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  1. That's because there isn't one. What is and is not heresy largely depends on who you ask. The Ecclesiarchy and Mechanicus are both composed of ideologies that vary from sector to sector, and sometimes you even get groups in the same sector that disagree.
  2. Officially there are no Salamander successors. This is due to the fact that the Istvaan Massacre reduced the Salamander Legion's numbers quite greatly. They barely had enough men left to constitute a smaller chapter. However, one or two other chapters (Black Dragons & Storm Giants) from subsequent foundings are similar enough to the Salamanders in physique, heraldry, and combat doctrine that they are rumored to be Salamader successors.
  3. Deepstriker said: If I recalled correctly the RoB also mentioned a Jump Pack is part of the Corvus Armour. That seems rather... broken. You recall incorrectly. It just said that jump packs are often fitted to suits of Corvous Armour used by Assault Marines, there is nothing there to suggest that this is a standard practice for all suits of Corvus Armour ever produced.
  4. Daisuke


    For that you'll need to take an elite advance, which are only available at the GM's discretion. So talk it out with whoever runs your game.
  5. N0-1_H3r3 said: winternight said: Aren't they blunt and prone to causing offence? They're also boisterous and sociable individuals, inclined to grand celebration, feasting and drinking, the recounting of glorious victories in epic verse or grand saga, not to mention showy examples of heroism and glory-seeking in battle, and are generally quite an up-beat and high-spirited group. That all in mind, I can see why they were given a bonus to Fellowship. And for this very reason other chapters would find them annoying, not endearing. This isn't a game of having tea parties with off-duty guardsmen, it's a game of pursuing missions for the Deathwatch. Somehow I doubt that a significant amount of missions are going to require drinking and wild parties. If they weren't going to be true to the Wolves predilections for close combat, they shouldn't have played up said predilections in the fluff entry. It gives players a misleading idea of what to expect from their character if they choose to be a Space Wolf.
  6. Moirdryd said: The Errata gives them added close combat traits anyway and anything beyond that is down to RolePlay factors surely? Considering the fact that Black Templars, Blood Angels, Storm Wardens, & even Ultramarines do not need to settle for "RolePlay factors" says no.
  7. Honestly, what you are describing here is more in the realm of Rogue Trader or Ascension (If you must have it be a Dark Heresy game). Dark Heresy involves the exploits of a small cell of Inquisitorial Acolytes as they scrape and struggle against odds that are very much against them. As written an officer with a squad of guardsmen at his command would be very out of place in an investigation being conducted in this game.
  8. redhead222 said: just too be clear on this are we talking fluf wise or game wise? Both. While the game rules do enforce the leaders being different, it is also reflected in the fluff. Each Wolf Lord has a unique personality different from all the others, and they gather those around them that most mesh with their particular outlook and approach to battle. Even those that appear similar have quirks that set them apart.
  9. Honestly, the idea that Space Wolves are in any way boring or straight-jacketed into any particular personality is just bunk. Every single Great Company has a different from all the others as it can be. The true schtik of the Wolves is their highly individualistic nature. I can't really speak to the nature of the Blood Angels, but I will say that I've been impressed by all the Blood Angels characters that have been played by folks of games I've been in. But I must contend that the Ultramarines and Imperial Fists are boring and bland, specifically because their whole schtick is in being bland and generic without any real personality to them. But that's just what I think about them. Feel quite free to ignore my opinions on that subject.
  10. Normally I'd say that there is something to be said for being prepared, but I do agree that that would probably be overdoing things more than a bit.
  11. Lynata said: I don't even have to pull that card. I just need to kindly request that AW takes a glance at the magazine size/shape of both Astartes- and non-Astartes bolters and ask himself how the warp that is going to fit in there. But just to back this up (in case someone really thinks Marine hands are four times the size of a normal human's), both the official Space Marine Codices as well as your Deathwatch RPG rulebooks contain images of how these projectiles actually look like. No need to consult fanwank. Lynata could you kindly point out a single one of those illustrations that gives any particular scale measurements, please? Or perhaps a description of the exact dimensions of any type of bolt shell. Or better still a description of the materials that go into the construction of the round, or the components that make up the propellants or the explosive charge. The reason you have not done so is because the only descriptions that exist are that the things are .75 caliber, rocket propelled, they explode, and they pierce through personal armour. In other words: Please stop submitting your own interpretations and assumptions as facts and evidence. I know that this behavior is making it hard for me to take you seriously, not to mention making me irritated that I'm even giving your posts the time of day to read. I can't say for certain if this is true for anyone else.
  12. AluminiumWolf said: By the by, here we see a comparison between the Phl4CC1d pattern round common in bolt weapons used by non-augmented humans (left) and the mighty 3rr3C7 pattern 'Kraken' bolt used by the Deathwatch (on the right). You realize, of course, that the moment Lynata sees this she is going to dispute its canon status simply because it did not come from the most holy Games Workshop or from the minds of the anointed saints that make up the staff, right?
  13. Argus Van Het said: And the Imperial Guard has non-combatant entourages behind every unit, so I suppose they include child care ^^ This is... a tad unlikely. The great majority of Guard regiments are gender segregated. Regiments like the Valhallan 597th are unusual in that they have members of both genders. So troopers having kids is highly discouraged, as it represents a drop in unit efficiency, and the Administratum typically takes steps to keep it from happening.
