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  1. The legend I'm eyeing the most atm is Kairos, don't have the cards yet to playtest, but he has the potential to be a wrecker imo.
  2. Holy crap, my love for chaos went from a novelty to evil scheming. The cardpool from this alone makes chaos pretty **** amazing, especially given the current meta. A couple nice things splashed in the other races as well, but you can easily see where the love is in this pack.
  3. When it comes to empire units I hate rodrik's raiders so much more than hemmler. After all, wight lord is hemmler's daddy. This thread is seriously derailed, but I just had to put in my two cents.
  4. He's basically a control mechanism. Moving units to one zone without devs so hidden grove nulifies thier power or, scooping them into a zone and then WotE and Verena. He is a very powerful card even without verena, but he is not the "broken" part of the deck. While you can control a player to some extent with him, most decks can play around him. They can't play around a reset to turn 0.
  5. Usually I'm not a total downer, but this particular list ist just a total WTF to me. First off, good job nerfing dwarves after they already are the #3 deck. People have been blindly hating on dwarves for a long time now not noticing that there were stronger or equal archetypes for a long time. This just shows FFG will give in to forum whining. Secondly, random restrictions much? This list basically nerfs the #2 and #3 decks and barely hurts the top deck (verena). I see some comments on here about how empire is hurting from losing some cards in thier deck. I personally don't play with mining tunnels or warpstone (MADNESS) and I still roll people. Perhaps FFG is going to release some development spam cards soon, but due to thier past lack of initiative and foresight, I find this to be unlikely. My conclusion here being: Verena should definitely be on the list as the card in particular is more game warping than anything to date in my opinion. Tbh, pull wilhelm and put verena on the list. As to the formatting of restrictions, I'm still forming a final opinion, but it just doesn't sit well with me atm. This is due in part to being used to other card games which usually use the limit one version of restriction. Basically this type of formatting seems to be trying to break up synergy blocks as opposed to removing actual problem cards. Time will tell on this one. Overall, not impressed by this move, but I suppose the rest of my post wasn't already steeped with disaproval.
  6. From a competitive standpoint you have a lot of lackluster units in your decklist. The staple units for DE are all utility or removal types. You probably just want to stick to one unit + Wight lord for your beaters. Slave pens is a must have, as is whip the slaves. Naggaroth is a popular finisher, but its not a super solid choice against will of the electors. Black guard aspirant is also an old favorite, and if you are running hexes or soul stealer (which I recommend) he'll be a good source of hammers. You might also want to consider mortella, nothing says "i love you" like a friendly infiltrate or demolish. If you want to stress the discard from deck aspect id reccommend picking up the new DE unit from the most recent BP. If you are interested in a filter/control DE deck I have posted a list here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=155&efcid=4&efidt=423626 The thread has a lot of good comments regarding DE in general and not just the particular list in the OP. Overall I think your current list is a good starting point, but you will want to fine tune what exactly you want the deck to do. You have some elements of control, but also have the discard thing going on a little. Deffinitely drop some of the less than stellar units like the cold ones, they really do nothing for you other than clog your deck up.
  7. A few decent cards in this pack, but mostly a "filler" pack, or developing archetypes that aren't already viable. Chaos still needs a reliable sacrifice mechanic imo, as they are getting lots of synergy in that direction. That being said, Doombull and the new HE quest are prolly my two picks for what im liking the most, with sacrifice to khaine maybe slipping in as a third.
  8. So, question, how does this deck pair up against other decks at this point (i.e. Dwarf+ DE)?
  9. Personally I love orc self damage and think it may be the best current orc archetype. I highly recommend beardburner for your hero slot. If he gets through he is basically a guaranteed burn. Arrer boys are terribad like JayDe said. I recommend using more spidah huntin, they are great cards. I'd also cut some of the one ofs that you have in your deck, as it seems you are trying to cover several metas, and usually thats counter productive. Its important to note that you should keep in some of the usual staple orc cards like spider riders and whaaagh as they make any orc deck better. Anyway just some general points I wanted to make, and glad to see more people are enjoying this type of deck.
