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  1. Personally I think the Farseer is underpowered, in that reguard at any rate. As far as getting a Primaris Psycher that high, EA is the only way I see and I have never seen an actual max to how many you can take... but as a GM, more than one a level seems excessive. So basically I have no real information to add, I came to the same conclusion. But to rant a little about the Eldar Farseer, they are supposed to be the most powerful psychers in the race, PR 8 seems too low to me, if I ever run an encounter where a Farseer is present, it will be at least 10. But to be honest more than 10 seems to be a bit excessive considering that part of what makes a psycher powerful is control, not necessarily raw power. So the question is, what can be done to reduce the chances of Psychic Phenomena or Perils of the Warp?
  2. So much is still not covered about the Eldar in the DH version of things, and the way they translated things from the tabletop doesn't really jive well with me, and I love Eldar, been playing them forever... The main couple things, it lists Witchblades as power weapons, all 40k Eldar players should remember when the rules changed and Witchblades adn Singing spears lost the Power weapon quality and became just really strong weapons. Now, this makes them more powerful than they should be, I like it but it's not really accurate anymore. The second is Rune Armour. Rune Armour gives you a 4+ invulnerable save (used to be 3+), and nothing else, that's great for 99% of stuff out there, so thats basically a 50% chance to negate everything. The way they did it in Lure was that it is a ap6 armour that cancels out pen rating on weapons. WOW! that is way more powerful, why not do it as a basic ap4 armour with a 50% forcefield that can not overload? Overall I like the way they came out, stats, and equipment, but honestly the writers of Lure and the other DH books I think were remembering the Hay Day of Eldar and wanted to create them like that again, which is actually ok with me but it leaves the game a little unbalanced in reguards to the Eldar.
  3. Reread the top guys, one, the bomb is needed for plot reasons, and it makes sense that with an archeotech (or prototype) ship you want a separate device that the Captain controls that can destroy the ship completely. And two, kinda need marines for the story, since they become chaos marines and it lends to a better air of horror and fear to the situation. That and most people dont know much about the Skitarii, and honestly I don't think they give the same kind of fear that, "three space marines are charging toward you with bolters firing" does.
  4. Darth Smeg said: I also want to be really mean to them, so that they only just survive. Missing limbs and good looks and really, really hating the enemy that screwed them over so bad, and almost killed them. 'cause this is Warhammer. And if you're not wading knee-deep in ****, then you'd better duck because another load is past due. And if you don't finish an adventure worse off than when you started it, then your GM is doing something wrong Exactly my point, things should be hard, becuase hard makes fun. To give an example of this, last mission of the campaign there were two objectives, both nearly impossible, but I knew they could figure it out. But the primary objective was to retrieve the Nav crystal from an ancient crashed Eldar Ship, becuase yes, my Inquisitor was VERY radical. (which is a nice way to say heretic) So, there were 3 ways they could blatantly fail this, and that was, not figure out a way in, die from auto-turrets, or wake up the cryogenically frozen soldiers in Powered Wraith Armour, think Eldar Space Marines but without the unnatural toughness and not quite as much supper strength, but still tough armour, lots of wounds a power weapon and a wrist mounted shuriken catapult on the arm with a belt feed (2000 rounds) For those of you who play the tabletop, you know that Shuriken Catapults are pretty good guns, but not great. For those of you who played the OLD Rogue Trader tabletop and the 1st / 2nd ed WH40K you understand that Shuriken Catapults used to be rediculously broken, in the DH / RT / DW version, its more like the original, it is pretty broken. (1d10+4 pen 6 S/3/10) So, my players did the smart thing, and seperated, long story short, out of five players, the Tech Priest lost her right arm, the Arbite lost his left leg, the Scum lost his face (rerolled charisma of 8, it made for some funny social situations) and his eyes and ears, the psycher was badly wounded but nothing that wouldn't regrow, the Assassin, well, he managed to get out without a scratch and also took down both of the Wraith Battle Armours, half luck and half willing to use his friends as cover... For the Emperor? I am not so ready to give out much money and the cybernetics are EXPENSIVE, they pulled their money, and with some good barter rolls, and thanks to the tech priest, they managed to get low quality leg, eyes and ears, and a good quality arm for the tech priest. Point being, there were several sessions of "Ohh God Ohh God. We're all going to die." By the end of the mission and also the campaign they were quite willing to move on to something else, the setting is design to crush souls but to have fun doing it, and all of the players / characters understand that now, and even though they are the ones chosen to defend the empire from the less tangible threats, their duty will leave them broken and insane, but may give them power beyond the men they were originally.
