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  1. Wow... putting your head in the lions mouth... there had to be some reasoning behind that one?
  2. Currently Running but looking to play in a DH game. Roanoke Va. artanyis@gmail.com
  3. I've looked through the Edge of Darkness and it certainly looks like a fun adventure for a single player. I would start him at at least rank 2 since he is by himself and keep a close eye on the fights to make sure he doesn't get overwhelmed. Other than that it should be good. Another possibility is the Shattered Hope scenario. I have played and ran that one, its fairly simple, straightforward to a point and easy to modify for a single player. All you would need to do is watch the fights to make sure anything (especially the last fight) isn't too tough for a single player. Although if your player really wants to be the detective than Edge of Darkness is the one to run, it looks to require a good amount of thinking and puzzling :-D
  4. I have to agree with Darth Smeg, he may be soft but the psychic powers can make him **** near impossible to actually hurt and he will have minions with him as a more immediate threat. The Mirror-Daemon is smart, why would he pop up in the open so he can be shot at? In a direct encounter have him strike from the shadows, being even more obscured with psychic powers and it will confuse the players and make him a real beast of an adversary.
  5. Sorry to drop into this conversation so late... And I would like to start by first noting that I actually really enjoy having psychers in my game. Now, that said, I think the best way to keep a psycher in check is the party of players, on more than one occasion my players have executed a psycher becuase they believed he was to far gone. Now, at one point, 2 of the players killed the psycher and two other players for being corrupted when it was only the Assassin that was actually corrupted. True the psycher did have a fair number of corruption points and there was a demon incursion going on and a war with a massive heretic faction... but point being, the psycher was still loyal. I try to remind my players on a somewhat frequent basis that the psycher is to be watched, and even though he is sanctioned and strong enough to resist temptation, his will can still be dissolved by the corruptive power of the warp. I think it adds more fun and depth to the game when the players can only trust each other so far, when the psycher starts getting a decent amount of corruption I will occasionally pull them out to tempt them with dark pacts, I do this with all the players, but less frequently, and since all the players knows whats going on, it makes them paranoid about each other, but only to a certain point. And there are plenty of other reasons I will pull a player aside for a moment, so they are always guessing. If I had a psycher that was too strong I would do two things: 1: have the players run into a member of the ecclysiarchy who gives them a short stern sermon on the evils of corruption and the duties of the pure and loyal to watch the easily tempted (aka. psychers) and to purge them if needed. 2: If the story allowed it, I would have them tempted in their dreams, one by one I would pull the players aside and describe a dream where they were faced by a beautiful / terrifying being who tempts them with the dark powers of the chaos gods. Now, if the players are playing the setting right they will not talk about it in game becuase it would be a sign of corruption. But they would all know that everyone else was tempted too, and after the fanatical priest, it should help to add some healthy paranoia between the players. And just for fun I would probably give each player that resisted 1 level of fatigue for 1 day of game time. Of course, if anyone accepted they would not get the fatigue. Just food for thought here....
  6. It's a little hard to believe that an Ogryn would have a Best Quality anything, let alone an Eviscerator. Yes, that would cause some serious damage, but unless its a super smart Ogryn with massive financial support and connections from a heretic cell or something, I would feel like the GM was just trying to kill me, the player. The last thing you want is for the players to feel like their GM is out to get them. You need to create a challenging encounter that is beatable but not unbelievable for the setting / story. I think, the best way to deal with an overly powerful anything is to target its weak spots. Every player has a weakness. With a tech-priest its his technology and his inability to deal with people. You can always make a mission where the players have to do A LOT of fellowship tests, where most of the game is puzzling through social or societal situations. In the game I'm running my players were getting a little too good at the kick in the door method, I gave them a mission where they had to stay undercover. Non of the players wanted to piss off their Inquisitor so they tried, they had to redefine how they worked, who took the lead, what tactics they could use in combat, whether they could afford to get in combat, and worst, who they could actually afford to talk too. It made for an incredibly fun mission for all of the players, and they still talk about the events from those few sessions. Now, aside from changing the way they play the game, how about a bunch of mutants who found a cache of Ork weapons from a previous Ork incursion? You can use the actual Slugga Choppa and Shoota rules from the Rogue Trader book and, since its ork, you could even make up your own guns like crude haywire grenades, or dirty bombs. (which having the players suffer from radiation poisoning would be fun) ... I think I have a new mission for my players...
