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  1. I think Gregorius21778 has the right of it, for the most part. But it also depends what branch of the Inquisition the player's Inquisitor works for, is he Ordo Xenos, Ordo Malleus, or Ordo Hereticus? If you want the game to be about subterfuge and politics more so than charging forward with lasgun in hand than the Inquisitor should be Ordo Heretics; although the players don't need to know this and probably shouldn't off the bat. If you want the players hunting down traitors maybe have their Inquisitor brief them that they are being sent to investigate a planet where the Imperial Tithes have slowed, or all but stopped and the whispers of the Inquisitions agents on the planet have gone silent. What about the local sect of the Astrotelepathica? Are they sending messages as they should? Are they still alive? As far as the specific material, it's probably doesn't matter unless that specific resource is important to the story. As giant as the imperium is, it may be small river pebbles that are used for holding the candles in place on the alters of the God Emperor. Think of it as Chekhov's Gun, is that specific item/detail going to be used later? No, than it's not important. I would normally say just list it as the local resource tithe, but your players will ask, no doubt about that. I ran a game much like this, had three layers to the plot plus side plots for the players themselves, but that aside, it was on an Agri-World, the Imperial Tithe was Foodstuffs, that was it. A game I was in as a player, same similar plot, it was metal ores. It that game the Planetary Governor was starting a rebellion and stockpiling resources for manufacturing. My point is, the specific material is only important if that material plays a role in what's happening.
  2. To be honest I wouldn't bother. Is the specs of the ship knowledge the players need to know? Are you planning on having Navel Combat where the players are directly involved? If yes, then going through the RT book and building a nice small raider or possibly a cruiser if you want to have some fun with it. But I have never bothered to actually build my inquisitors ship for any of the DH games I ran. Honestly the players were on it for so little of the time and trying to keep up with their "Creative Thinking" was usually time consuming enough that building the ship seemed pretty much pointless. There are also some predesigned ones you can steal from the RT and Battlefleet: Kronos books that might serve you needs.
  3. The squig and the cutlery, superb ideas. I really don't know why I never thought of throwing a squig in, especially one that was player friendly, that could be so much fun. But anyway, Dark Eldar, good stuff, Flesh hooks used to capture slaves, literally by hooking them, designed to securely attach to the flesh and drag you along behind a raider, causing extreme amounts of pain, but not causing too much damage so the slave was still usable. They are basically large hooks on long chains that were hung off the backs / sides of raiders to catch people they flew over. Although I think what could be really fun would be this: A Shard of an Eldar Infintry Matrix: This small piece of wraithbone circutry is said to have been taken from an Eldar Craftward that was destroyed. If placed directly on the skin of a person it will cause excruciating pain as it tries to remove the persons soul and place it inside the Infinitry Matrix. But as there is not enough of the matrix to store the soul it fails and just keeps causing more and more pain. Each round the subject may take a difficult -10 Will Power test to stop the effect otherwise suffer a fatiuge, the efect stops when the subject falls unconcious. There are peices of Eldar souls already in the item and after touching the item the subject is plauged with images of unknown worlds, hidious xenos, and depraved actions of war, lust, and gluttony that the subject feels both a longing and a familiarity that should be impossible. A psycher is slightly closer the mental capacity of the eldar and if the psycher can pass the difficult -10 Will Power test each round the psycher receives a +1 Psy Rating bonus while in contact with the Shard. All sorts of fun character development or plot stuff can be done with that.
  4. Looking for players in the Richmond Va area for thursday nights. Email me at artanyis@gmail.com if your looking to play. I am looking to get a prety continuous group going, i just keep ending up with 1 or two players short…
  5. Everything on here is good, I cant really say anything to add much. I have only executed a PC once. Which may honestly be to many times, but I discussed it at great lengths with the player first, and as he was moving to another state we would have needed to exit his character anyway, we decided that in light of his actions durring the last mission, since he was a psycher, the Inquisitor reliquished him to a Black Ship. This also added quite nicely to the mood of the game. I am cuirous what exactly the player did / didnt do? What order did he disobay?
  6. Ok, running a freebooter game, its going to be very silly, little real planning and just a fun diversion. I need rules for a couple players to play weirdboyz, anyone know if any of the books have weirdboyz rules? or where there are some decent ones? And I know that The Navis Primer will have the weirdboyz rules but that is not out yet.
  7. I'm hoping for squad tactics, abilities that work only with your other squad members around. I think this can add a better group dynamic then with Space Marines.
  8. I agree with ItsUncertainWho, It's a common thing in pretty much every RPG system to give important NPCs lots of extra wounds to make them more challenging or more reliable.