  5. I agree, trying to kill the players is saved for games like Paranoia or Eclipse Phase, where losses of players (bodies at any rate) is part of the fun. But in DH my players are smart, and I don't mean, "hey he's pretty smart." I man, all but one are tested geniuses, and all of them can think out of the box to overcome pretty much everything I throw at them. It's this reason that as long as I make it possible on some kind of level, they will succeed, and it will be fun. But becuase these people are so smart, and some of them a little OP in their character builds, (math hammering to an extreme) making an encounter designed to kill them gives me a chance to challenge them. And I always watch the battles / encounters / puzzles to make sure that they aren't in over their heads, if things actually get to bad, I will cause jams, more misses, people running, things like that just to keep it fun and ongoing.
  6. So I finally have the Daemon Hunter book and I see no problem with the Consecrated Scrolls. They give a reroll to the Psychic Phenomena table, they do not stop it and anytime you reroll there is always the chance that you will roll worse. The only time I see someone using this is when they roll +75 and get a Perils of the Warp, and rerolling still gives them a 25% chance of getting it again. And if someone uses one becuase they do not like their result on the PP table there is again a chance that they will do worse and actually get a Perils roll. Bad **** will still happen, I see no way to avoid it with the scrolls, all they do is give you a chance of it not being as bad. As an example, a player of mine rolled a PP that caused everyone to lift off the ground, rolled a 10 for the height and nearly killed 2 of the other players. Another time a player rolled for the one that frosts everything, one of the players fell off the edge of the scaffold and again almost died from the fall, PP can be just as dangerous as Perils, and since the scroll only lets you reroll I dont see it as a way to avoid bad ****, just reduce the chances.
  7. @ The_Shaman: The Exodite worlds do have the paths, just not to the same extent that the Craft worlds do, and the only place the followers of the Path of the Warrior can get training to be a Ranger or Pathfinder is on one of the Exodite Worlds. Remember the Exodites are the Eldar that left the Craft Worlds and Core Worlds before the Fall becuase they did not condone the excessive way of life that was becoming common. There were plenty of Path Followers and even Farseers that left the Craft Worlds and Core Worlds to live truly in a pursuit of their Path on a far away world where law and civility allowed them the structure to do so. And yes, the Exodites do use the Webway as well, just not much as they prefer to be left alone. The primary group guarding the Webway is the Harlequins who, thanks to the Laughing God and their piece of the Infinity Matrix, still have good maps. Unfortunately the other Craft Worlds forces and the small amount of Harlequins do not have enough forces to patrol all of the tunnels all the time and they are being take over by Daemons, Dark Eldar and even collapsing becuase of the constant shifting of the warp and failing Webway Portals and Gates, there is just not enough resources to keep it all running. So, if this Exodite world did have some shrines to the Phoenix Lords and the Warrior Paths then there could be any number of Aspect Warriors there. Also, if they are fighting the Dark Eldar than that means that their Planet is probably reasonably close or at least connected fairly directly to that planets Webway Gate, and probably that the Farseer involved is old enough to have been around for the Fall and the birth of the Dark Eldar, giving him an added hatred for them as they are still following the same ways that led to the Fall. Also, every Eldar life is sacred to most of the Exodite worlds, if the Farseer thinks the PCs are powerful enough to be useful in his endeavors to A) capture / secure / destroy the Webway Gate or B) destroy the Dark Kin, then he will probably use them, then kill them to make sure that any information they learn is lost. Exodites do not go to war very often, usually only when their world is directly threatened, there is a good chance that if this is an old Farseer he saw the coming of war on his world and saw this as either the best, simplest or most efficient way to stop it, and the PCs happen to be just the tool to do it.
  8. I would also have to say "Edge of Darkness" becuase it is an interesting beginner adventure that mixes all the aspects of the game. Its a fun mystery style game that lets the players use a myriad of abilities and also gives them some hard pressed fights. Basically its a good mix with a decent setting that doesn't over load the players with required fluff, it is great for an introduction, but still gives a good feeling of what the universe is like.
