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    Well, I'm a sort of maniac when it comes to organize my game storage, mainly because I don't like to waste to much time in setting things up. That's an "Arkham Horror With All Expansions" scar in my gamegeek soul. So, I have a small plastic suitcase for each faction, like the ones used for small tools. Inside I keep all the units in plastic bags (the original ones included with the game) and the cards of the faction (lore, army, scenario, etc). For the common part such as terrain tiles, board, command cards and tokens I use the original box. To keep my tokens well organized and ready to use I keep them in a small screw box, easily found in any hardware store.
  2. Yes, but still an official word on that would be welcome. The lack of communication about the future of the game is not something I appreciate. I know it's more or less a standard for FFG, but I think that people who invested in the game should be notified when is industrial lifecycle is over. I will keep playing, of course, but at least I would stop waiting for Godot.
  3. Yes, I agree with your assumptions, it's only that I don't find this course of events particullary satisfing. That said, there are other systems for games with minis in FFG catalogue they could prefer to Battlelore for a Rokugan game, like RuneWars TMG or one of the Star Wars games, so a reskin is an option but not necessarily the most likely one. I fully agree that a L5Rings game with minis will eventually come out, though. Well, I'm not sure when this was printed, but it'is not that old I would say.
  4. Thats's indeed a possibility, and probably the end result would be more interesting than battle of westeros because Battlelore Second Edition has better rules (imho) and the fictional world seems wide enough to allow very different factions. Nonetheless, Battlelore players who decided to jump to the reskinned version would put aside their Terrinoth armies, and I don't see it as a desirable ending.
  5. Uhm, I don't know... the game itself is good, i don't feel a new edition is needed, there's really nothing to fix here. What the game needs imho is more variance, so another faction (or three... ok, that's too much to ask, but a guy can dream ) and a multiplayer variant for three or four players. Maybe heroes or some neutrals. But a 3rd edition would imply a revised version of the rules, and frankly for me that would be too much. Not to mention that I'd have to put aside what I bought so far, 'cause it's usually not compatible.
  6. I think that's a common feeling here around. I wish I could have a huge 4 players / 4 faction battle, but I'm afraid it will stay just a wish. That said, the game is awesome and I'll keep playing it even if FFG decided to drop it officially.
  7. I saw that thread, there are good ideas in it but I prefer to stick to the official rules for now. They are strong, that's for sure, but maybe since there's just enough material for one unit in the box (as far as I understood it) they don't embalance the game, but I leave that consideration to players that actually tried them on the field. At worst, I could put a limitation like "if you pack them you have to take one grotesque too". No idea about where you could find them at lower price though.
  8. Hello! I was lurking this forum for a while, waiting to read some good news about the future of battlelore. Needless to say those news didn't come, but I love the game and I'm in a similar situation as you are Phalgast. I've got all armies but no neutral unit, and I start to think it could be interesting to take them to have some more variety in army building. Probably Waiqar and Daquan don't need more options, but I think Uthuk could use them since I've the impression that they have less good units. I mean, they can make a good army as much as the others, but if you like to change it from one game to another their options are less flexible, imho. So I'm really interested in understanding how these neutral units perform. Not only if they are god, but also if they are too good (I have a fear that razorwings could be slightly OP) : I would't like to solve one problem by making a bigger one.
  9. Well, I guess everyone has his own reasons for that. For some people is the money, for me it's more like the idea of buying the same product twice that i find particulary difficult to manage. I will probably buy every expansion that will come, but never ever a single one twice. I would have gladly paid more for a 4 player core, but I won't buy two of them, 'cause it feels wrong to me, too much unwanted duplicate stuff. I get it's only my psychosis, probably, but it's Arkham Horror so I'm entitled to some psychosis by default, I would say. However, my position is peculiar: I use LCGs as boardgames, for example we play WH:I with only my decks and works like a charm, having enough expansions to keep a deck of every faction (including neutrals) built and ready to go. I coluldn't care less for organized play, so as long as my decks are balanced between them "viability" and "strenght" are concepts that do not apply to my games. That said, with only 1 base and 1 Dunwitch (no pack yet, i've ordered them but they're still not in my hands) I was able to build 3 decks without headaches, though I don't know If competitive players would be satisfied by them, but they worked for us and we were able to get through the first scenario without problems. One last note: as I said I wouldn't ever buy a second core, but I could consider a small pack with ONLY investigator cards, if it ever came out.
