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  1. Easy solution: don't see it as a reward. It's a gift of the gods. The gods don't give a **** if you don't want a certain mutation. There's a large chance you'll one time or another get a gift you don't "want". Read the black box regarding reversing mutations and so on. Players (assuming it's not due to a failing) get their IB to adjust the result on the gifts table. That should be enough. You as a GM shouldn't tailor a gift to a character just because the player who rolled it happens to 'not feel it'. The character gets the gift he rolls (if due to a failure) or he chooses (after adjustment). If he wants to get rid of it, make the character work for it.
  2. As you didn't specifically mention Slayer Limb in the OP (what the gift's really called), I omitted to mention that a weapon may be provided if one is not possessed when you get it. It's all there in the description of it. You wouldn't have needed to made this thread had you just read the gift properly.
  3. By RAW it's all random. That's chaos for you.
  4. Give him a refluffed Hand of Khorne. It's no power fist, but it works. Or you can give it the stats of a daemonette claw as per Chaos Organ, if you want to make it less powerful (due to not being a Reward).
  5. The only issue here is terminology. "Sorcerer" is mainly used to refer to CSM Sorcerers, but it's also used to refer to chaos psykers of different persuasions (both CSM Sorcerers and human psykers called "Sorcerer-Kings" for example). Also note how the psyker referenced in all psychic power descriptions is "Sorcerer". It's just a blanket term at this point for all chaos psykers. Any conflicts is due to inconsistencies between different writers. You really shouldn't read too much into it. Besides: "The servants of Chaos have transcended such petty notions as the division between psychic power and sorcerous might":
  6. Psychic powers for worshippers of a specific god are psychic powers (and refered to as that in codexes). And that's that.
  7. Define "normal psychic powers". Non-aligned? Because god specific powers are definitely psychic powers. It's been established canon since at least 3rd edition codexes that worshippers of non-Khorne gods can use god specific psychic powers/sorcery (really, there's no real difference between them at this point).
  8. The rituals are definitely sorcery, but in that they're chaos rituals and not the 'sorcery' mirroring psychic powers (i.e. being able to manifest powers in short order). Rituals take time.
  9. Yep, in effect both the attacker and defender involved in an Opposed WP Focus Power Test apply a (Psychic Strength level) PR x 5 bonus to their test. For the defender it's optional, though. However, you'd be stupid to not at least use it fettered, as it's a free bonus without any risk. The issue is that it seemed like he suggested to stack the normal FP rules and that added Opposed WP rule on top of each other for double the bonus.
  10. While Sorcery is separate from being a Psyker in Dark Heresy (where Sorcery rules exist), BC makes no functional destinction between the two. You can always just change the narrative, and have the character be a sorcerer, but use the psyker rules.
  11. I'd argue that getting perils multiple times is far more dangerous than the slow 3 CP creep towards spawndom for the glorifying act itself.
  12. First of all, the -60/+60 modifier limit isn't an optional rule. It's standard in all 40k rpg lines. Second, that's not how the psychic strength option for opposed willpower focus power tests works. It's only the defender who may apply that bonus to the test, the attacker doesn't have the option.
  13. I see you again failed at reading comprehension. Strawmanning won't make you less incorrect than you already are.
  14. No. Just no. The game doesn't ask you to buy something when you choose an archetype or race. It just lists things you start with. If the same thing is on two different lists of things you start with, it's just redundant. Something only needs to be on one of the lists. You're basing your reasoning and arguments on faulty understanding of the rules and logic. The RAW in this case makes perfect sense. It's only a redundant entry of a skill you're already recieving that's making stuff difficult for you. Either ignore it (RAW) or have it do something else (houserule). Why does there need to exist a line of text within the rules that states that nothing happens when an editor has forgotten to take a redundant skill out from an archetype? A better question you should've asked yourself is this: "Where does it say you upgrade a skill if it's in both a Race entry and an Archetype entry?", because that would be a strange rule considering what a special case it would be. There's only two races in the game, there won't be many combinations where that'd happen (in fact, only if something turns up in an archetype, where an upgraded skill would be in the first place). Your sense of logical conclusions are laughably bad.
  15. The only issue for Nurgle psykers is that Willpower is expensive after you've aligned and that the Nurgle powers, while flavourful, are kind of meh. But it's not like you're forced to only buy Nurgle powers, or getting a bunch of Willpower advances. Hell, buy the WP advances before aligning to Nurgle if you can/want to. Will likely save you some xp.
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