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  1. So I just have to ask this, but what size table do you guys use for the main game plus one or more of the big box expansions? I have the main game and a small box expansion and some day down the road I would like to pick up a big box expansion or two, but I have no more table room! lol, I may have to take it to the floor if I ever buy an expansion without a new table! Cabala
  2. When a player moves in Arkham and stops on a location that has a gate open on it, he must deal with the monster or evade it before entering the gate in the Arkham Encounter phase. If you choose to evade it, then go through the gate into the otherworld, performing your two encounters there and then later returning to the same location with the monster still present, you do not have to combat or evade the monster until next turn. But during this turn, and on the next phase (Arkham encounters) you have the option to close/seal the gate because you recently aquired a "explored marker" for exploring the otherworld. If you successfully close or seal the gate, and the monster's marker at the location where the gate just sealed does not match the gate marker symbol, what happens to the monster? Does it simply get ejceted to the adjacent street of that connecting neighborhood? Thanks for the help, I have read almost all of the various FAQs and don't see this answer explicitly stated? Cabala
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