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  1. fagan883 said: From what I understand, most psykers try to go around without advertising that they dabble in the warp so the idea that it's out there for anyone walking by to see is a little odd I have to agree, sanctioned psychers are a valuable asset to the Imperium. Considering that most of the citizenry hates and fears psychers, the few that can recognize a brand, would most likely start lynch mobs after any they recognized, having a physical and obvious brand would be a detriment all around. Here are 3 points to consider. 1: A BRAND is a mark, not necessarily a physically imprinted mark, that is just a common conception of the word. - Consider the common "burning brand" its referring to the piece of metal heated in a fire to leave a "branding mark" or "mark of ownership" 2: The Core Rule Book lists it as starting gear, implying a physical item. - If it was to be a branded mark on the body wouldn't there be a small section in the career description about choosing the location / type? 3: Your the GM, talk to your player and find a mutually beneficial item, imprint, or marking.
  2. Ahhh, gene-stealers, how I love them, and how players forget that they travel in swarms and get 4 attacks that rend and punch armour. ()
  3. That fight in the bar is the stuff that I love about RPGs, it gives the players the chance to do the impossible and look good doing it. Even if it threw your game for a bit of a loop, something that epic is well worth it and unfortunately it doesn't happen as much as i wish it could. In one of my DH games my players were under cover and trying to infiltrate a heretic cell, they had a rocky start but soon recovered. (once they started working together) 2 of the 5 players were into the cell, but soon one was found out, the cell planned to kill him. I made a fairly beast NPC that was supposed to fight him / the party, but never got the chance, the one with the blown cover was a psycher, used chameleon and hid VERY well. The assassin was hidden on top of a near by building, watching. When we started the campaign several missions earlier the Inquisitor had given every member a special gift, something that was valuable to pretty much that player, something they would not sell, but would pretty much be useless to another player, and something they would likely never have gotten another one off, so a use only when you need it. The Assassin had 5 turbo-pen rounds specifically crafted for his gun, this is +2d10 to a single shot. He had 1 left, and used it here, killed the mini-boss in one perfect shot, aimed head shot with an accurate gun, using a turbo-pen round and mighty shot, one of the damages exploded TWICE totalling the damage somewhere in the 60s (68 before pen i think, I don't have my game notes with me so I cant tell you for sure) But that was the scene that really hooked that player, thats what he had designed the character to do, move, hide, take a single shot and kill someone that would not be good to face directly. Now there were other impressive heroics in that mission, but a perfect sniper shot doing more than double the damage needed to kill completely though critical. Its a beautiful cinematic in my head. "A large man in a cloak walks out onto the landing platform in the warm dark of summer, the full moon lighting it up almost like day, he finally spots his target, the psycher, and throws his cloak off revealing a heavy stubber where his left hand should be, he opened his mouth to speak but the crack of a supersonic round filled the void and his head exploded like a ripe melon and he collapsed to the ground. 600 meters away the assassin ejects the spent cartridge from his gun." Now, this did actually cause a problem becuase they were supposed to question him... but oh well, they figured it out anyway.
  4. That reminds me, a while back I had made up some hand outs to kick off the new DH campaign that is still going (although they are very near the end) Anyway, if you want to check it out, take a look here artanyis.deviantart.com/art/Inquisitorial-Dossiers-220017559 If you think this will help appease your new players I can create new ones for your campaign, if the game your running lets them know information like this. Also if anyone wants the individual parts, like the paper or font, or something, let me know.
  5. so what happens if they kill the inquisitor and maledictus gets off world? Will still be able to chase him? Will the Inquisitors ships captain let them back on in though the Inquisitor is dead?
