. As such i would say that whilst universal will have primitive wepons included in it it is still possible for primitive wepons to keep their own talent. Examples; ferral world warrior will know how to use a sword (primitive) but will need to be trained to use a chain wepon (universal), yet a person trained to use a chain wepon straight off will allready know how to use a sword thanks to this training (universal). P.S. sorry bout this im on some hardcore meds and im a bit out of it. (hospitals are fun)
  2. If i remember correctly there is a mention in one of the Gaunt's Ghosts books (think it was armour of contemped) that the administratum did render down human remains as rations to feed the troopers. Plus I could se the administratum doing something like this. In the middle of a military option they run out of supplies yet have this continuing supply of meat wouldn't logic say to use it?
  3. +Your feral guardsman (who worships chaos) has to split up you priest and enginseer AGAIN because they gpt into another argument about the Big E and the Omnisiar.+
  4. That would be cool. A good recuring vilan for them to fight (like all good 80's TV programs).
  5. I was thinking, could we use this as a way of continuing the corruption and insanity our PC's have suffered from the other RPGs set in the 40k universe. such as our inquisitor henchmen becoming so corrupted that they start worshiping chaos or our marines going rouge and becoming chaos marines.
  6. Got to agree with Nimon. Also i would use the black shield table instead of the chapter one. Mainly to represent the training that they had within the Deathwatch instead of what they would have had from their original chapter.
  7. HappyDaze said: Tarquin Faquar said: I have to say that the reason there is the tables for random armor and histories just for that reason. For it to be random. What you consider a feature, i consider a bug. I don't like randomness in character creation, and for Deathwatch characters, the Armour History is still a part of character creation. Beyond that, a player can rationalize anything if he wants it bad enough, and he'll not bother to try to do so with something he doesn't want. I always thought thats since power armor was handed down marines got what they got. including its history. Also about the rationalizing isn't that where the GM comes in in saying what is possible and what is just too far fetched.
  8. Just had a quick look though the forum. So its time for my two cents. I have to say that the reason there is the tables for random armor and histories just for that reason. For it to be random. Also, the stats of the armor seems fine to me as long as you can justify why you have them. the example is as follows; I recently played a one off game as a sanguinary priest in beeky armor with the blood of a battle brother history. The way I justified this was that the reason that i had the agility an extra sensors was that they were to get me to injured marines faster and to help find out what was up with them, the blood was because he didn't wash off the blood to honour those who had died under his care. Sometimes you have to ask what is better. Giving everyone the armor that they say is balanced (and anybody could say that anything is OP if they think it gives something they think you shouldn't have) or having a good reason for explaining why you have what you have.
  9. this is why i was thinking of making it an actual talent top be able to use the gun to get a straight kill. something to represent the nature of the weapon and the fact that people would have to be familiar with it to use it inthis manner (not just point and shoot like most other weapons).
  10. Good idea about the insta-kill. I was thinking of doing a bolt version but im not sure about the shotgun, it seems that people might blow their hand off if they use that one.
  11. Recently my dad has gotten into WW2 re-enactment and came across something called a sleeve gun, used by SOE for close range kills. It struck me as something very apropriet for the work we all get up to. This is the first time i have done this so any advise/surgestions would be welcome. Name - Sleeve gun Class - special ( due to being mounted on the forearm under the cloves this weapon can not be used as other weapons) Range - 10m ROF - s/-/- Damage 1D10+2 / Special (if the target is unaware of any hostile intentions involving the user they can attempt a surprise kill using this weapon. the user must pass an agility (-10) test to represent going from a non hostile stance to aiming and fireing the weapon for a sure kill. this however can only be done on foes that are human or equivilant size/shape) Pen - 0 Clip - 1 Rld - 2Full Special - Built in silencer, reliable Wt - 1 Kg Cost - 150 Availability - scarce Type - solid projectile Description - A wepon used by many undercover agents and asasins. This weapon fits sungly on the forearm and is cociled under the everyday garbs, it allows many of these users of the covert arts to kill their targets or anybody within their way at a range and way that can be re-used again and again without the target fighting back. I'm not 100% about the insta-kill. I thought about using a skill instead but haven't figured out how to do that one exactly.
  12. I love this idea, its perfect for the sort of ad-hoc group that dark heresy portrays. I would maybe put a higher risk of the gun jamming when this is equiped to represent the extra gubbins needed for this magazine and modifications needed for it to work with the gun.
  13. I'm not sure. The unbalanced thing seems to me to be because they are swinging such a top heavy and difficult weapon to use in close combat one handed. If the held it in both hands then they could be much more precise with their blows. Think about it, they go charging in with their main melee weapon and and just sort of make over-the-top swings with the bolter due to its nature. Also, remember, they are space marines, they would probably have the skills and training/enhancements to be able to use a wepon like that semi-affectively.
  14. I'm interested in joining. My Skype name is tarquin_faquar. If you could ad me and help me get set up I would be very thankful.
  15. Well then best start my creation then........... I MUST AWAY!
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