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  1. i do hate them, as gm and player, borring cliche, full of banality. With One big exception: Sexy shoeless God of War, Belkar from Order of the Stick.
  2. marines recruit from 12 to 14 year old kids btw, 12 year old kids have more pimple mass than muscles. I see most of those lumbering muscle hulks as poor crippled souls, after 100m sprint such creature would die from heart attack and spit his lungs out. Space marine dont need ridiculous high muscle mass, his muscles already are 10 times more effective.
  3. iron hearts, from oldest of fluff. retconed ages ago.
  4. and i on other hand like it, a lot. it looks cool. Flying brick with guns, thats only proper way of design vtols in IOM. And guys please… dont bring science and logic into Wh40k, if u do that whole setting crumble like house made of cards.
  5. in very old fluff genestealers could join chaos also zoanthrope (or something with similar name, i dont own bug codex) , is using warp energies, using warp means ability to be screwed by deamons. also certain jerktastic smurf psyker was able to say "hello" to hive mind through warp means. also kinky bloodangels wannabe genestealers created from spoiled pool of biosoup, so unhealthy that hive mind dont want to eat them. and dont forget that flesh and mind can be tainted, corrupted and possessed.
  6. I wonder what would happen to tyranids when such giant number of warp tainted biomas would be eaten? Something more kinky that bloodangel/genestealer (u know ymgrlirilir or something strain) mix ? LOL chaos tainted tyranids xD i hope certain GW writer will not read this…
  7. My favourite Black Shield story wasn''t about redemption, loss, honor but personal pride. He have come from chapter founded around 2k years ago, IF descendants not keeping close contact with their ancient fathers, fleet based. Very fanatical Chapter, great zealots, under rule of previous chapter masters they lose touch with codex astartes, they resemble more of black templars mixed with imperial fists and some tribal/feudal folklore. His greatest curse was his IQ, his understanding of many things was close to become heretical in eyes of many of his battle-brothers, after big argue fight with chapter master he was sent to Deathwatch as punishment for his sins. First he was feeling as striped of his honour and pride, every other deathwatch marine with different set of beliefs and lore was like aberration and alien filth to him. But he adapted, slowly at first, then he started to like his new temporary home, all knowledge, all different cultures of Adeptus Astartes it become fascinating for him. But he missed his home, his chapter, his battle-brothers. After 10 year service in Deathwatch it was time to return home. He was disappointed of what he saw. After few months of service he had enough of "that bunch of zealous idiots and rampaging rednecks", he was sent on mission he didnt supposed to survive, he left his chapter that day, in anger. He forced planetary governor to contact Ordo Xeno inquisitor who have taken him to Deathwatch fortress. There he striped his chapter symbols, repainted his shoulderpad into abyss black, and even changed his name. He liked what he become.
  8. How many exarchs on craftworld? i bet is something between 5 and 100000. Nobody know how big craftworlds are, they can be just big ships with population around 100k or less or on other hand it could be that craftworlds may house billions of eldar... Also if u are trapped on certain path, your past before that path becomes blurry, just like some childhood dream. In One of the earlier Eldar dex there is story about exarch, how he forgets all before his current path, he was poet before, driver and many more, now he is just Aspect Warrior, he even forget his friends, lovers and such. Also exarch is only eldar who don't need his ritual mask/helmet, he is already bound to Khaine. From my knowledge Dark Eldar and outcasts are the only types with RP potential and sense. Also Dark Eldar have freedom of doing as they want (except being psykers), they can be bad, very bad, or very very bad, still in wh40k that makes them almost good guys. xD PS: in eldar corebook they must put rules about eldar - human love. As we know 80% of mixed campaigns will turn into twilight in space. (sarcasm filter off)
  9. Im with Blood Pact on this one Playing creature with mindset much more narrow than Space Marine isnt great material for RPG, it was hard to RP space marine for more than 30 gaming sessions, now imagine someone who limit himsealf to just one aspect of warfare or life, also no or as little emotions as possible. PS: Eldar corebook should be named "Love can bloom"
  10. And another question, will average imperial citizen recognise astartes when he see one? or will he just take one for very tall guy in some sort of kinky armour, couse this guy didnt have wings, and everychild know that all sons of the emperor are 3m tall have wings, wear only leather thongs and shoot **** you lazers from therir eyes... or he will take one for some half-ogryn in armour, or some sort of "machine" if no human parts are visible... If some planet was visited by space marines just to resuply, imagine how story of their "visit" may mutate in 4k years time. each generation of illiterate storytellers will add something, cut something else, explain other thing in different way...
  11. Cpt Titus from Space Marine... how such idiot could become captain of legendary 2nd Ultramarnes company is my first question... (well after reading some new fluff about cato sicarius and his "personality" im not surprised) Also Leoandros was jerk, but in very sad right way. Imagine what could happend if Titus was possesed and poor Leoandros was having some nasty accident on his way to their homesystem. Also on that mission titus ragtag brigade didnt have librarian support, on this warzone only inquisition was having means to test and check Titus for corruption, and corrupted Ultramarine Captain can cause damage on greatscale, both to his chapter honour as for imperium structure. And some of us can remember movie that didnt existed at all, movie that wasnt about some Ultramarines possesed captain, and what damage that possessed captain, that never existed, have done till his plot armour was off.
  12. When u reach inquisitor level in most cases u are above 50-70 years old, as 99% of proven throne agents are given live extending drugs. Most inquisitors have some psyker abilities, most contacted different form of mutants, xeno or even deamons and may be considered tainted, most have so fu**** mind and personality after years of constant fight with worst elements of galaxy that thing like "parenthood" are not encouraged. In case of female inquisitors pregnancy is like... bad joke, in case of male inquisitors its more like "fire and forget". And i hope that i dont need to teach/remind all undearaged members of this forum that women ovaries have finite number of egs witch most are gone by age 45. So 250 year old geriatric hag in body of 20 year old babe in power armour should have "chem geld" by many, many reasons. PS. its battle in dark future where only war exist, not twilight in space.
  13. as GM i must admit that i loved DW idea for an RPG system. Sadly it could not live to my/my group expectations. Boring and broken D&D style of rules (witch is great insult), great number of bugs, organization of rulebook, and many many others mentioned by previous posters. I dont remember any system that i have played for longer time that needed so many house rules to just be playable. Great idea for and niche RPG, bad way of making it. Right now when we play DW, and we are doing it quite often, we use old 3rd rev edition of GURPS.
  14. And if u losse some renown u will shrink ?
  15. Demo is Medicore in my opinion. I was hoping for less speed but a bit more tactic in combat, tiny bit. As for now its charge, kill all, watch cutscene, repeat. I liked 2nd level with jetpack, i hope that at least half of game will give u possibility of going with JP. Shame that game dont give u any possibility in customising your character in SP. Other than that: Smurf 2nd company yet again.
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