  7. thor2006 said: Could you play a grey knight character in other settings like Rogue Trader or Deathwatch? Absolutely, as long as you can come up with a reasonable story as to why that character is there, and that the XP lines up with the other players, i think it sounds like fun :-D An example would be having a Gray Knight accompany a Death Watch team on a mission where demons likely are, ie. a space hulk recently fallen out of the warp.
  8. Siranui i could not have said it so well. No amount of math can compare to experience. I'll give you an example, I have a group of players I've been playing with for ages, I know they are smart and can take things way out of their league. The best example is from a D&D 3.5 game, the players 4 players, level 4-ish encountered a level 9 sorcerer, now, normally that sorcerer would have cut most players down, the very first thing that happened was that the barbarian threw the kender at the sorcerer, he stuck, and kept him from casting. There were several miraculous rolls in this fight, but the point is that there didnt need to be for them to win, the players were smart, worked together well and new what they were doing and I knew that they could think creatively enough to take down something so much larger. In an opposite example I was running a brand new group of players in DH all of them in rank 2 and I put the 5 of them against 5 PDF with basic stat lines of 25, they should have had no problem, by the end only 2 of the players were standing but at least no one had to burn a fate point. I have since put this same mission / encounter against my seasoned gaming group and watched them massacre them with only 1 player taking 1 hit. Start easy, learn your players and let them learn to work with each other. Then you can throw the big things at them. But as Siranui said, waves are one of the best ways to do it, if things are too easy than when the reinforcements come give them more guns / armour / manpower, where ever it seems like it would make it the most challanging without making it unreasonably hard. An example of unreasonably hard, a game i was in, we are around rank 2 im playing an assassin and my team of 5 end up fighting a greater deamon... WTF?? we're rank 2!! so after 3 of the players were 1 shotted by the Deamon I got lucky enough to roll up damage 5 times on one shot from a hot pack in my long las. that killed it becuase ic had enough damage to go past the armour and toughness and keep going. (it was like 56 damage before toughness and armour i think... it was a long time ago) That is an unreasonable fight, the only way we could do damage at all was to roll up, you should never need righteous fury just to hurt something. I know that was kinda rambbly but I hope it was helpful.
  9. In my game I offer extra XP based on exemplary actions and a decent bonus if they write up an after action report when they finish a mission, some of these have proven to be an amazing and entertaining read, and i have even awarded 1 player 200xp becuase the PDF that he sent me with the report on the Inquisitorial parchment with case number and all the pertinent facts was so amazingly well written that I was completely blown away. It added so much character to his character, really brought it to life... But anyway, I digress. When I had a player have to leave the game becuase he could no longer make the time and I had another player join in I put the new player in at the base experience that they had earned, so even though they had had several missions, reports and exemplary deeds I brought her in at the amount that the players had been making just off of completing the missions, this was in a couple cases several hundred experience less, but she hasn't been left in the dust by the other players and has even earned some extra XP to catch up. I'm not saying my solution works for everyone, but it works pretty **** well for my group. In short, I would bring the player up to a compatible amount of xp, like at the bottom of the rank the other players are on. Like if the other players have around 2600 xp I would probably start the new one at 2000, the beginning of rank 4.
