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  1. WOW Tibs, that was a great battle (in acton) game report... I thoroughly enjoyed it. it was really nice to see the moves unfold slowly and the game develop as time rolled on; it felt like I was there :-) Thanks for that, mab
  2. I don`t know if giving a link is illegal here or not (my intentions are good) so if this thread banishes, I`ll know the Ancient Ones disapprive.. I played a game the other day and wrote it into a battle report/short story. I thought maybe you might like a read :-) http://tabletoptitans.com/reports/0046.php Mab
  3. {{{{Stop being so annoying or we will sacrifice you the next time The Stars are Right is drawn (don't worry, you can still be recruited again from Ma's Boarding House). Read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell to gain some appreciation for pointless academicism (which isn't even a real word, but what are you going to do, call me on it?) Since you're new here, I should probably warn you that whether you say it is or isn't a real word I will disagree with you and accuse you of it. Absurd speech traps are fun.}}}} I have been warned ^^ and I shall endeavour therefore to become a fully fledged investigator in my own right (besides, Ma`s Boarding House has comfy beds and nice soft chairs for when my head aches too much to face another insanity defeat). hehe Cheers Mab
  4. I`ve been trying to message you jgt7771 (in reply to your MSN mail) but when I tried to reply to the message in MSN, I got a nice message back saying that I had reached the FFG moderator staff or something instead hehe. I feel like a right thickie, because I simply CAN NOT seem to find the right place in the forums to send you private mail lol. All the best, and maybe you can help me out here Cheers, mab
  5. Thats a cool answer hehe... yep, I totally see where you`re coming from :-) Mab
  6. Can I be really really annoying and say..... its just a game, the deep politics involved around in whats good play, bad play, and so on, is kinda academic when you begin to look at it in that light, isn`t it? Are there really people out there who take the game THAT seriously - wow? Mab :-)
  7. Confirmed... not conformed.... uuuuugh my minds beginning to become warped by all this horror.
  8. Hehe,thanks guys, I really enjoyed reading all your replies..... and found it most useful. You coevered all the eventualities I myself figured out by sitting and thinking about it a bit more. But hearing it from others was nice to hear conformed. Wow, I didn`t realise it was so hard to win by going for the first or second opton. I`m going to make it a pet goal to try and achieve a win by this method at least once, even if it kills me - probably will many times lol. Mab :-)
  9. Gotcha! thanks for that Hugues. Goodness me, they don`t make it easy do they lol. Cheers, Mab
  10. I am just about to sit down (still as a noobie) and play another game of Arkham Horror; this time writing the game as a prose story as I go to add to my web site and hopefully get others interested in the game too. Just to brush up, I`m sitting down (one more time) to watch the the You Tube tutorial (amazingly helpful) and a question popped into my head which made me pause the DVD and look blankly at the wall as total lack of understanding of a concept crept into my brain like a pea rattling round an empty pod. There are three ways of winning the game, right? Close enough gamte, seal enough gates, or defeat the ancient one. But this is my confusion... it lies with the first option: How can you close all the gates to win because there will always be one more gate on the board than you can get to close in time to meet the conditions of a win...while you travel through the other worlds, mythos cards will always pull another gate at the end of each move; so it is like a cat chasing its tail, you can never catch up with that last gate - or am I missing something? Mab :-)
  11. Thanks for that Zealot, thats what I thought.... but you know how a lingering doubt can fester; I just wanted to be completely sure :-) Cheers Z, Mab
  12. Geeee, the things I find to worry about lol I have no idea where this one came from, it just sprung up in my head and has bothered me ever since. Question: If your investigator accupies a space which contains more than one monster... does that investigator successfully have to evade each monster in turn before he/she can move away into a diferent space? Cheers in advance Mab
  13. OOOoooo Thanks Julia, thats awesome Okay, now I just have to try and locate whether Mandy is on the list of investigator miniatures... if she is - ME WANTS ONE Mab
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