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  1. For an exploration and long range firepower, you can put a repulsor shied, and put Sunsear macro batteries on prow and odrsal, and put Mars pattern launch bays on the side. less power used, it will help you to explore unknown worlds with a proper set of small crafts, as well as trade. And concerning future additions, try to put an Auto-temple in there too. But yes, Secutor are lovelies light cruisers if done right.
  2. The answer would be : depends of your dynasty, the way the Warrant is transmitted, and the current state of the lineage. For instance, in the french campaign I've mastered, the RT was in her forties, yet she went immediateley to look for a wedding in game, in order to have heirs in short order. She got some of her genetical material safeguarded in iscreet places, should something happen to her. She married on Scintilla downward volontariliy to someone of good fortune yet not a peer, to be sure to keep him under her control. All of this because she was the last of her line. it was a good idea of sake-keeping as she became sterile after a cybernetic ressruection thanks to warp-tainted poisonning. Less so when a rival manage to find one of such cache, and use it to create five thousands copies of her in order to sell them as cheap prostitues as an insult on Footfall... Anyway; considering the existence of vat-grown babies, cryo-tubes, one could conceive an heir very soon, kept them frozen and put them out of the ice when deemed suitable for instance. Of course, you have to ensure they are kept safe, not pulled out of cryo-stasde too late or too early. Too much potential heirs is as much trouble as not enough for a noble lineage. Basicallty, this is a great question of concern of any RT worth his gelt, full of potential drama and plot twist, considering any device they use to try to safeguard their line.
  3. I remember that at least one space elevator being mentionned in the fluff : one on Mars destroyed during the Horus Heresy, in the Mechanium novel.
  4. Concerning power bagpipes : standard ones were not considered fancy enough. Lathes-wrought bagpipes were tested, but the Lois pattern flaming power bagpipe was an instant favorite. and the standard houselhold troops were given chain-bagpipes. Nope. Named Lonallyn Victrix IV Anastasia Von Ragriz (that's the short name). the copies have been nicknamed the Clonallyns, of course. By the way... -When the original RT can be recognised from a clone by the sole fact she makes any metal detector to go berzerk. that, Or the fact she can fly, melt you with her integrated volkite weaponry, or can supplex a tank for **** and giggles. - When there is an ongoing wager between the other officers (and players) about the fact she'll try the Sabine Move ( supplex a friggin' train), the Sanguinius (supplex a greater Deamon or Avatar of Khaine), or the Ravensburg Special (supplexing a Starship). Even though the campaign is soon to end, the odds are still good, especially considering the Tank AND the Dinosaur supplex were done in the same fight... - Current fight is the players fleet against about 2000 ennemies vessels : cloned Imperial vessels, including battleships, all corrupted by Yu'vath witchcraft, with Slaughts frigates and the full Rak'Gol swarm. And a corrupted Eldar craftsworld the size of Jupiter into the fray. that's not the real climax fight, though. it will be against Erasmus Motherfuckin' Haarlock's Spear of Destiny. I give you three guesses to find which they'd rather face.
  5. - When new instruments such as chain or power-bagpipes are invented for some of the players' household troops (scootish paratrooper mercenaries and dynastic own Death corp, , the all-black clad and skull covered, only melee weapon wielding, guardsmen unit composed of armsmen and voidsmen survivors of destroyed dynastic ships.) - When major forge worlds, including Mars, sent Ark mechancisus vessels following around the player's flagship, in order to trie to ge him ( it's a He! remember, your life can depend on this!).for study. And the basically behave like a bunch of binary-squeeing fangirls. In this very thread, I talked about the events named the Second Defenestration of Footfall. here is the details about the First. - When a rival of the Rogue Trader managed to get a copy of genetic material, and created 5k copies, sold and gifted them as cheap whores with a programmed slutty behavior,in Footfall and beyond. - When said Rogue Trader ordered the complete purge and conquest of Freackin' Footfall, when she was slapped on the ass by a noble in front of the Doge, thinking she was one said cheap *****, in a fancy costum. Takig into context that said female RT is considered by many as a living Saint... -When said purge, excluding the airlocking manually done by the RT, was essentially a Tank regiment assaut. IN a space station. while playing the Panzerlied over and over. -When the RT ordered that all the clones to be gathered...and then the programming removed, and that they were sterilised -and all the ... incidents incured before hand avorted-. and military drilled, and equipped with the best assaut equipment available. -When the rival is about to face very soon a very pissed off RT and 5k clones of her as the spearhead of the next boarding action...