  10. I think one of my favorite places in the games is the Processional of the Damned. Way to many fun random things you can do with that and similar warp phenomenon. I had my Rogue Trader game make a foray into the Processional to recover an ancient Eldar Ship, which brings me to my 2nd favorite thing, the Xenos Ghost Ship. In an area of warp instability you can really mess with your players, in the good way of course. I was having them roll will power checks all the time, sometimes just to confuse them, as an unstable region would do. Sometimes I would have them see things that weren't there, see each other as orks or demon, had minor demons pop up only a couple though, just enough to make them not want to take chances with what they were seeing. Oh it was grand, and they loved the uncertainty of what they were doing. Eventually they did well enough with the Missionary prayers and the Explorators modifications to the Geller field that they stopped seeing things but it was fun. And the Ghost ship... I made an Iyanden Wraith Ship, the only things still alive on it were Wraith Guard, all the real crew were dead. But this sets up the best part for Rogue Trader, they wanted to salvage the ship to sell it to a shady group that was blackmailing them, the wraith guard and ship itself were insane from being around for so long and being constantly influenced by the warp. :-D So much fun... I need to have that thing come back up...
  11. It's a blast weapon, the (1) is the number of meters around the point of impact that is affected by the Haywire affect. So basically if you have 2 people in power armour standing shoulder to shoulder the 1 meter blast from that weapon has a good chance of disabling both of them. The main thing to note, as a GM, when using this weapon is you need to decide where it hits and if someone is behind thin cover will will the EMP go through the that material to cause a Haywire affect without an actual hit. In my opinion, under most circumstances, this is a yes. The haywire affect is on page 143 of the Death Watch core rule book.
  12. I dont have my books with me at the moment, but the krack rockets i use are actually the astarties ones from the Death Watch book. As far as item destruction from AP weapons there is a side note section at least in Rogue Trader about massive damage causing damage to armour and items. It's mostly a GM call but there are some guidelines. Basically think about it, think about it logically, most AP weaponry is made for going through personal armour or even tanks, if something with that much destructive force hits you, there is a very good chance that it will cause damage to equipment, at the very least armour where it hit.
  13. Kronus, that is awesome. In a similar situation I had a player (who was carrying grenades and breaching charges) decided to run down the command corridor of an Eldar ship, toward the bridge, I had mentioned there were twin-linked shuriken catapult turrets on either side of the hallway... he did surprisingly well for sprinting head long through a deathtrap with only 2 wounds... had to burn a fate point anyway, but still. Anyway, weapon jams are the Emperors way of saying "Don't use that gun!" I also wanted to drop in a short story about my players that isn't as funny, and I probably should have given them some corruption / insanity points for... But the players were to capture a Heretek alive, hard thing to do when he has portal technology. Anyway, the Scum, with chem-use, came up with a plan to change the chemical in hallucination grenades with somna. For those of you who dont know what somna is, it's a sleep chemical that can make the user look like he / she is dead. Now it is a VERY potent chemical and needs to be carefully administered or it can cause the user to fall into a coma that looks like death. it takes a -30 medicae test just to determine that they are alive, and another to wake them up. Not to mention that they can die in the process. So, the Chem-Use Scum and the Armourer Assassin actually succeeded on working together to create these somna grenades, they managed to find the chemicals, come up with enough money to buy 2 large doses and pass all the checks to make the grenades. The first one was used to escape an ambush and effectively killed everyone in the hotel and some on the streets (this is an imperial world, high tech rating) so, 43 "dead" including the cultists. Later they used to other to subdue the target, after some fun will based combat. Except that the target was at the governer's pavillion (big capital style building) and so they had another 38 deaths on their souls... well, 2 of them did at any rate. Its creepy how effective players who think and work together are. Their Inquisitor is a radical and is an End Justifies the Means type of character and he would not mind the civilian casualties since they were near a traitor and heretek.
  14. The power armour has a set short amount of time becuase the standard human power armour uses batteries and these batteries have diffrenent life spans depending on quality and age and also the amount of activity in the power armour is going to use more or less power. Basically if you get a brand new battery with 5 hrs of life and spend 3 hrs laying on your stomach not moving you will probably get at least the 5 hrs of life. Now if you are instantly thrown into a boarding action and are fighting tooth and nail for 2 hrs you'll be lucky to get to the 3hr mark. The main difference between normal human power armour and Astarties power armour is that the Space Marines have small generators in there packs. Fluff switches back and forth on what these generators are changing from nuclear to fusion to fission and back, but point is, space marines don't use batteries. And Back to the conversation, I like the idea of Tech Scorn, I had not thought of that. :-D And back on the first (possibly second) page I had also mentioned the Krack missiles, great thing to throw at the players, USUALLY wont kill a high level player in one hit but he will be feeling it and it will also destroy armour, equipment and components.