  9. My group (6) plays every sunday, but we rotate what the game is. My actual DH game was every other sunday and the off sunday for a while was a kind of pickup RT game, we had a player who moved a state over for work and was no longer able to come on the regular basis so we wrote out his psycher and a new player joined in. When someone cant make it we decide as a group weather to run him as an NPC (usually one of the players takes him / her as a second character) or just to do something else, like board games. --Side note for board games try Revolution, came out about a year ago, soooo much fun-- But now my game ended last week and we had another player drop and another who can only make it every other week, and that first player I mentioned is now coming up about once a month or so, making it interesting. So we currently have 2 games rotating and it requires a lot of planning to keep the right players at the right game. But the Main Point, we leave it up to a group decision when people are out, usually with 1 out we play more than that we usually do something else.
  10. Makes sense, I look forward to hearing how it comes out and how the players react to it. Good Luck :-D
  11. It looks like you've put a lot of thought into this. Overall it sounds fun, but a couple things for fluff reasons: 1: The ship would have to be either AdMech or Hereteks, becuase only the Adeptus Mechanicus can experiment with new technologies. The easiest way to explain this is to simply say it is an old Archatype plan for a mining vessel, and this is the first one built. Make the Captain an AdMech Explorator and most of the crew tech priests or tech adepts without implants yet. Then of course you can have the Maries for "guards" and plenty of fleshy humans for grunt work. 2: The Bomb... most likely it would not be a Zero Point Singularity Device (black hole bomb) as you described, there is no bases for that in the fluff that I can think of, but more likely to be a Void Bomb, which is a bomb that rips a hole into the warp, sucks everything in and hopefully closes again. Now, if you throw Void Bomb into a warp rift two things could happen, 1: nothing, the immaterium is not a place of normal physics or 2: seals the rift. Otherwise, that sounds like a lot of fun and non stop fighting. As far as levels go, at least rank 4, (assuming 4 or 5 players) probably rank 5 or 6. They will need the extra wounds to survive, and the extra talents / skills to handle all of the Chaos that is around. Ohh and the plot sounds like its a mix of Event Horizen, Ghosts of Mars and DeadSpace... I like it :-D
  12. Wow... I always forget about the snares... But I posted a bit in the Request for Input: How to royally screw over a Psyker on the effective Sniper Ambush. But here we go to the highlights... First Long Las (d10+3 pen 1 Accurate Reliable) Use an Overcharge Pack (= 1d10+4 pen 1 Accurate Reliable) Use Hot-Shot Charge Packs (= 1d10+5 pen 5 Accurate Tearing) To Sum up Accurate, as in the RT book gives a +10BS when used with an Aim action and +1d10 if it has 2 degrees of success. And Tearing lets you roll two dice and choose the highest so damage is 7 - 25 with a pen of 5. (Also feel free to put in an Infrared Sight or something so they can shoot through walls.) Now talents: Deadeye Shot, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Sharpshooter. Abilities: a sniper team is going to have at least a BS 50, the other stats, not so important. How it works, 2 man teams, 2 rifles per team. Loader loads one rifle a turn, using Rapid Reload to make sure a Rifle is loaded every turn. The Sniper Quick draws the loaded rifle, literally dropping the rifle next to him, half action to aim, accurate so +20BS Sharpshooter lets him call shot without a penalty, so a less armoured location, Marksman avoids the distance penalty, and Mighty Shot gives a +2 damage. So total is this, a min of 70BS to hit (80 in short range or 90 for unaware targets (100 for unaware in short range)) with damage equal to 9 - 27 with a pen of 5 and at a range of 300m. Keep your teams in cover and the chances of loosing them is pretty slim. Not to mention that 3 shots a round is pretty devastating. I know some higher level Tech Priests can stop a considerable amount of damage, but that is why a haywire cannon is fired first. Or if needing to humbe some higher level characters feel free to use things like a Nomad with man-stopper rounds (1d10+7 pen 6 Accurate, Reliable) or use the Hell Gun or The Exitus Rifle with Turbopen rounds... you can get all sorts of nasty.
  13. Nice! I never thought of that angle. I have done the "Witch! Burn it!" approach where teh players then had to keep their heads low from EVERYONE. But making them a celebrity, that is genius. I will have to use it at some point.