  14. :sigh: Much as I utterly hate to imitate Lynata, I'm going to use the Munitorum Manual to point out a small flaw that has been introduced by this errata... As it stands, the Astartes Bolter has been reduced to nothing more than a giant pistol. The problem however has a very minor fix: putting the rate of fire back where it was. In the Munitorum Manual, the bolter is stated to have three firing modes: Single Shot, 4-round burst, and full-auto. The Bolter has always been a fully automatic gun, I see little reason to change that. What they have done here is make all weapons, including the shotguns, such better options that no one will ever have a reason to use the bolters anymore. Hell, the assault shotgun now makes a better bolter than the bolter, I'd say that's a much bigger problem than the previously overpowered bolters.
  15. bogi_khaosa said: Lynata said: Well, "mono'ing" a weapon costs 40 Thrones. When you already allow this upgrade to work on ammunition (which isn't in the RAW) then you may just as well apply common sense and assume that upgrading a "blade" that has a fraction of a sword's size would cost considerably less. You pay the same 40 Thrones for a mono knife, not hugely larger than an arrowhead. You also pay that same 40 thrones for a sword or greatsword which would be significantly larger than an arrowhead. Frankly, I wouldn't find it a bit surprising if the cost for the upgrades was less about production costs and more about cost of labor, at least in some situations.
  16. MKX said: Really long schpeel snipped to save space. I think you are reacting to a possible situation that Fantasy Flight does not intend to happen with these rules. From the latest developer diary, it seems like Grey Knights are intended to be in an all Grey Knight squad. I don't think they honestly intend for one of them to be included in a group of acolytes on an investigation, or a hit squad for that matter. I agree that including them in an Acolyte cell in a completely inappropriate idea. If for no other reason than the fact that there is no reason for it to happen in the first place. Keep in mind that unless there is a daemonic incursion of some sort, the Grey Knights don't typically get called in. As an aside, there are plenty of things that can ruin a space marine's day. The ever popular Genestealers, for instance, will slice them into ribbons. They also don't stand up to some heavy weapons very well, plasma and las-cannons being foremost on that list. Can't really imagine them escaping a hit from a power fist without at least some damage. Pretty sure there are some psyker powers that can prove nasty, as well.
  17. Honestly I too think that the Wolves could be great pickings if you want tragedy, but in a different way. Let's remember that these guys are the 40k equivalent of the vikings, meaning that they know that in the end they're all doomed when the Wolftime (Ragnarok) comes about. But they fight on in the ever so slim hope that in process of going down fighting that they tip the balance in the Imperium's favor, thereby saving the Imperium through their own predestined sacrifice.
  18. Near as I can tell it means that a target's armour points provided by armour and by cover are not lowered when someone uses suppressive fire against that target. (Though I can't see why anyone would think that it would.) But if I'm wrong, I've got nothing.
  19. I... would not, frankly. All of the different assets are really things that would not be under the direct control of the Deathwatch. And regardless of that fact, different assets are more appropriate for some missions than for others. The Kill Team should always be mindful of the sort of mission that is being assigned to them when choosing things to requisition. A Company of Imperial Guard Sappers, for example, would be ideal if the group needs some demolitions work done, but they're not much good for anything else.
  20. Well, like I said, I was merely citing my own experiences on the subject of deployments. That Thunderhawk the team rode in on isn't always going to be available, there could be a pressing need for it somewhere else in Jericho Reach, or it could be on temporary loan for that matter. And sometimes a Kill Team needs to remain surreptitious, and a Thunderhawk is anything but. On the subject of orbital surveillance and the vox net, these things might not even be available, and in an active warzone the military outfits would need to keep the net secure and not spend time processing chatter from people who shouldn't necessarily be there. The whole insertion/extraction is more likely in reference to instances beyond the initial insertion of the Kill Team and the extraction to bring them back to the Watch Station. Either for a side mission that comes up or an emergency extraction from unexpected circumstances. Also keep in mind that the various Imperial factions don't always play nice with each other. The Imperium is rife with infighting and the factions compete for the honor of accomplishing some great deed by destroying their competitors. (See Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, for example)
  21. I've probably not played in quite as many games as a bunch of others here. But in my experience, the Kill Team has always deployed via Drop Pod. But anyway, spending requisition on Imperial or Astartes assets allows the Kill Team to commandeer any military assets that they might need that are in the field in whatever operating area their mission takes place in.
  22. Brolthemighty said: The problem I have, is that based on a lot of what's been said, the HB Devastator has less ammo on him, then the other Marines. That just doesn't sound right. Not sure where you get that idea. Even if you only go by the standard you get 430 rounds. 250 from the backpack and three 60-round ammo drums.
  23. As they are so fond of saying: "Knowledge is power. Guard it well."
  24. Different scale on the secrets, though. The Inner Circle of the Dark Angels and those of all of their successors know about the fallen. Whenever an individual Blood Raven finds some long lost piece of lore they take that knowledge to the grave with them. Or so I'm led to believe, I could be way off on that.
  25. Lynata said: Misinterpreted? But do worship him as a god now, or not? If yes, that's exactly what I mean. Only in the case of the Ravens and this is only so because Relic wanted them to be as anomalous as possible in comparison to other chapters. See: Thousand Sons Geenseed. (Heavily implied but no confirmation as of yet) Overabundance of Psykers. Worship of the Emperor. Eidetic Memory & Incapability to achieve REM sleep. Chapter Master is Chief Librarian. Relics named for heroes of other chapters. Obsession with finding lost knowledge and keeping secrets from nearly all chapter-brothers, to say nothing of the Imperium at large.
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