  15. Since both concealment and move silent are basic its up to your GM to allow if you can take them as elite advances, but remember that as a psyker you get access to minor powers like chameleon which gives you a +30 to concealment, more if you overbleed it i think, I don't have the book on me at the moment so I'm not 100% sure one that. But point being, if you have a standard agility of 30, half for basic is 15 +30 for chameleon is a 45, that isn't bad considering that the guards may or may not have awareness and will have to roll against you. plus you can always use fate points to bolster or reroll should you be likely to fail. Concealment is I think, more important since just becuase someone hears you move its a lot less likely that they are going to think "oh my emperor! there is an invisible person sneaking past me!" but more likely "what the chaos was that! I cant see a damned thing over there." Psykers can do pretty much anything, also think about spasming a guard and slipping by while he cant react or get a chance to see you as you pass a concealment check. Hope that helps.
  16. One of you mentioned it but nobody really evolved the idea, Shadowrun, and I mean the old one when it was good and made overly complicated sense. I'm actually running an adaptation of a custom made Shadowrun game for Dark Heresy, instead of a corporation plotting to destroy the Corp that hired the players. Although in the DH game its a Chaos Cult that is planning an insurrection. The point is that in the Shadowrun game the players were countered at every corner becuase of incredible surveillance and a traitor in their team. I upgraded this to be that the Cult leader is being show fortunes paths and knows the most probable things the players will do, which has allowed me to set up some awesome creepy "how did he know / plan for that!" statements from the players, its actually making them feel trapped and since one of the players has actually turned heretic and is reporting on / sabotaging the rest of the team, its making it all sorts of fun, and I know that its really starting to confuse a couple of my players, although 1 of them is figuring it out. So back to my point, Shadowrun mixes in really well, high tech, magic, and espionage, its so close to 40k there are only a few things you need to really change in an adventure to make it work :-D
  17. Exactly right Shaman, warp weapons ignore both armour and toughness, although in my opinion this is a little too powerful, I think that it should ignore armour and unnatural toughness but not the base toughness bonus becuase this describes the core durability of the being. The other thing I don't like about the listed wraith cannons is that it says it shoots a bolt of unstable exotic matter, this is counter to the the GW fluff that says the D-Cannons and Wraith Cannons use advanced warp field technology to open a tare into the warp seemingly out of thin air. Basically the stronger the gun, the longer away it can function the warp fields and the bigger a hole it can rip. The reason I make this point is becuase a wraith cannon or a D-Cannon would ignore shields, as the superheavy Eldar Cobra MKII does. A while back before I had the Lure of the Expanse book I created my own Wraith Guard, turns out the ones I made were almost identical to the ones in the book, kinda funny. :-p But not the point. The point is that wraith guard are a great way of showing players that their equipment does not make them powerful, the fact that they are thinking people makes them powerful. I put the team of 5 players and 4 NPCs with power armour and awesome guns against 4 Wraith Guard, 1 NPC is dead, another has no face (critical damage with energy) and not a single player made it out without damage. After this the players started paying more attention to what they were doing and not being so head strong about how powerful they are. Other warp weapons exist in the game so don't be afraid to have some heretics, xenos, or heretechs using warp weapons, especially if the players are above rank 6, they should have plenty of skills and talents and some reasonable equipment to take on an enemy that is technically stronger than they are. Wraith Guard / wraith cannon Lure of the Expanse pg 132 / 134 By the way, what book actually has warp weapons in it other than the Lure of the Expanse wraith cannon? I took a look through for where the Warp property is listed and couldn't find it. It's not terribly important but I'd like to know.