  14. IMHO snadboxing is the best. For my adventures I usually create a situation, or give the players a basic idea of whats going on at the current location and give them a basic objective. This is usually retrieve such artifact, capture such and such, find out wtf is happening at X and so on. I do a lot of work in the city / location and create NPC, decide what they know and what kind of personalities they have, and I create the goal of the enemy, and how long they have before they loose the mission. They have to earn all of the information, and I usually dont make it easy unless its the first mission or they are all new players or something like that. How they get to the end is entirely up to them, but I will plan out events that will happen on a time table of the enemy, so as to say that all is according to plan. Now, this very open style of scenario writing is fun and makes for some very interesting games but, it gets very hard very quickly and requires the GM to be able to think of things from a dozen perspectives all at the same time all the time and keep track of everything the players are doing and figuring out what the NPCs know all the time... it gets complicated. And then there are always the situations that the you just never expected and have no idea how to deal with. With this open GMing style this doesn't happen very often, a hell of a lot less then with railroading. But it is very fun as the players get to make all of their own plans since there is very little as to what is expected of them, and they get to really decide how things end, becuase really they are agents of the =I= and are picked becuase of their ability to think on their feet. Over all I say this stile works out very well becuase all of my players have had a lot of fun and in the course of en entire campaign with a Radical Inquisitor, they only failed the Secondary Objective of the last mission. Now, two of the players are dead and of which one had made a chaos pact to survive being captured, one had his face and leg blown off, and the other two were surprisingly fine. Although they did have to have to accept a bargain from a cult leader that had orchestrated the death of a Grey Knight, the assassination of an Imperial Agent and the Chaos capture of a forge world... But oh well, their Inquisitor had the artifact that he wanted, the world be damned, always time for an Exterminatus that close to a Fleet World. And I deviate, point being, sandbox is good, harder, requires more "Off The Cuff" work and a lot more thinking, but much more fun for all involved I think.
  15. The_Shaman said: Instead, consider having the medusa beam misfire somehow - you know, one of those one in a million chances that happen more often than not when fate-bothering psychic powers are around. Have the archon's face betray a momentary confusion - and then realize something's going on. Ohh! I like that idea, and that is definitely the way a Farseer would work. Remember that they can see the many branches of the future and see the most probable path to take them to their goals. Farseers are cunning bastards, and you only get to be that old and powerful by being able to outsmart every daemon, adversary, and obstacle that you run into; and making a medusa misfire is an excellent way to reduce the risk to your own superior troops and make it so that the stupid monkeys owe you and will make them do the dirty work till you dont need them, then all it takes is shooting them, their flesh is weak and your warriors are strong. Also, challenging an Archon to a 1 on 1 fight... that just seems like a bad idea, unless your a universe famous Hero or something with 300 wounds and a 99 for every stat... Archons are beasts, thats why they are in charge, they can kill everything they come across if they want to. IMHO if your assassin does attack it, don't kill the Assassin, just have it put it to negative wounds and then mock the frail monkey body, which, in the mind of the Archon, will put the lesser creature (the Assassin) in its place of servitude. I'm rather looking forward to what you decide to do :-D
  16. I have to agree, be very careful with the Farseer. Eldar are my favorite race, and likely he would have warlocks and probably Dire Avengers with him. Likewise the Archon would probably have Incubi or Wytches with him. This needs to be a fight that the players CAN NOT win, and they need to know it before they decide to interrupt you and start shooting. And both groups need to have their own agendas with either the planet or the sword, or something that may even not be evident yet. And don't just give the players the choice of joining one side or the other, give them a chance to side with neither and defeat them both. As a convenient way to keep the players from acting but have them there to see whats happening, you could have an Eldar Vampire transport fly over and combat drop the troops and a Vibro Cannon, it knocks anything in its line prone, immobilizing the players and some enemies, giving the Archon a chance to escape. There is a Gravity Gun in the RT book that is close enough for mechanics purposes.
