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  1. I just started watching the series and just started playing the game. You don't need to know anything about the series to like the game. It just may enhance it a little bit if you know the lore. Just knowing the concept of the series would suffice anyone not already watching it. The only other games out there that I know of similar to BSG is Shadows Over Camelot and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Never played Shadows, but I own BaHotH. It's fun, but BSG is a lot easier to learn and is more streamlined.
  2. The wording is completely wrong and throws a lot of people off, but the official FAQ clarifies that you may spend 2 activations on one viper. They should have had an "or" statement on the board in my opinion.
  3. I'm probably reading more into this than what I should, but I will try to explain. If the rule was stated as such then it would completely make sense: "In case of a tie at a tournament when the ball is at midfield, the first manager decides which tied team wins the tournament." However, the rule states "...the first manager decides which tied team has higher Star Power." To me, this implies it's more involved than just picking a winner.
  4. I guess that makes sense. I was just implying that you aren't guaranteed to get a equal number of ties. Some will either be total wins/losses and some will be ties. I also overlooked the section where highlights can end in a draw, but tourneys do not. As per the rulebook- "In case of a tie at a tournament when the ball is at midfield, the first manager decides which tied team has higher Star Power." So they are basically saying the first manager chooses who he wants, or does this mean he has to add up all star power points on each team and then determine the winner?
  5. Call me dumb, but that doesn't make any sense. How will a tie-breaker happen twice? There is no guarantee that will happen.
  6. What if the ball is at midfield at one of the matchups and both players have equal star power? Does the person with the coin (first manager) decide who he wants to win the matchup? If so, that would make the two player game lame since it's an obvious choice who they would want to win.
  7. When and where will the contest winners be announced for the "Show Us Your Game Face" contest?
  8. I saw them. They aren't that detailed. I like FFG's tutorial videos. They are very well produced.
  9. So where is the video preview/tutorial on how to play this one? Can't wait much longer.
  10. I know that the "when played" abilities are optional, but what about the "resolution" and "end of combat" abilities? Do you have to resolve these even if you don't want to? The reason I'm asking is because of the Daqan Lords Siege Machine card. It states "RESOLUTION: Discard 1 card from your hand to add +2 to this unit". Depending on the situation, I may not need to nor want to discard a card. However, all other cards I've reviewed would seem that you must perform the resolution ability and it is not optional. Also, the example in the rulebook says the player "may" choose to use this ability. Why would one card be optional but all others aren't?
  11. Fryd Pickles

    Event Deck

    Rune Age » Forums » General Re: Resurgence of the Dragonlords solo play magehammer wrote: The rules state when the Event Deck runs dry, you shuffle all discarded Stage 2 cards into another Event Deck and continue play. Tell me if I'm correct. The enemies that are spawned from the event deck stay in the central play area until defeated. To which they then go to the event discard pile. Instantances on the other hand or resolved immediately then placed in the event discard pile. Whenever the event deck runs out, you then shuffle all stage II event cards from the discard pile to make another event deck. So if no one ever defeats the enemies from the event deck remaining in the central play area, it is possible that your reshuffled event deck will contain nothing but instances? This is harsh. So you basically have the event deck, an event discard pile, revealed enemies stay in central play area until defeated then get discarded, you have some enemies that linger to cause damage each turn which remains in play until defeated. At first read I thought enemies only last for one round and then replaced by the next possible enemy from the event deck.
  12. Fryd Pickles

    Deck Limit

    So at the end of each player's turn and at the end of the Event phase, all players draw up to 5 cards? So if you already have 5 or more cards, you don't draw any more? Your army would seem kind of weak with only 5 cards in your hand. Am I missing something?
  13. I sent an email to FFG Customer Service about the misprinted cards/instructions because I too was a little perturbed about this. Below I included my email with the FFG response which did take about 8 days. I also posted this on BBG. Others received the exact same response. Go figure. And their response sucks by the way. Enjoy!!! Dear FFG,I recently purchased Mansions of Madness. I was very excited about this game. Upon opening the box and unpacking all the components, I noticed the small errata that came with the game. I was happy that this was included and replacement cards were sent for the mistyped cards. That was very nice. However, I noticed online that there is another errata about misprinted rules and other cards. I''m appalled that a game that requires precise setups and certain gameplay mechanics has this many errors. Please let the public know that this will be fixed. We all hope that first edition buyers can get replacement rules/cards for the mistakes that are known. There are a lot of customers unhappy about this. You can read the FFG forum and on BoardGameGeek. We all love FFG and we all were looking forward to MoM. Howeve r, the way this product was either rushed or not playtested properly is a big disappointment. You guys make awesome games and we want to see them keep coming, but this definitely doesn''t look good. The price we pay for board games nowadays supersedes video games sometimes. Things like this need to be close to 100% as accurate as possible. We all make mistakes, but this is what playtesters and quality assurance are for. I''m sure everyone will be satisfied if there is some sort of replacement process that will correct this. I''m sure I speak for everyone when I say we thank you for your products and your time.Sincerely,Seth Pontiff - Hello Seth,As with any FFG published product, we will post an errata document to correct any errors that had crept into the print run. The current FAQ and Errata document for any product will be found on that product's Support page. We encourage you to reference that document during play.If you would like to make the correction on the card itself, and you sleeve your game to help protect the components, one possibility is to add a slip of paper into the sleeve that displays the corrected text.Thanks for playing,Thaadd PowellCustomer ServiceFantasy Flight Games
  14. Hope it's not another "Betrayal at House on the Hill".
  15. If you have the Torch Goes Out card and the Rune of Teleportation, how will these two play out? Do you roll for the outcome of the Torch card before doing anything else including using the Rune of Teleportation, or could you use the Rune of Teleportation, go to an adjacent space and play a new tile? What would you do then? Roll the Torch card on the new tile to see if you can encounter it or would you just encounter the new tile? We played it that the Rune can be used, but the player still had to roll the to see if they could encounter that new tile. If not, their turn immediately ends and they would have to roll for the Torch card again the next turn.
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