  18. That is pretty cool I would love a more "universal" version if you ever decide to make it. I personally have no skill in program, I mean, I'm an MCSA and can network a forest but programming is beyond my skills. Kudos to you
  19. I have barely opened the eclips phase books, but a computer virus, not a bad idea :-D
  20. Yes, Warp Spiders are pretty good at anything under armour 12. Back when there was still a Craft Worlds Codex I used to run a Biel-Tan army with 5 squads of warp spiders, 2 Farseers and 4 war walkers... broken, but fun and kinda silly :-p And your right about the new birdie rules, without Haywire Grenades and a lack of armour or firepower, they are pretty much useless, although schizophrenic, nice description. But I'm getting off topic. No, there have been no official or even hints at FFG releasing a stat package for warp spiders or swooping hawks. In fact the only Eldar that I know of that FFG has put out is the Corsair in the Rogue Trader book. Its a good base if you want to create your own, I've used that as the base to create a Harlequin and even a custom heavy armour eldar, enven created some wraith guard for a Rogue Trader Mission, that was a fun time. I think there are rules for weapons that are close to the Spinner Riffles and Haywire grenades and their armour is much like space marine power armour, so that could be used as a rule base if you want to create your own. The rules for the spider jump pack would be interesting to come up with.
  21. Basically the way I've seen it done before is that an unweildly or unbalanced weapon would still be unbalanced or unweildly in one hand, all the added size / strength would allow is for you to use the weapon in one hand. I'm pretty sure that there are rules for using a 2 handed weapon in one hand, it opposes some kind of rediculus penalty like a -30 but if you character is strong enough to feasibly do it, I don't see anyway reason why not. Mostly just talk with your GM to see if you can do it, and if you can't find actual rules, talk to the GM and figure something out that is resonable for the both of you.
  22. I have to agree with Gregorius, two psychers in one place is really rare, rare to the point of it would have to be a funded organization. The logicians would probably try to determine the players loyalties by provoking them with proxies, possible using a local gang to capture and interrogate one of them. The Logicians are a heretech group and are very secretive and subtle. I do not believe that they would like psychers terribly much since they are human, and dont need tech to get things done. If there is a tech-priest in the group they would be more likely to be targeted, but the logicians would be very careful and try to find out exactly what they were doing there and where their loyalties lay. If they are proven to be radical than they may try to recruit the players, if they are proven to be loyalists than they will probably be ignored or killed. Hope that helps.
  23. Warp spiders teleport around and are really annoying to fight, they are fast and have high armour and strong yet low AP weapons that shoot a lot. In the Computer Game they carry Haywire grenades which is probably why ArchGirbil thinks they are good for AdMechs. In the actual game and fluff and back story Warp Spiders do not carry haywire grenades. Its actually the Swooping Hawks that carry haywire grenades (and originally storm guardians) and the reason for this is that swooping hawks are a multi-role quick strike unit while warp spiders are an anti-infantry unit.