  6. In fact, you don't. it is specifically noted in the rules that you can only fire the Nova canon in the mentionned range bracket (usually 6-40).
  7. First; Calixis is not really a backwater sector. Second : having a strong detterent against interstellar invaders is the point of a system defense, especially when knowing the doctrine of the Imperium (ie, the world defend itsef and must hold on the time reinforcement is scrambled from the nearest worlds). Third : a monitor is slow, not nimble, use short range weaponry, and can't leave the system. The least it can do to be useful.is to be well armoured and well-gunned. Fourth : A true vessel of war can dstroy that whitout too much an hindrance. Lances, torpedos, bombers squadrons, and even RAW macrovolleys of doom will much them quick and easy. Fifth : it's the sort of thing you find over civilized, well established imperial worlds, along with space stations and minefields. Not really in the Expanse where you are supposed to go to discover the undiscovered. Sixth : They are the the local enforcers in said place in space. Smugglers, pirates and other neerdowells, even those system bound, won't use indeed that kind of ship, not suited to their needs.
  8. People think of cryptography, but very often, they forgot the use of steganography (the art of hidding a message itself, not making it uncypherable).
  9. If I do remember well, the Force weapons section in Into the Storm does tell that Nabigators can't use them like a psyker... yep. p128 of Into the storm, the Force weapon quality sidebar, last paragraph. "Although Navigators are considered psykers, their powers are different from a regular psyker and they do not gain any of the above benefits for using a force weapon."
  10. IF you're so sick of it then why are you responding? Why are you bothering? Good question, isn't it? You aren't going to stop people from asking the question so quite trying. that's a six year thread necromancy, good sir. And if I remember well, it was a very recurent question at that time, hence the angry tone.
  11. Aren't we talking about the legendary Brass prism, from Hostile Acquisitions ? this thing helps you to get answers to most questions, at the price of your sanity and at the end your life, if I remember well.
  12. A few things to ponder : - Is your RT allowed to sail there ? Remember that ships are usually allowed to go on limited routes; even warrant holders can be limited to sectors, or a Segmentum. Holy Terra is a Segmentum away from the usual Obscurus RT. - There are a lot of pilgrimages going there, so perhaps the routes are controled. -About security : This is Holy Terra. Luna is a whole star forteress on its own, Then there is Mars. and further away, Titan. between the Custodes, the Inquisition, one of the two main Sororitas convent, the Imperial Fists, the Grey GKnights, the Astra Telepathica, a few temples of the Officio Assassinorum, the fact this is the holiest place fior the Ecclesiarchy, the place where the High Lords of Terra dwells....security ishould be strong. Over the top paranoid PC with unlimited founds and thousand generations dfedicated to build it strong. - for the rest, not much is known. Cionsiders that terra has no longer any ocean and the Imperial Palace is as large as the Himalayas, to give the scale. -is it worth it ? For bragging rights, it might be.
  13. Or a consequences from a Warp shoals encounter in the Aethyr...
  14. From BFG fluff, it is a standard cruiser, built according to Kar Duniash pattern, as many, many RT dynasties are there. it could be a Lunar, Tyrant or event Ambition hull if you wish so. or even a Conquest.
  15. Oh I'm sure the Kroot would looove to have a goooood, loooong, word with whomever they're boarding. And a delicious dinner to boot X) And stay a bit longer. For diner.
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