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  1. I understand why they did it for L5R setting they wanted Westerners not to interfere in there version of Japan, and if is officially 15th Century timeframe in L5R. If the Turtle Clan is keeping an eye of the Westerners as traders and spies is possable in the West one of them has bin found out so to speak, LW
  2. Well White Tiger is born Eta, but he was trained later as a Ronin he does not have a Mon but wears clothes that make him the White Tiger his pelt, when he was a boy this child incountered a Tiger while the normal peasants ran for there lives and to find someone with a sword, The boy conviced he was going to be killed glared at the Tiger and the Tiger glared back to the boy. Then blew a large breath on the boy turned and stalked off brushing the boy with his Tail. When the Yoriks arrived expecting the Eta boy to be dead they were suprised when the boy was still alive and unhurt, his Father thanksed the gods that his boy was alive. His Father was a Butcher/ part time Torcher as well. The clan he will form will be the Tiger Clan, I hope officially. LW
  3. Um folks Project Middle Kingdom RPG is working a name for the RPG it refects in Chinese culture who they are the center of the world, I could still use help on this idea. LW
  4. Hi Folks I want to create an official RPG inspired by L5R, but unlike L5R is centered on Japan mine is China which to there mindset the center of the world. I want to create a Chinese world with Martial Arts, Magic, and Chinese Monsters as well. LW
  5. Yes the Ainu, anyways this Hero of mine who like the Mantis Clan will weld a good strong Clan together. LW
  6. That sickness was Hundred years ago for the Gaijin to from the Rokugani, now they must got there hands at least one Turtle Ship. This world version of Holy Roman Empire would cause them some trouble, LW
  7. Eta and those who live outside of the Order of things must have Heroes, those Men and Women who fight for there right to live and what is good in the world. The leader of this group is an Eta Sword Saint, he is based of the Japanese Natives who are White skined. LW
  8. Ok like I stated before I want to bring back Europeans into the game, the first recontact would be through a trade mission. LW
  9. Official Timeline of the L5R and what timeframe in our world does it match?, I would like Officially create Europeans for L5R?, I will give them a snootful of Gaijin Pepper, LW
  10. Hi folks this is an interested Asian like setting, but I wonder were are the Europeans like people in this world?, The people of this land have the Japanese hang up about eating Meat and cooking with Butter. What is the timeframe of Legend of Five Rings currently?, LW
  11. Hi I was wondering what books and sources used in creating Tannhauser setting, LW
  12. You see I need help with my own Alt history setting of WW1, One of the areas that a setting like Tannhauser must show is the homefront. A prolong war would be hard on those at home. The Great War needed money ,manpower and suplies in large amounts. Also most of the Allies would have anti German feelings like in hyphenated American of WW1 and of 1920. Union, Bolshevikism and Socialism would be suppresed by the Allies and so would anti war protests and actions as well. It wasn't easy on any German North Americans and British as well, A prolong Great War would have caused the rise of the Warlord in places like China, LW
  13. Hi first off I like the alt history setting for Tannhauser WW1 still goingon in the late 1940's, but to me right of the bat there are problem to exstending the Great War. It was a real meat grinder of one, a war like that requires manpower, money and supplies like food in regular amounts. Both sides would use great gobs of it. Also the fighting would degenerate each year to a min of 3 or less major pushes a year between in no man's land between each side's trenchworks. One thing that Tannhauser left out was Mexico and the 1917 Zimmerman telgram and Imperial Germany offer that if Mexico attacked USA, the Germans would offer some support battlewise and help them regain some of the original USA Mexico land. The problem is that the ABC nations in South America would have risin up againest the Hun if Mexico attacked or invaded the USA. This Fench game and setting does seem to mention what it's like homeside for each side that fighting in this war, Volstag Act which happend in the USA in the 1920's really started in 1917 when the USA Army was conviced by the anti saloon league to ban strong spirits and beer from army bases and the men from being in bars overseas. What I mean is that like in WW2 there would be a black market goods, such a ration stamps, and the food and drink that hard to get. LW
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