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  1. Isn't 'tacky' enough reason to hang something in the trophy room all by itself?
  2. Anyone van invade Zayth, but only those with acces to either Titans (or equivalent) or a LOT of orbital support stand any chance of succes. This pretty much rules out the majority, leaving Orks, Eldar and Imperials with Titan acces. Orbital support can work, but not if the goal is to capture the cities. Maybe someone who can field a couple of dozen armoured regiments stands a chance aswell, but the armour force would take punishing casualties. Funnily enough, this is what my players did, although they used foodstuffs from one of their own agriworlds instead of Naduesh.
  3. Wow, I never even noticed this. My group has always taken the ROF to be the maximum total hits you can score.
  4. Theres a very simple way to get rid of rivals/enemies, it's called: Orbital Bombardment Personally as a GM, I don't allow my players to buy off enemies with xp, they can however buy them off with money, threats, etc etc (Roleplaying). Like Badeblade said, however, Rogue Traders make new enemies by the wagonload, so there's always a fresh one in the waiting.
  5. I am Vlad the Merciless and this is my pet, Mr Tickles. When not roaming around the warp, I keep him on this twenty VU long ten foot thick adamantium leash. He's very affectionate. Caught him hugging an Imperial Cruiser, even though they didn't appreciate it and tried to shoot him. Mr Tickles was so scared, he was sick. Ah, how I smile when I remember the corrosive vomit melting through the hull. Poor Mr Tickles. But Mr Tickles is ok now, isn't he?
  6. I now have a mental image of a Chaos Lord with a VERY long leash :-) That trick works even better when combined with silent running, my players did NOT enjoy the three destroyer squadron that 'decloaked' 4 VU from their battlecruiser ;-) (Offcourse their jammy dice than let them obliterate the squadron without even being hit by a torp, but oh well)
  7. I'd keep the torps and remove a broadside slot, just to keep the ship more within the regular ships size/format/etc. Plus having a frontal weapon beats an extra side weapon. And torps beat weapon batteries, for the simple reason that your characters will be able to give the order: "Torpedoes, Full Spread!", which is just cool. And: statsprettyplease for the mutated void kraken :-)
  8. In my humble opinion: You've created a battleship :-) Nothing wrong with that per se, but Ship points should be in the 110-120 range (inc the kit you put on), as well as bumping the hullpoints a bit. 9 weapon components is a tad much for anything classed as a cruiser. To keep it a bit more in line with BFG, I would remove either 2 batteries or the lances. If you decide to keep it like this, keep in mind that you need to bump up the opposition aswell, nothing duller than a continual cakewalk through space combat.
  9. Im baffeled that your GM is saying that you need to burn PF for some bionics. Bionics are not that rare in the 40kverse, really. A limb is only scarce, any reasonably big settlement will have some available. Maybe a relatively poor RT (PF 20-30) might need to burn some to get that mastercrafted-adamantinlaid-topnotch-bionic-whatever, but not for a common bionic arm surely. And you can always get a common one fitted and upgrade later :-) Whether you have some in stock is really up to the GM. But your explorator might be able build some, a ship certainly has the components needed to build an arm or leg, aswell as servitor 'donors'.
  10. I let people start with the exact same amount of xp they've already earned for their previous character. Since most deaths are the result of dierolls (either good ones by the enemy, or bad ones by the player), making the new character start of with less xp feels to me like i'm punishing a player for having bad luck. In cases where the player made stupid mistake and gets their character killed, the punishment consists of some ridiculing by the group: "We told you that Bob would never ever make that jump across the lava! Why did you try it instead of walking around!" Temp characters to finish the session with, differ due to who's available
  11. When my RT's player asked me if he had a harem, i asked him: 'do you?' They're Rogue Traders, they can have whatever they want. And when compared to starships and planets, they're remarkably cheap. Now a Dark Eldar in your harem? That's just asking for trouble
  12. 't was just tongue in cheek, mate. :-) But a regular orbital bombardment will suit your players needs just fine. More accurate anyway ;-) And that text does mean that asteroids CAN be used this way, it's just very expensive. strange, the edit function makes an extra post...
  13. 't was just tongue in cheek, mate. :-) But a regular orbital bombardment will suit your players needs just fine. MOre accurate anyway ;-)
  14. So, rocks arent free: Rocks are NOT ‘free’, citizen. Firstly, you must manoeuvre the Emperor’s naval vessel within the asteroid belt, almostassuredly sustaining damage to the Emperor’s ship’s paint from micrometeoroids, whileexpending the Emperor’s fuel. Then the Tech Priests must inspect the rock in question to ascertain its worthiness todo the Emperor’s bidding. Should it pass muster, the Emperor’s Servitors must use theEmperor’s auto-scrapers and melta-cutters to prepare the potential ordinance formovement. Finally, the Tech Priests finished, the Emperor’s officers may beginmanoeuvring the Emperor’s warship to abut the asteroid at the prepared face (expendingyet more of the Emperor’s fuel), and then begin boosting the stone towards the offensiveplanet. After a few days of expending a prodigious amount of the Emperor’s fuel to acceleratethe asteroid into an orbit more fitting to the Emperor’s desires, the Emperor’s shipmay then return to the planet via superluminous warp travel and await the arrival ofthe stone, still many weeks (or months) away. After twiddling away the Emperor’s time and eating the Emperor’s food in the wastefulpursuit of making sure that the Emperor’s enemies do not launch a deflection mission,they may finally watch the ordinance impact the planet (assuming that the Emperor’s shipdoes not need to attempt any last-minute course correction upon the rock, using yet moreof the Emperor’s fuel). Given a typical (class Bravo-CVII) system, we have the following: Two months, O&M, Titan class warship: 4.2 Million Imperials Two months, rations, crew of same: 0.2 MI Two months, Tech Priest pastor: 1.7 MI Two months, Servitor parish: 0.3 MI Paint, Titan class warship: 2.5 MI Dihydrogen peroxide fuel: 0.9 MI Total: 9.8 MI Contrasted with the following: 5 warheads, magna-melta: 2.5 MI One day, O&M, Titan class warship: 0.3 MI One day, rations, crew of same: 0.0 MI Dihydrogen peroxide fuel: 0.1 MI Total: 2.9 MI Given the same result with under one third of the cost, the Emperor will have saved amassive amount of His most sacred money and almost a full month of time, during whichHis warship may be bombarding an entirely different planet. The Emperor, through this – His Office of Imperial Outlays – hereby ordersyou to attend one (1) week of therapeutic accountancy training/penance.Please report to Areicon IV, Imperial City, Administratum Building CXXI,Room 1456, where you are to sit in the BLUE chair. For the Emperor, Bursarius Tenathis, Purser Level XI, Imperial Office of Outlays.
  15. The good old World of Darkness way of doing initiative. It was a good idea, but playability suffered from it, combat took for-freakin-ever.
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