  6. Steve-O, in this instance I would agree with you. Usually I will allow players to talk to each other out of my earshot, because sometimes it would be very hard not to meta-game some of the information. This was one of those times, they told what they were going to plan, but I needed to not to know it so i could not plan for specifically that. Now, one of the players (who is no longer a player in my games, or even a friend for various reasons that never need to be discussed [back-stabbing prick]) was the one who had organized this endeavor, said later that he likes to play a little game called "f**k with the GM" I went off on him. Now all the people I play with are good trustworthy people, and if they step aside to plan something, I make sure that they clear the idea with me first. Since that time there has been no point in which the action of the players has thrown off the target of the game that completely, now, there have been times they have made me throw out entire sections of the mission, but never something like that.
  7. I think more to the point its not a brand as like a cattle brand but more the original, near archaic meaning: (From Dictionary.com) "brand - to mark with disgrace or infamy..." If this is the case, than the mark can be ANYTHING. which takes away the point of, "what does it look like?" and changes it to, "what do I want it to look like for this game and character."
  8. Most of what I've seen the psychers have a physical brand on their bodies somewhere. Most pictures have it on the forehead, chest, arm, hand, neck... somewhere on the body. Although the sanctioned psycher IG modal for the table top game is wearing a necklace with a giant aquila and a SP right in the center. The electoo is an interesting idea that I like, but even if its a physical brand, you can have it hidden under clothing or cover it with makeup. And I am also of the opinion that the more "trusted" Sanctioned Psychers could be given an identifying badge or something to show they are legal, like a passport or badge or something. Mostly though, it's up to you, what do you want to allow? If its a physical brand, than that could be fun to have them try to hide it while under cover, but if you think it would be more balanced and fair to let them have a "badge of sanctioning" to give them the same chances of hiding as the rest of the party, sounds good too. As far as what it looks like, I always just thought it would be an Aquila with the SP in the center and probably a unique identification number that could be checked with Administratium.
  9. Well, kill him in a different way. I honestly have not even red through that one, but I will as soon as I get a chance, probably tonight. But I have, in the past, had players stop an event that was supposed to happen. In this case it sounds like you have two options, have the players continue to hunt for the reason / man behind the continuing assassination attempts, so they have to split resources between finding out whats going on and keeping him alive. Or kill him when the players are not around and just change some minor facts to account for this minor change in time line.
  10. My group is... diverse... My Scum is loyal to whoever is paying the most, the Inquisitor, usually. The psycher, well she is loyal to the Inquisitor, the scum and the arbite are not so sure about her, stability. The Arbite is 100% for the Emperor. The Assassin, he hasn't decided, he is split between the Inquisitor personally and the Empire. The Tech Priest... MWAAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaaaaaa... is loyal to the Master of Change, Lord Tzeentch. Over all they have been VERY efficient at completing objectives for their radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. I mean, hey, if its to help the imperium whats wrong with a little xenos tech or dark pact with the master of plans.
  11. That is impressive. I don't normally see groups willing to talk, or even knock politely, and when the cleric decided to diplomatically leave instead of trying to put a hole through the heretek, very unusual, but that would be a welcome change. I don't think there was anything in there that really seemed too far out, although you might want to consider giving them a couple corruption points for letting an obvious heretek live. I have stories of players going completely off the reservation and throwing my plans for a loop, one involved the entire party stepping outside for a "smoke break" (only one of the five smoked) and they would step inside as a very specific question, then go back to talking. By the end of it they ended up giving me an in game month long plan to kill an entire base of 10k enemies, in one night. They are recorded in my campaign journal as "The Party of the Bloody Hand" and has been added as a historical event in my gaming universe.
  12. I have to agree, I have given out elite advances for 100xp multiple times becuase the players wanted it and made a good argument for it. And Downtime isn't only at home on-world, my players move from one mission to the next often on a ship for months. The Inquisitorial Heavy Cruiser that they are on is over 5km long, and has a crew around 100k. That is a flying Hive, the players downtime is spent there; the Scum steals, cons and gambles in the down time, the Arbite enforces Imperial Law, the psycher studies, the AdMech works in the Engineerum, and so on. The Career advances give a direction for the players to go for their advances based on the guidlines of how that kind of character generally acts, if they want something early or something not listed in their charts, then they have to explain why they want it, how they plan to use and how they would go about learning it. If an Assassin from a Savage World wanted secret tongue (Tech) he better be able to explain how hes getting it. But a Scum who wants Secret Tongue (Gutter) makes sense, that's where he spends his time and its easily conceivable for him to be able to learn it from a contact or friend he's made in the underbelly of the ship.
