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  1. Thanks man. Merry Christmas to you and I hope your day is filled with Jolly.
  2. The last SWRPG game I ran was based off of Firefly. Using their systems as a sector that mirrored the galaxy at large. I had the Empire in tight control of the core worlds and lawlessness on the frontier. Came up with some hand-wave excuse to seal off the sector from the galaxy, like a nebula or something. Players liked it because they could help populate the game with their knowledge of the Firefly universe.
  3. Nice! I discovered Blue Rose at Gen Con 50 and swooped everything I could get my hands on. I have not read the rules much outside of the dice mechanics. Interested to see how you convert the world.
  4. I hope to see stats for the Imperial Raider and the new stuff shown in Rogue One.
  5. That's why it looks so familiar! I was racking my head thinking it was a WEG ship.
  6. As of today, June 30, there is no FFG hosted demo that I could find.
  7. World of Darkness, Legend of the Five Rings, CyberPunk, Twilight 2000, Star Frontiers
  8. I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into project and continue to. My group has started using this and find the material very well crafted.
  9. Holy Hell. I haven't seen this in FOREVER! I loved these guys. Please tell me the name as I cannot remember what toy line this is from for the life of me. Help me Vorzakk, you're my only hope.
  10. In a recent F&D campaign I had the PC get ferried around the galaxy in the Sulaco (from Aliens) that was a giant droid. It could even remotely pilot the landing ships but not as well as the players could (Just take off, fly, and land). It lasted about 6 sessions until the First Order took it out and the players were very sad.
  11. In my FFG's version I have used every ship in Battlesar Galactica. And I mean every type ship. The Galactica & Pegasus. Both types of Vipers as well as many variants of Raptors. Cylon fighters and Basestars. In my WEG game I have used all manner of other IP ships. Klingon vessels were especially popular. The Gunstar from The Last Starfighter was a favorite of mine.
  12. The colors made me think this was an old 70's rock album cover ala Roger Dean. I think his stuff has been earlier in the thread but if not look him up.
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