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  1. They'll really help flesh out unicorn and mantis characters and games focused on those clans. I really loved the unicorn Novella and hope that we get a khanbulak campaign setting. But mostly I hope we get a solid amount of classes to use and some information on groups like the pls and kolat to use as enemies.
  2. Also neat to see a clan focussing on match making and divination. Parts of the setting not usually explored too much.
  3. Do we have an expected US date (sorry EU folks)? I want the cool pre-order art but am hoping to wait till my next paycheck.
  4. These guys seem really neat. Not a big minor clans person, but it's a new and interesting design space. They feel like sidereals from exalted to me.
  5. They've got a new LBS though, featured in the Unicorn Novella and it's pretty neat. I'd take a source book about it.
  6. I still feel the big, popular minor clans like fox and hare will be in their own book with rules on making your own MC, a focus on smaller scale feudalism and probably some generic schools to give said minor clans.
  7. Shadowlands has more options so we'll likely see them in future supplements as well. I've always liked the heritage tables even though they've always been kinda random in their usefulness and power levels. My last game I let people pick, in the game I've just started running we rolled. Some results are problematic or powerful no matter what you do I found, but oh well so long as my players have fun who cares if it gives me the occasional headache justifying it in the lore/my game setting.
  8. Really expecting a City of Lies box with all the Imperial/1st edition nostalgia
  9. I didn't get the naga is there any way to still get it? And are there more minis after the advertised 6?
  10. Fro is a semi-regular members of the Jade Throne Podcast if you want more of his stuff. And Pimittens on twitch and YouTube is good for content.
  11. They could honestly release a minor clan in each clan book and still have enough to make a whole sourcebook of minor clans, detailing rules on how to make your own. And remember that just cuz us AEG fans have 25 years of lore we want out immediately doesn't mean that's a good idea for the new fans FFG hopes to attract with their new game. Having 40 classes is a lot. Having 40 factions is overwhelming.
  12. need to get a hold of the folks who make the LCG tokens. I'd pay for some neat and thematic tokens.
  13. The reason can be seen if you look at the Unicorn and Crab schools. They chose to give each of the setting's 30 great families their signature schools. In the Crab and Unicorn's case this meant 5 schools. In the Scorpion's case it meant that the Bayushi didn't get to pull double duty as they did in previous editions, and instead we got Yogo in the Core and have to make do with either the shosuro or bayushi schools side specing into combat.
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