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  1. llamaman88

    L5R Miniatures game

    I didn't get the naga is there any way to still get it? And are there more minis after the advertised 6?
  2. I missed out on the Naga, is there any way to get one?
  3. llamaman88

    Fro Ttop

    Fro is a semi-regular members of the Jade Throne Podcast if you want more of his stuff. And Pimittens on twitch and YouTube is good for content.
  4. They could honestly release a minor clan in each clan book and still have enough to make a whole sourcebook of minor clans, detailing rules on how to make your own. And remember that just cuz us AEG fans have 25 years of lore we want out immediately doesn't mean that's a good idea for the new fans FFG hopes to attract with their new game. Having 40 classes is a lot. Having 40 factions is overwhelming.
  5. llamaman88

    RPG Playmat

    need to get a hold of the folks who make the LCG tokens. I'd pay for some neat and thematic tokens.
  6. llamaman88

    Question for the Writers: Scorpion Bushi

    The reason can be seen if you look at the Unicorn and Crab schools. They chose to give each of the setting's 30 great families their signature schools. In the Crab and Unicorn's case this meant 5 schools. In the Scorpion's case it meant that the Bayushi didn't get to pull double duty as they did in previous editions, and instead we got Yogo in the Core and have to make do with either the shosuro or bayushi schools side specing into combat.
  7. I love that they gave us this! It's soooo good! The way they set up ninjo and giri is great and I am so stealing it for my own games.
  8. llamaman88

    Way of 2.0

    I hope, that like the upcoming Shadowlands book, the topics are more than Clan X. The Dragon could be about the Tao and Monasteries throughout the Empire. The Phoenix could be a look at kami and spirit realms. The Scorpion could have law and crime as a focus. Unicorn could have the burning sands stuff etc.
  9. llamaman88

    Timeline of Recent events

    Emerald Empire also has a timeline in the first few pages of the book. It's mostly broad strokes, so recent events are best looked for in the Fictions, but it goes from prehistory to the rise of the perfect land sect
  10. They do tend to release their PDF with the 1st round of errata and spelling errors fixed. They did that with the Core release, and hopefully that'll be the case with the EE release. I'd wait a month for that. But I also wouldn't mind if they gave us a vague date after the release artical like "and keep an eye out late december/early january for digital release"
  11. yeah. there's not really an unskilled penalty in this game, other than the ring dice isn't as strong as the skill dice as far as symbols go. and skills only go to 5 instead of 10, so each skill point is technically more than it was in previous editions
  12. llamaman88

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    you're a scholar and a saint
  13. llamaman88

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    Someone wanna make me a Nakodo title? I swear I'd seen one but can't seem to find it now.
  14. One of the writers said on discord the current story has moved past the old story's coup as far as dates are concerned. So we're in all new territory here folks.
  15. really hope there won't be single clan books. there was a choice to vote against it during the beta, so it was at least on the table. The Great Clans and Secrets of the Empire from 4e did a perfectly fine job at presenting that information in single sourcebooks, and I hope that we'll get books like them in 5th rather than the old way of/secrets of books, or even the masters of series where it grouped several clans together. If i had to guess; we'll get a City of Lies adventure book soonish. If not the next product, the one after. Seems to be what they did with Star Wars and 40k.