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  1. Here is the reply I got: We don't replace boards fold with the game playing area facing outward. That is normal during the manufacturing process. Some boards come off the production line that way. There is nothing to worry about. Regards, Kalar Komarec Customer Service Associate Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com
  2. Same issue here with my KH board. I just sent CS an email. Just a matter of waiting, I guess.
  3. leoj said: 1. Deputy - Do you have to use the Deputy's gun when you become deputized or can you use your own weapon such as the shotgun or machine gun? Does the deputy become an additional ally firing his own weapon? 2. Call Friend Spell - What is the purpose behind this spell? The Deputy's gun is just another weapon in your arsenal. You can use it as you please, along with other you might have. The main advantage it has it's that you can't lose it. Call friend basically teleports another player to your location, consuming his movement for the current turn. You know, misery loves company.
  4. KidKreole said: I know that you can trade equipment with other investigators when in the same location. But does this extend to clue tokens? I assumed not, but figured I would ask. Thanks, guys. Nope, Clue Tokens cannot be traded.
  5. Musha Shukou said: Just like any other monster, if it is in a location or street area containing an investigator, it will not move. If there are no investigators in the same space, it will move to an adjacent STREET AREA that does contain an investigator. If there are no investigators in the same space or an adjacent STREET AREA, then, regardless of whether the flying monster is in a location or street area, it will move to the sky. Yes, even from a location. Once it is in the sky, it will move to any STREET AREA or DEVIL REEF (of Innsmouth) if there is an investigator in one of those spaces when it moves. Even though flying monsters can move from a location to the sky, they can not move from the sky to a location, sure it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but you can make up your own thematic reasons. The only monsters that CAN move into a location under their standard movement rules are aquatic and stalker monsters. Other monsters can move into locations based off of encounters and mythos. Does that clear it up? Thanks for the clarification. However, I'd like to add a question of my own. Are flying monsters affected by their symbol for movement or they don't require the matching symbol on the Mythos card? That is, they move regardless of their symbol and follow the special rules quoted above?
  6. Hello all! I would like to suggest a bit more options for the Friend Finder. I guess it works great if you are in the US, but it would be more useful if you could search other specific countries and cities. This way, fellow gamers from other countries can find people to play with. Thanks!
  7. dosan said: i am in latin america Just out of curiosity, where in Latin America? I am in Peru!
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