  17. I think that you're not considering all of the vastness and subtlety of the Empire. First off, its HUGE and the marines nor the IG specialists can cover all of the area all of the time. That is the main point of the inquisition, to find information, to decide if it is actionable intelligence and to request action from whatever chapter is most suited to handle the situation. The Ordo Xenos uses regular human agents to find xenos plots in the everyday workings of the Imperium, and if its just a small cell trying to destabilize than they handle it, if it turns out that there is a fleet of space hulks crawling with genestealers being directed toward a planet by a group of Slot Clippers than the Ordos Xenos requests the Death Watch to Assist. If the Death watch decides that this is more a matter for the Imperial Navy to handle then they will say no and pass it off to them. The Ordo Hereticus is again designed to root out corruption in the Imperium, they do not fight daemons or aliens, they fight disloyal factions, terrorists, and hereteks. People who think that the Empire is wrong, but are not working with Daemons or Xenos. This is why the Sisters of Battle are chosen, they are strong of faith in the Empire and the Emperor, they are not likely to faulter under the lies of the heretic. The Ordo Malleus is designed to seek out the warp tainted indeviduals of the Imperium and make sure that they do not spread the warp corruption to the loyal masses. If in the run of an investigation a cell of Acolytes runs into a minor Daemon, they will probably fight it. If it turns out that they discovered a warp rift that a Greater Daemon has crawled out of and is currently raising an army of daemons though, then they will tell the Gray Knights and they will probably come in and lay waste to the area and make sure that the warp rift is sealed. But my main point is, is that the Empire is to vast for the factions to function independent of each other and the Inquisition acts as eyes and ears and is subtle where none of the chapters are. The Inquisition can be anywhere and everywhere, listening to everything that is said and see everything that happens.
  18. I think I need a little clarification on this... Are you trying to have the struggle against the Daemon ongoing during a regular campaign? Or is this completely separate where the fight against the Daemon is a small campaign in itself? As with either one, the player who will be playing the psycher, shouldn't he be making his own character? And as far as the Daemon goes I would custom tailor it to whatever the Psycher was, trying to make the proverbial contradiction, the perfect spear verses the perfect shield. This way the player really has to think outside of the box to defeat the Daemon, both with a strength of will and toughness. And if you are running the struggle during a regular campaign I would have the Daemon as a more insubstantial threat. Something that tempts him, uses him, gives him power and tries to enter the material world through him. The hardest part will be to keep this information separate from the other players so that they don't know that the psycher is possibly about to loose his soul to a daemon. I think the best way to actually do this is to give him (the psycher) increasingly hard challenges, both will based and even toughness based, everything from riddles in dreams to fighting phantoms alone in an alleyway. And give him access to increasingly more power, but make the cost of that power higher and higher till he really has the chose of loosing his soul, or to completely defeat the Daemon. I hope that was helpful.
  19. ZillaPrime said: For the "reloadable" breaking sword concept I would recommend the "reload" speed to be no faster than FULL or 2FULL. In the very likely event that your creative kill-billy has the Rapid Reload talent then a half-action reload is reduced to a free action, which for snapping a new fragile and poisoned sword blade into a hilt that might still have broken remnants of the old blade stuck to it is pattently absurd. Keep in mind, part of the long reload time for plasma weapons is "honouring the ancient weapon" and not making the plasma-flask angry. The new sword idea is not even remotely an honoured relic, but it falls very solidly into the "don't make it angry" category and such a weapon would require a special "rearming ritual" to restrain it's explosively-violent war-spirit. Heck, part of the reload time for a lasgun is whispering the requisite prayers of rearming... (think I am kidding? Read the IIUP) Serious food for thought: What does the Adeptus Mechanicus think of this little abomination? Having non-STC wargear that is purpose-built to break is on very dangerous ground regarding the "honour your wargear" maxim. Not saying you should refuse the crafting, as it is not that hard for a determined artisan to make some of these ideas, but there can and should be consequences when word gets out about the assassin's new toy. All it really takes is one grumpy Magos and the next thing you know there is a Secutor and a Skitarii detatchment standing in your hab-unit for a little "discussion" about faith. (Honestly, this might be a fun scene!) Your post is too full of useful information, I am unable to cut it down to point out the points I wanted to expound on. Nice :-D But anyway, your right, Full to 2Full to replace the blade makes a lot of sense considering that you will need to discharge the remnants of the old blade, offer a prayer of thanks to the old blade, offer a prayer of rearming to the new blade, actually attach it fully, draw the weapon again and there you go. Sooooo.... I would have to say 2Full, if he has both Rapid Reload and Quick Draw, than lower it to Full. And the part about the AdMech / Inquisition coming after him about his heretek ways... that just sounds fun, if a player in my game wanted to do this i would totally let them.
