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  1. I wish - I'm here in SC too. Are you in the upstate area? I actually live near a pretty well known hobby shop who I have talked to about doing Fantasy Flight LCG days like every other Sunday of the month and eventually perhaps doing tournaments. Would you have any interest in participating if its close enough to you?
  2. AH ok, so if a quest card says "Reveal X cards and place in staging area" then the when revealed effects go off?
  3. Anybody in the area play the game? Looking for interest in maybe schedule 1 or 2 nights a month (maybe more) to get together and play. Edit: Sorry i just realized i posted this in the wrong forum.. I can't figure out how or if I can delete a post so just move it to Community plz
  4. I used the forum search but couldn't find a clear answer to these 2 questions so excuse me if they've already been answered. Many of the quest will instruct you to Draw and place cards in the staging area at the beginning of a scenario. My question is what if one or both of the cards are treachery cards? Do you just resolve their effects immediately and then discard them? Many of them don't really have an effect at the very start of the game because they do stuff to units that are committed to quests or to players with high threat or what have you. We played a game the other night and used the 2nd quest in the core set the Journey down the Anduin. On the initial setup since we were playing with 2 people we drew 2 cards. One was a hill troll that we placed in the staging area, the other was a treachery card that ended up doing absolutely nothing. We Since there was already a Hill troll in play we did not have to search through the deck to find one. Therefore we started the quest with only 1 card in the staging area - the Hill Troll. I was thinking to myself, man what if we had drawn 2 regular enemy encounter cards AND had to go find the hill troll so that the staging area had 3 enemies in it right from the start... that would make the scenario way harder than what happened to us. Also when you are setting up a quest initially according to the Stage 1A card do you resolve the "When Revealed" effects of cards that enter the staging area or do you only resolve those after the game is actually underway. The other question I had was about the first turn and drawing. You're supposed to draw a card after collecting resources each turn... does that include the first turn of play or not? Thanks for the help all!
  5. Ah ok, see that makes more sense then wolf.
  6. I was wondering if anybody has any clarification on whether or not you can take multiple strongholds in one turn. As in can you spend gold to get one stronghold then use military power from other cards in your hand to take another all in one turn? If an instant event attacks me with a power of twelve for example and after i put down army units from my hand and resolve effects i have a power of 9, i know my home realm takes 3 damage but do my army units get discarded or destroyed and returned to their place of origin? furthermore am i just out that many cards for the whole next round until the next draw phase or is there some mechanic i didn't read that lets me draw more for my next turn?
  7. Yep - the rules clearly state that an "Enemy" is not a "Unit" and vice versa.
  8. Shenzou

    3 Questions

    Ok, i'll check out the card expansions then as well as the big box sets. We had one more question about the game. If you deck out a particular color adventure pile (say the green pile for example) do you reshuffle the cards that aren't held by players and make a new green deck or is the green deck just gone for the rest of the game?
  9. Shenzou

    3 Questions

    The game group just picked this game up, we loved our first playthrough and are eager to have many more. We only had 3 things come up that we would like clarified. 1.) The rulebook states that the Item limits are as follows - 2 weapons, 1 armor, and 2 allies. What is the limit on the number of artifacts a hero can possess and use? 2.) On certain challenges if you fail the before combat test it says to take -4 to your first combat roll for example. If after the challenges before combat even you use your OWN before combat ability or item is this the roll you take -4 to or do you wait until the actual combat starts to take your -4? Furthermore if wording in the game says "Combat Roll" it doesn't matter whether you are attacking or defending right? both are still considered "Combat Rolls" correct? 3.) In the base adventure the dragonlords turn into usable runes toward the end of the game. Do their activate abilities count as your one item per combat round activation or can you activate say a weapon AND a dragonlord rune in the same combat round? Do they refresh as normal on your next refesh step or are they one time use type deals? Thanks for the input folks. Oh and since there are so many expansions both big and small out there does anybody have any recomendations on which ones are really the "essentials" to get?
  10. Shenzou

    Bribe Question

    So i want to make sure i am understanding bribes correctly. Lets say there is a personality stake in the free zone with a main arcana (highlighted value) of 6 Military and a Ducat Value of 7. If i play an agent from my hand with a 3 Military Value, then on my next card set down a treasure worth 4 ducats, I win the personality stake through bribery correct? Because my 3 Military which is the stakes main value adds to the 4 ducat from the treasure to equal the stakes ducat value of 7?
  11. I'm not sure if there is a post about this already but I bought a sealed copy of Battles of the Third age on Ebay. The game is 100% complete nothing is missing but the board is in English on one side and in French on the other side... is this a known issue? Will FFG Replace my board with one that has english on both sides?
  12. Thanks so much Graf!! We're looking forward to playing again on game night this week!
  13. oh and objective cards.... you only get one per game right? when you complete it you don't draw another one right?
  14. First off just wanna give props to fantasy flight for making this amazing game. just finished our first playthrough and we had a blast. our game group owns many FF games and i have to say this one is definately the most fun for me thusfar. We ran into a few situations during the game that we werent 100% sure how to handle just wanted to post them up here and see if anybody had any input. 1.) How exactly do strongholds work. If you win a battle against an enemy in a space with THEIR stronghold token and stay there, do you get to use the damaged stronghold strength against them? can you repair an enemy stronghold or only your own? when you recruit units can you recruit to any stronghold in a location you control or just to your own faction specific strongholds? 2.) If i do a mobilizie in the spring and activate an area, can i do a conquer in the summer and move some of my other units THROUGH the activated area without stopping or does the activated area rule still apply and my units have to stop once they reach the activated area? Also does the Activated Area rule apply to JUST MY FACTION SPECIFIC activation tokens or to ALL FACTIONS activation tokens? 3.) When i do a rally support and I own a city with a "1" next to the nuetral unit icon, do i get to just pick 1 of ANY neutral unit i want from the unused neutral unit pile or is there something that tells me a specific neutral unit i'm allowed to recruit? 4.) Am i allowed to mobilize/conquer to an area that contains only ROUTED enemy units? If so does combat still proceed as normal and my enemy just doesn't get to draw any fate cards? And at the end of the battle does my enemy just retreat his remaining routed units as normal to a legal space? Thanks for the help!
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