  13. Ok, that story makes a bit of sense, although, Eldar were supposedly near the height of their technology when they helped fight the Necrons, so I guess if they were involved in the near extinction it would take them that long to recover and rebuild... ehh, sounds fun, but still kills some of the air of awesomeness that the Eldar had for me. And back on topic, not sure if its been mentioned, but snipers, simple, clean, effective ambushes. A target that is unaware does not get a reaction, this is for players as well as NPCs. If they walk down an alley and a few teams of snipers on the roofs down at the end of the alley fire at the head of the psycher and possibly the tech priest, even a basic long-las can have a good effect. think, a skilled merc squad, BS of 65 shooting at an unaware target, full aim with a scope and an accurate weapon, at least a +30 so you have to roll under a 95, yes you have a hit. Use a Hotshot Charge Pack, gives it 1d10+4 Pen 5 with Tearing (roll 2 dice, choose the highest) and Accurate (+1d10 of 2 degrees of success to a max of 2d10) Run your sniper teams in groups of 2 placed all other ambush zone so they are getting shot at from everywhere, the Long-Las HotShots are a max of 34 dmg with pen 5, and you can always do things like mighty blow and sharp shooter and things to kick up the damage and accuracy of the shooter. The point of the 2 man teams is so one can reload the rifles and the shooter can switch back and forth between the 2 with quick draw and using a 1/2 aim after the first shoot every round. Example: This is all done randomly, I just rolled it out. So lets say the player is wearing carapace armour, 6 everywhere. has a toughness of 3, normal human and 14 wounds, not bad for a psycher. First sniper team rolls an 11, aimed action at the head. that's more than 4 dos so its 3d10 tearing, the sets of dice are 1,1 9,1 and 8,7 so thats 18 damage +4 for the gun and +2 for mighty shot totalling 24 damage at AP 5 so thats -1 for armour and -3 for the toughness 20 damage the psycher is now at -2 wounds and has a critical effect of "The blast of energy dazzles the target, leaving him blinded for 1 Round." now he doesnt even have his reaction for next round becuase dodge is a sight based reaction. That was 1 shot, from 1 team... imagine greater, and there are better weapons and talents to use.
  14. Arbites can act as a local policing force as needed depending on the location. In some of the hives you'll be lucky to find policia or even government brute squads, but the Arbites are out keeping the laws of the Imperium, not necessarily the local laws, but there is still plenty of over-lap, killing, theft, arson, mutation... all of which would be covered by the local law can also fall under the role of the Arbitus as well. Small time stuff they will just ignore, bigger things, like when your under cover agents kill a room full of people because they "might" be heretics... But back to the actual question, language is important for creating the atmosphere, generally players just want to have fun so as long as mispronunciations or incorrect descriptions don't slow the game down or confuse the players, it should be fine. Since your having trouble with the words and pronunciations I'm assuming you never studied Latin. Most of the Gothic language is a bastardised version of Latin, if you google a Latin pronunciation key and familiarize yourself with that, and maybe a few common Latin phrases, like "habius corpus" or "tu es rana!" it might help.