  20. From the books and the listed fluff and the novels, the way I see it, is that a planet worth anything to the Imperium is going to have at least 1. If its a feral world, good chance none unless, again, there is something valuable there. If its a big planet that is actually important, there will probably be half a dozen to a dozen. It depends on how much information needs to be sent quickly from / to that planet. In your case, if its a high output I would probably say 3 - 5 and they would probably be spread out. Also remember that Astropaths will use astropathic choirs to boost their power. Again the size of the choir is going to depend on the importance of the planet / city. The choir will be made out of low level telepaths and astropaths that are not strong enough to have any use by themselves.
  21. Not sure how many of you actually train in martial arts, I have been for almost 20 years, sword staff and unarmed. and I have to admit, a glass sword filled with poison sounds pretty **** effective against a single target if he knows your coming. The concept I'm envisioning is that if you stab him the sword does damage and possible brakes, shattering causing extra wounds and filling the wound with poison. If he straight up blocks it will shatter throwing shards of poisoned glass at him and if he parry's the strike it has a partial chance to break. A little bit of history Native American and plenty of Pacific Island tribes used Obsidian glass knives, spear tips and arrow heads as weapons and they were amazingly effective. Glass is sharp. The way I would work the mechanics is this: 1. The sword is that of a normal sword without balanced but is mono. (again, glass is sharp) 2. On a hit it does normal damage but has a 50% chance to shatter causing an additional d3 wounds and poisons the target. 3. If he is parried there is a 50% chance the sword will shatter then a Hard Agility test will need to be made for all combatants in melee to dodge the shower of glass and poison. The blades will be easily replaceable with a Half action to "reload" the new blade into the hilt. As for him wanting to make them, if he has either the Craft: Armourer skill or Craft: Artisan I would let him make them at a relatively slow rate. I mean, glass is not hard to find or buy and all he would need to do is melt it down and pour it into molds and heat join the two halves together so that there is a hollow center he can fill with the poison. Because he would need a small furnace and a hot mold for this I would not let him craft during a mission but only on down time. The rate I would say would be 1 test per day and 1 + 1 additional blade per 2 additional degrees of success. Also there is the cost of supplies. I would say no less than 500 thrones for the furnace and tools and at least 5 thrones per blade in materials. As far as the gun goes, I agree with let him look through the IH book, there are some good high ROF weapons in there. Also, I love the idea of the grenade sword, I may need to use those in my game...
  22. I am also pretty sure that, at least in the DH core book, it states that the sanctioning process is done on Terra. As for what Graver said about the Imperium being very efficient; it's funny, and not entirely untrue. The Imperium loves control more than efficiency, by bringing all of the psychers to the one place with enough resources and power to contain them they can make sure to sort, sanction and send out without any worry about them causing a problem. If this means that it takes 20 years to sanction one psycher, so be it, the ship that brought that one in has 5000 other unstable ones to feed to the emperor and enough Space Marines and IG and members of the Inquisition to contain and control 5000 unstable minds that day, or hour. As far as the brand itself, I've had players do different things, one had a large burned brand on the back of his bald head, another had an electoo on her right arm, and I let one carry a set of documents, kinda like a passport. All of these have benefits and problems and can make things easy or hard on the psycher. There is enough information to argue either direction, physical marking or item/documents. In the idea of having fun with the game its up to the GM what to allow and how he sees the universe since he is the one that is basically creating the environment for the players.
  23. I do not have the Daemon Hunter book yet, which is sad becuase =I= really want it, cures you slow contract season! But anyway, it's easier to limit the number he can have at the beginning and very easy to limit the availability during game. I've had issues with items like this in other games, and occasionally in DH. What I have done in the past is limit the number at the beginning and see how he uses them, if they seem overly powerful in his hands I make it very difficult to get more during game and in downtime set a max that is available to him. If they do not seem overly powerful becuase of some little rule that has more impact than it seems, like taking a full turn to use, I will let up on the restrictions. From the little bit I know of them, I'd say no more than 3 or 5 to start with. See how they are used and make an informed decision.
  24. I have to agree with Gregorius on this. Even though a distraction is sometimes needed, IMHO cults will most likely go into hiding when being investigated by disco lights, it's easier to track something that actually moves. Now, I can understand having a group of open witch-finders every once in a while openly seeking out rogue psychers to make a demonstration out of them to help "calm" a population. But too much overt action would send most chaotic groups to ground.
  25. I looked up the plant where those pictures were taken and found some others on google images, mainly some larger ones that give you a better view of the area filled with cat walks and levels of stairs, it is an excellent way to describe a manufactorium or even a hive. Luthor, great job! ()
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