  10. Sorry its taken so long for me to respond. @ illuat If you dont have advanced eng, har'ganeth is all right. It does allow recurrence with walking sacrifice, which is nifty, or bouncing enemy units w/ -hp on them. The more I play the more I have come to hate invoke khaine's wrath. This card was originally in here as I was playing against orcs a lot. I think an appropriate replacement would be a slave for every occasion or maybe even pillage, as they will both be 4 drops. Personally I think offering to hekarti is slow and clogs up the deck. Wight lord and corsairs are more than plenty of removal for the most part. Plus, sac tor aendris really wants your units on it so you can get in those points of damage. I find burn it down to be situational, Its great against empire, because I end up having tons of developments everywhere, (and often in my B-field as my playgroup always try to wipe out my quest with WotE and Verena). Against other decks, I tend to develop randomly depending on where I see attacks comming, so I think pillage might be overall better, but I'd have to playtest it. @philos Nice deck list, personally I hate dark initiative a little as he is pretty mediocre. Also, no whip the slaves? I find its a staple in all my DE incarnations. Personally, I think the naggaroth archetype for DE may be seeing a comeback in the next few BPs, but it really depends on what we get, from the few cards I've seen it looks like a lot more unit removal, so still up in the air. In response to grille's comment, caught the scent is great for that use, and I do it frequently.
  11. DE is currently my favorite and mort reliable deck. The only times it loses in a big way is when the following things occur. -2x or 3x early game mining tunnels -2x Early game Infiltrate -Multiple RTF late game -really insane orc hands I don't mean to be saying DE is the be all end all, but people highly underate the deck, as it is easily tied for the top spot atm. People have been bitcing about dwarves for a long time, and personally I think they are strong, but at this point I think that 4/6 races are competitively viable. Dwarves and DE are MUCH more reliable due to the fact that they have extreme draw engines compared to other decks. I often find that empire tends to have janky draws which sink the deck on average one out of three games. Visit the Haunted City is a great new addition to the deck, but it's slow and faces the normal issues of quests. In my opinion the main strength that order decks have over destruction is good supports and good support removal. Demolish and Rodrick's just **** on pillage, which is unplayable in chaos or DE because of its double loyalty, and it doesnt even hit devs. Advanced eng. is a great start to balancing supports, but it faces the issue of being neutral and not providing loyalty. A 3C or 3DE 1p1hp that pops a support would not be amiss in this format. Aside from the support issue which has plagued the game since its beginning, the growing strength of synergtic cards, and control type decks in general is what is my main worry. I hope to see HE and Chaos gain more combo/rush cards to combat the Empire/DE control decks, which will undoubtably destroy the fun in the game if they become more powerful. Anywho, just my two cents worth of gloom doom and whatnot. Feel free to point out flaws in my observations.
  12. Tbh, the most major thing I see this pack having done it shafting orcs. Empire and dwarves now have HIGHLY effective EARLY game counters to orcs. From the look of the units in this and the last BP for orcs, FFG is pushing a slower, control based orc theme, similar to older grimgor based decks. The new chaos support has potential at this point, but as we see more and more development cards comming out, this and all these "you must develop" supports from the BP will lose power quickly. The thing I'm most pumped about is the emerging HE theme. Sure, its not amazing now, but one more "surprise" unit or a few bomb cheap units, and I think HE may have a very strong and explosive deck. The rest of the cards are unremarkable to me, especially the DE cards, which are pretty mediocre.
  13. Well two things. One, like periculum said, allow multiple units to partake in the same quest. It makes sense logically and it makes sense from a play point of veiw. Two, make more "zonebending" quests, like Sac Tor Aendris and Wolves of the North. These quests are simply awesome in my opinion, allowing you to draw and beat on your opponent. A quest that allows some sort of tricking with quest/kingdom zones would be super nifty. Additionally, I'd say its important to keep the cost of this kind of quest low, otherwise they are pretty unplayable due to the fact that they will gib your ramp up in many cases. And on a side note, if the power level of quests does increase significantly, there will need to be some kind of quest removal.
  14. What the game is really missing is a cheap (1-2) neutral "remove a dicard pile from the game" type of card. I don't expect to see this type of card in the near future, but it would be HIGHLY effective against several decks, and in specific Dwarves and DE which are imo the top two archetypes at this point in time.
  15. Drawing too many cards is pretty much a non-issue, and the decks that do have massive draw also have the ability to cut their draw off for the most part if it came to that (dwarves/DE). Trying to deck people is non-viable at this point in my opinion. Although I have been able to beat several racial deck archetypes with an infiltation deck, its been like 1 win to 4 losses, so yeah, not super effective. Game length is relative to deck types, but I'd agree with Gerson, order games tend to be longer than destruction ones.
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