  24. I need to clarify what I mean by "stupid mistakes" I by no way mean that the players are stupid or were idiots in anyway. I mean that it was a mistake that could have been avoided and the situation could have been avoided with a little extra fore thought. I apologize if i made it out like I was depreciating the players, that was not my intention, I wanted to create thread about some funny events that were not planned. My players agree that these events could have been avoided if they had thought things through, and that they had all of the information that they needed. As for as how they were supposed to get though customs i had several ways for them to do that, the easiest was that I had placed one of the other players in a position of power in the Arbitus in the city before the other players had arrived. All of the players new this and still not a one tried to get in contact with him before landing, nor use his rank / connections to get them through customs. They instead tried to use individual skills to get themselves through instead of using the resources of the team, that all the players were very aware of. They also could have bribed the customs worker or found a smuggler outside the city, I had prepared multiple silent ways in. And as for how the arbitus acted towards them I in no way made it impossible for them to continue their mission, I just made it harder becuase they were being tracked and hunted for most of it. At that point the players did actually start making use of the resources they had available and were able to work together and complete the mission in actually a very spectacular and impressive way that combined both stealth and a show of force. I ended up giving them extra XP for this mission and they gained additional influence in the inquisition and have a reputation as a team not to mess with. I again apologize for making it seem like I was knocking on my players, that was not my intention. Erborn, those are the stories I was talking about, funny unforeseen consequences that were created by the players. I especially liked the story about the "premonition" and linking their souls, good idea, fun and an interesting twist. :-D As far as with the gene-stealer, that's fairly epic, died like a fly on the wall. I had a similar encounter with my team fighting a Gene-Stealer Broodlord, although this was one of the instances where the players took their time to plan and think and brought 50 Arbites to the fight and some chemical weapons there were known to inhibit the gene-mutants that the Broodlord was creating. It was in no way a fair fight, the Arbites and players slaughtered the mutants the broodlord... I was both proud and sad, becuase it could have been a really interesting fight, but I was quite happy with the planning and execution the players provided. And by the way, electrocuted by your sword in an electrical outlet while standing in water... that is epic :-D
  25. Okay, this is more of an Banter Post than anything really important, but I wanted to see how GM's acted when their players did something REALLY stupid. My first example (and i have several) is from a rogue trader game. Okay, so here is the setup and what happened. There are 4 players and a bunch of NPCs on a derelict frigate trying to salvage it. It is infested with Tyranids. They bring 4 6-man Guard Squads and the ships Head AdMech, an Explorator NPC I created to flush their command crew, named Dora. (yes, i thought it was hilarious, Dora the Explorator) Anyway, they get down to the Engineerum and find that it is literally crawling with Tryranids on the Engineerum floor and the players are up on the walkway 16 levels above. So for some brilliant idea they decide to split in 2 groups, the Rogue Trader, the Navigator, and the 4 squads (with sergeants which are flushed NPCs) go up to try to take over the Command Bridge. So the Archmilitant, the Void Master and the Explorator head down a level and a catwalk to take over the Engineerums Master Console to activate the reactors and void the engineerum killing on the nids. Well, in my opinion sending all of your troops to another place when you know there area is filled with enemies, but anyway. So they start going down the catwalk and the 3 of them are "ambushed" (they knew about it and walked right in) by gene-stealers and although the Archmilitant is carving a goodly hole into them they are massively out numbered and so he goes down, the explorator is damaged and the Void Master is also fairly hurt. At this point the total damage to the Archmilitant is some where around -18, yes he is very dead, so he burns a fate point, not that he has a lot of them, and I take over. I'm not normally one to kill players so quickly for their first really stupid mistake, so what I say happens is this. The last hit from the gene-stealer knocks a couple frags off his belt and his crumbling corps activates his Jump Pack flinging himself down the walkway knocking a couple gene-stealers off the catwalk, the exhaust blast from the pack sets off the grenades blowing a huge hole in the in the catwalk and knocking the rest of the gene-stealers off, the Explorator and the Void Master manger to actually grab onto the unconscious Archmilitant and ride him to the end of the catwalk. So long story short they finish their job and everyone survives becuase of the way i decided to deal with the burned Fate Point, although both teams took casualties. The other great story was more funny and not quite as dangerous. The players are in a dark heresy campaign and are under orders to be inconspicuous. The first 2 out of 5 make it through customs just fine, the 3rd, a psycher with badly forged papers tries to influence the mind of the arbite to get him through. he rolled a 9, then a 43: "Spectral Gale: Howling winds erupt around the Psyker, lifting him slightly into the air and forcing both him and anyone within 4d10 metres to make an Easy (+30) Agility Test or be knocked to the ground." One of the other players decides to "help" by throwing a hallucination grenade, he tried to use slight of hand and concealment so not to give away that it was him. It fails and now there is a full blown fire fight and nearly completely blowing their cover, 2 of the players end up being branded as terrorists by the arbitus and making their jobs a whole not harder becuase now they had to avoid the arbitus and as well as keep their missions secret. So, I would love to hear about any fubar situations your players have been in.
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