  9. Jackal_Strain, I cant even find that about poor quality power armour, but I'm probably looking over it, what page is that on? igotsmeakabob!! you are probably correct, I would bet that is what he is thinking about, or possibly the poor quality thing, if I can find where that is... Thanks for the help all :-)
  10. DJSunhammer, yes, that is how they work, when it came into play he said that rolling under the target number means the field did not stop the attack, hence some annoyance when we tried to point it out to him. Darth Smeg, thank you for commenting, you are probably the most recognized name I see in the GM forums, and you are right, I really need to talk to him between sessions, which should be easy enough since we switch back and forth every week between this game and another where we are both currently players, so, I should be able to pull him aside during a smoke break or something, or better yet, just wait until the end so I don't cause drama during a different game, even though it's all the same players... But point, drama is good on the stage, not in life. Although you brought up a good point, I do believe that a lot of what he's doing is to quickly push an exciting story forward, it seems so far like a story driven campaign and not a player driven one. I tend to run my campaigns to be a mix, but point being, that makes sense that hes more interested in telling the story than the math and mechanics. I am an engineer, I build servers and networks and domains... Data Services Engineer; I am very mechanics oriented, he is not, so that may be another big part of it... I think I'm going to give him another session or two to see if I can adjust myself to a story driven game and not a player / mechanics driven one. I will probably still need to talk to him, but based on what you said and what I'm thinking i think I need to try to see things from his side a bit better first. "Know thy enemy, know thy friend and know thy inner self" sort of thing... Thank you very much for the insightful response.
  11. Yeah, he said he could find it during game but would get back to me about it...
  12. I will confess, I did not read all of the posts, I'm lazy, sorry. So, even though it's probably been said: In the old fluff the black carapace fused on top of the skin and the armour would be worn over that, making them unable to do certain functions without the help of the equipment added on. Now in current fluff there is a special membrane that is surgically grafted into the skin to allow interfacing with the Black Carapace that is worn inside the armour that allows for better manipulation of the armour. I have read things saying the black carapace is part of the armour, al layer on the inside, and another saying its a suit warn first before you put on the armour. There is also old and new fluff that says the marines are sterile due to the genetic and physical changes caused by the indoctrination. But there is also fluff that has to do with the off-spring of marines, mostly space wolves from what i remember. So, I'd say its up too you, chem-gelt them if you want or allow for fully functioning plumbing. Or even better when they take their first mutation say that they have a new set of equipment to replace the old non-functioning one :-) In this case, its purely fluff and has no listed rules in the course of the rules setting, so decide what you like best and if the players complain just remind them that they are being influenced physically and mentally by the warp and this can bring on changes and that the marines have been around for millenia and there are bound to be different "versions" where some were functioning and others were not. In my games I tend to use marines are sterile and the black carapace is fused to the marine, it does not cover all of him, just large muscle clusters it would leave areas like the neck, joints, genitals, and rectum clear for operation, as most of its purpose is to pick up information and send it to the cogiter in the armour to allow for better function. Also, thinking from the perspective of one of the ruinous powers, tzeentch in particular, he might actually modify marines to be able to reproduce just so he could raise his own army without having to convert them. This seems like something he would do. Take a planet, hide it, drop a bunch of women and a few modified chaos marines on it and in 1 or 2 hundred years or so, hey, you got soldiers waiting for equipment.
  13. Ok, so, a player of mine has taken up GM'ing. This is great, I get to play for once! Now the problem, he is a bit of a self centered ass, a lovable self centered ass, but still. We are two sessions in and he has made multiple rule mistakes and as myself and one of the other players have been trying to help him out he just starts shutting down and saying its happening this way because he wants it to even though its directly against the rules, the fluff, the current story, and the previous sessions. He's a friend of mine, and I try to discuss the rules and his reasons with him and he wont budge from his position that He is always right. Here is an example that is still going on, first off he said no starting with power armour unless you are a chaos marine, I am ok with that, sad my renegade cant have light power armour to start with but, what ever. But he and one of the other players home brewed a decently balanced fallen Sister of Battle class for human. Nothing over powered or under powered off the base, pretty decent job. The problem is here, in the Sisters starting gear he put in light power armour, but said that in the power armour section in the armoury Light Power Armour only gets one sub-system. This is not him deciding that in this case he is only allowing for one sub-system, he thinks that all light power armour only gets one sub-system. Now, in case i am wrong, please correct me, but light gets three just like all of the rest right? I put up a rules post in the rules forum about this too only becuase he's arguing it so vehemently that I am doubting myself and think I may have missed something. He has also ignored skill checks, changed where things are, changed physics, (seriously, path of least resistance = blast shadow...) changed the way basic rules functions, (refractor shields need to be rolled by the player under the protection rating, a 17 means the player is safe, not hit) not all the time, but only when it suits him, which is a lot, and without any consistency, and as myself and another of my friends who have both been running games in dark heresy and other systems for many years try to help him, and correct him, or even just point out that "hey, 30 seconds ago I was several blocks down the street, how am i now standing by the truck?" he gets defensive, doesn't explain why he is doing this just quotes "rule 0" and moves along. I don't think I would care if he would at least acknowledge that he is changing the way rules function, or do it with some consistency. Especially consistency, that would make all the difference in the world if the same thing happened twice... Anyway, my point is, what do I do? If it keeps going like this I will probably have to drop out of the game because the inconsistency and lack of workable foundation bothers me a lot. But I don't want to, I like him as a player, and a friend and I really enjoy being able to play and not plan the sessions. So i need some advice on how to deal with this guy as a GM.
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