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  1. Dicenilee

    So, should I take the plunge??

    I was gutted when I missed the first Battlelore series, so you can imagine how excited I was when I see this announced. Does it live up to expectations? How does it compare to first Battlelore and indeed the Game of Thrones edition? What are the positives and those negatives? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Can someone please tell me what the dimensions of the Dust Tactics revised set is please. Many thanks
  3. Dicenilee

    Which core set to buy? Original or the revised?

    Yes I have both as well, get the original for sure. You get the gaming tiles, more dice, loads of minis, 4 walkers and a copy of the first comic as well, plus like you mention the new one will be around for a while yet but the original is hard to get hold of.
  4. Dicenilee

    Dust Warfare Core Rulebook sold out

    Deal, done, spat and hand shaken !!!
  5. Dicenilee

    Dust Warfare Core Rulebook sold out

    Sweeet ! Cheers mate for that and yeah excellent, here is hoping there is a big Dust event held in the UK so we can all meet up and have some games and bevs. Ill certainly let you know if we decide to host such an event.
  6. Dicenilee

    Dust Warfare Core Rulebook sold out

    caecitas said: big up to the UK massive, Nivanti. If you are interested, ive converted all of my allies into uk "tin hat" models. I can send you a link for the helmets. Big up indeed !!! UK Dust Crew Please do mate and with your permission i'll post on my club message board for the others to use, we are going to start a Dust Tactics in house league in September with an all day game of Warfare being planned around the same time. With our 10 players we could easily put on a tournament for about 25 players, we got the boards, we got the scenery. Build it and they will come, would you ?? Operation Iceni ( Norwich, Norfolk, UK )
  7. Dicenilee

    Dust Warfare Core Rulebook sold out

    The UK Club I run in Norfolk has 10 players, when we went to Salute you couldint hardly get anything, sold out!! Excellent its doing well, we are huge fans of the game and I can se us running a tournament!
  8. Dicenilee

    Medic question.

    But if he is in the same command unit and say the mechanic is killed can the medic bring him back??? He will have line of sight as he is in the unit and I very much suspect will be within 6" also.
  9. Dicenilee

    Medic question.

    Can a medic heal the command section he is in ???
  10. Has anyone used Barking dog, Otto and the other 48 scale delights for warfare yet ? If so how did you use them, points cost , weapons ect ect ??
  11. I love cadwallon and the whole world, I was a fan back in the days of Rackham. I came across this the other day and wondered is it any good ?? what level, hard easy ? Thanks all!
  12. Dicenilee

    New big box expansion in the works

    this is excellent news, im really looking forward to this !!!
  13. Dicenilee

    Flyers for Errrrrrrbody?

    Axis Fallshirmjager please !!!!!
  14. Dicenilee

    Airdropping allied heavy with embarked troops

    and the beardy cheese begins !!
  15. Dicenilee

    D6 Generation Review of D: Warfare Live Now

    If you treat your minis like rubbish and throw them in a box then expect the paint to flake off just like it would with any miniature, pick them up and store with respect and they will last for ages, common sense yeah ?! Good review and helped me to understand the game better, I enjoyed your closing statment of people on forums and in general some of the idiots in the hobby.