  15. Null rods are fun, always feel free to have a heretic carrying one bogi_khaosa: I dont remember seeing anything about it in the Creatures Anathema for Enslavers. But I haven't looked to closely either. And yeah, it was probably retconned. I know in the OLD Eldar Codex, and the Craftoworld Codex it talks about the War with the Necrons, the "Dark Machines." It also says that the Wraith technology and the Warp weapons were created as a means to fight the Necrons on equal terms as they can not survive in the Warp without one of the leaders, I forget what they are called... But considering there is nothing about this in the last Codex release, and they retconned the Fall of the Eldar to such an extravagant way, it doesn't surprise me that they would change the history of the universe that much. Which is sad, the old fluff was REALLY cool. Although if they did change it that drastically, there are giant holes in the history, like, were the Eldar still Uplifted by the Old Ones? If the Old Ones were wiped out by the Enslavers how did the Eldar survive? Considering the discrepancies with the fluff now, I think I'll just keep following the old fluff :-D
  16. I have no idea as I write my own missions for a story driven campaign. But I would really like to know that as well for future ref.
  17. Sounds fun so far, I look forward to hearing more about it when you get it going.
  18. bogi_khaosa said: AKA the reason the C'Tan went to sleep. No, according to the fluff the C'Tan went to sleep becuase they were being beaten by the Eldar and the Old Ones several millenia before the Fall of the Eldar and the rise of the Imperium. Although Enslavers are a fun race to play around with.
  19. From what I understand you cant just upgrade a weapon to be a power weapon. The weapon would have to traced with circuitry INSIDE of the weapon. You would need to hollow out the hilt for a power supply, which would cause the weapon to be reworked again. I think a weapon has to be designed from the beginning to be a power weapon. Now, if one of my players had asked about this I would probably let them do it if they could make high enough rolls to find an artisan who could reforge the weapon, which would have 2 out comes, one, the weapon would no longer be sanctified or 2 it would be downgraded to poor quality. It just seems to me that there would be too much work involved in reworking the weapon to keep all of its properties and still add new ones that would cause that much drastic change. Talk to your GM though, see what s/he is willing to do and run with it :-D
  20. Sounds like fun, hopefully they will try to catch / question it instead of saying, "don't tempt us foul deamon! now die!" and then open a hail of fire that destroys the familiar, wall it was next to, and possibly the Inquisitor.
  21. I have just 1 question, Whats to stop the players from blowing the familiar to tiny gooy bits? My players have a horrible tendancey to shoot first and ask questions later, and unfortunately this has been a recurring theme in past groups I've been in and run.
  22. I have to agree with Gregorius here, i read him as a cunning, planning, scheming, intelligent adversary. I think that he is more likely to leave the shards and wait than to take them all at once, I mean where is safer than an Arbiteus station that you can get into? In my opinion he would have people watching the station to make sure that the shards don't leave till he takes them, but other than that he should wait on them. Now, I have not run Damned Cities yet, but I have read through it. So this means that I have no real information on how players have acted, all I can do is give my opinion on a situation. Now, under the assumption that Skarman is a calculating opponent, one of the best ways for players to be confused is to do nothing at all, as long as they are on the wrong path, do nothing to hinder them from going the wrong way. Right now the players are being pinned down by the Rag Kings Mercs. why bother tilting your hand by throwing resources into a mix that you don't need? Simply, "the enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy."
  23. That is awesome, I need to actually use it during a session to see where things need to be / changed to more functional, but as it currently stands, that is still an epic little piece of programming. I think I had mentioned that I'm a computer Tech / weekend domain Admin adn have no skill in programming or even database engineering so this seems very much like magic to me :-D Thanks and I'll let you know where I think it can benefit from change, but unfortunately becuase of the holiday and some other stuff going on my gaming group has been very hard to get together lately, I hope to try it out soon in a session though.
  24. ... I have had players spontaneously change sides, especially during a fight, but I don't think I have ever had all of them do it all at the same time and just run with it to that effect... simply, NICE ...scarecrowm41a... Nice job. Players too often forget to fear hoard, and its a valuable lessen to let them learn that when things are going too easy, it means that things are about to get MUCH worse. Nice story there.
  25. Magnus Grendel said: A mission focusing on politics in a hive-spire needs interaction skills, diplomacy and subtlety. Warp lightning does not fall into any of those three categories. Simply: yes.
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