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    Card number 189

    xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I also love the mine gold card
  2. Mozal

    Card number 189

    Does this card exist? I don´t have it, but I´ve counted the cards and find out that the number is correct I´m confused! XD
  3. I think there is nothing about this in the rulebook or the FAQ's (at least I'm unable to find it) When you execute a cultural action and upgrade a card with tokens on it, the tokens are discarded or remain in the new card? We were playing without loosing them, but maybe it's the wrong way and they have to be collected again Thanks for helping! =)
  4. BANZAI QUESTION The card text reads: " Action: During a conflict, choose a participating character – that character gets +2[Military] until the end of the conflict. You may lose 1 honor to resolve this ability twice. (Max 1 per conflict.) " And the from the rules reference (pag #5) "Dash (–) In the text of a triggered ability, a dash (–) is used to separate the criteria that are necessary to use the ability from the effect of the ability. Any triggering conditions, play restrictions or permissions, costs, and targeting requirements are denoted before the dash. The ability’s effect is denoted after the dash." The question is: Can you chose a different target for the second use of the card or it has to be the same as the first one? The resolution of the ability includes the choosing of the target character or just the part after the dash (the effect)? To resolve an ability is to resolve this effect? Or it also includes the criteria that are necessary to use that ability? Thanks! (and apologies for my rusty english! and/or if a choose the wrong place to ask this)
  5. Yes, Runeage is the best deckbuilding game ever! A bit complicated (compared with dominion), but really great. What a pity
  6. Latari elves are already announced for Runewars... Is this good or our last hope is vanishing?? :_(
  7. The necromancer included in the Waiqar infantry command unit upgrade expansion for Runewars miniatures is an exact copy of the necromancer of undead army in Battlelore. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/1/30/command-and-control/ It's good or not? If both games share miniatures, maybe the elves are coming in the end (I hope!)
  8. Returning to the topic... more than 260 people signed the petition! Long life Battlelore!
  9. This game will end with Battlelore? Will we never see the Latari Elves in Batllelore? :( :(
  10. Yep I red the card again and understood instantly. Its timing works exactly like Overrun Sorry! and thank you!
  11. I have a question about the lore card Lightning Surge (Guardians of Hernfar) Could be an errata in the timing text? It says "Play after your Order Step" but the card affects knight units movement. May it be "after your Command step"? Thx!
  12. Can you explain to me what you mean by "Blind Play"? Something like "fog of war" I presume
  13. How does it work exactly? I belive there are two possibilities: - if you have 6 (or more) trade than you need for your tech card you can buy another one simultaneously or - if you have at least 6 coins you can spend 6 trade, after buying the other card, to buy a new one ?? I think I don't understand the purpose of this wonder =( thx!
  14. The main problem is cathedrals, never to be seen in the board. (In the last games I left them in the box and no one realized =) )
  15. The question is: If there is an area with routed units (all of them)... Can you kill them by attacking that area? If they retreat automatically you cannot kill them. In both runewars and starcraft, if you atack an area with only routed units you kill them all, without retreating and instantly. This game is obviuosly based in those games. I understand what you are saying, is just I dont like how it sounds, it's not logical at all. My point is that you create a contested area and destroy all enemy forces in that area without rolling dice or drawing cards. Please! Official answer?? PD: "life points" are not modified when a unit is routed. You cant rout it again, that's all (and I think this is only for triggering card effects purpose only)
  16. then you cannot kill lonely routed units?
  17. nop Retreats are part of the step 3 (resolution) part a (determine winner) Learn to play guide, page 12: "Resolution: ... a. Determine Winner: The player with the highest total morale value wins the combat (defender wins ties), and the enemy units must retreat (explained later)." So you skip the retreat part if you go straight to step 3 part 2. So, I assumed if you skip the retreat step, all defender units in the area are destroyed, because they were all routed at the beginning of the battle, and they cannot retreat, but I really want to find anything "official" about this. I played only once and the game was decided thanks to this "rule"
  18. But are they killed? But are they killed or what? I can't find anything about that in the rules. If you skip the retreats step i assume they are destroyed, but cant be sure about this! : /
  19. Sorry, for the uninitiated such as me, can you elaborate? Read: similar in some ways, but not identical. Yep! It's like Descent (second edition) and Imperial Assault. The "same game" re-themed and evolved. The combat is the main difference: dice based (but you still play cards and they can be more powerful depending of the units in the battle), however, both games have: order stacks (last in first out) event cards played at the end of the turn, the same three turn phases, the same three orders (move, buy, research) maximum area's unit capacity , only air/ground areas (broodwar expansion) bases/factories to allow buying units in a planet/tile ... Of course, you have new (and better I hope!) stuff like the fourth order (dominate), different resources, four event decks (instead of one), and, of course, the combat. In fact, I think that Runewars and TI3 are much less similar that this two! PD: Sorry for the lateness!
  20. This is one of the best FFG's games. Another expansion would be very complicated to balance. The 6th player will have opportunities to play cards? Too much corruption? New board with 3 card slots? ... Maybe the dark elves with an avatar of Khaine as greater demon could work, maybe humans. I think it wont be necessary at all.
  21. I'd bet that Forbidden stars will be to Starcraft as Runewars was to Twilight Imperium
  22. I think they are Ultramarines because the Imperium is the blue player. That's all
  23. TI Rex is exactly like DUNE. The only change is in the board
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