  10. Tibs said: Not specifically, but I'm saying that if your incantation causes a gate to close across town, why are you collecting it as a trophy? In any case, to make it simple for us to employ, it has to say "you" close the gate. I can see your point, I suppose it's a matter of taste after all. I could argue that the card text says "[...] If you pass, close 1 open gate (it cannot be sealed) anywhere in Arkham (whether or not you've explored it), lose 1 Sanity, and discard De Vermiis Mysteriis". That "you" seems implied to me but it's really open to any interpretation, and see how olther players see the rules is always interesting. However, that's how I play this kind of situation: an event generated by the direct use of an item, spell or ability by one of the investigators is treated as directly made by the investigator himself, unless differently specificated. Events generated by encounters ar not, of course unless differently specificated. In this particular case, that "it cannot be sealed" seems quite reduntant if the gate is not closed by the investigator.
  11. Tibs said: Here's the way I do it: A closing gate is a closing gate: all corresponding monsters are returned to the cup. If it says you close the gate, then you get the trophy. Otherwise you do not. Closing the gate may not have been deliberate: you could have accidentally caused the gate to close. You're allowed to seal it if you had to do a Fight or Lore gate-closing check. (The Elder Sign is a substitute for actually doing the check, not a free pass to seal any closing gate.) The rationale is that you have to take time to gouge the elder sign. If you closed the gate by accident (see 2) then you don't get the chance to lay a seal. So, in the cited example, you get the trophy but wouldn't be allowed to seal. With De Vermis Mysteriis, you do not get the trophy (you did not close the gate: the incantation did), and you can't seal it (the check was for reading the tome; it was not a typical gate closing check. You may use use an elder sign during a normal gate closing: you would have made a check, but the Elder Sign prevented you from having to do so. That's how I play it, too. But I beg to differ about the De Vermis Mysteriis, I don't see any reason to consider the gate closed by the incantation end not by the player. You cast the spell, so you close the gate, as with an elder sign. Why do you think it's different?
  12. I don't have the card to check right now, but I'd say from the reserve. Some investigators would die automatically otherwise, since their max stamina value is 3.
  13. I considered that, and maybe that's the path I'll take eventually. But to be honest it's a very permanent solution, and I was searching for something less... final.
  14. Speaking of sleeves... Any idea for Investigators/AOO Sheets? FFG doesn't provide anything for their protection, and looking around on the internet I found nothing. I don't like the idea of using them "naked". Expecialy if the players have bad habits , like keeping a mug of beer soooo close to the sheets...
  15. Dam said: Start her at an unstable location and see a Mythos card open a Devouring Gate at that location ! No risk, no glory
  16. Thanks to everyone for the quick answers! However, starting with a charachter already able to seal a portal it's a huge help. But maybe the expansion is hard enought to justify such help, I guess.
  17. According to her charachter sheet Ursula begins in a location chosed by the player. Let's say that the player choose Independence Square. Ursula starts with fur Clues, and since she is placed on the board before the resolution of the first Mythos Card, I'd say that she can pick up the Clue in her location even if the Mithos card opens a gate right there. If that's correct, she starts entering a portal with five Clue tokens. A bit overpowered, isn't it? Maybe my interpretation is wrong?
  18. Steve-O said: You can shoot (or use magic) at an adjacent enemy with no penalties. The attack will miss if you roll an X or if you somehow manage to roll 0 range (which is highly unlikely, if not impossible.) I'd say unlikely, but with a bad weapon should be possible, I think. I was wandering: the mechanics are indeed ientical for both ranged and magical attack, so is there a real difference between the two kind of attacks?. Ok, they use different weapons, but is it all there? That doesn't seem much of a difference to me.
  19. Julia said: Fingolfin80 said: Thank you for the info! In the meanwhile I've found an Italian version, but since I have the English game this one is much better, I hate having half a game in a languge and half in another. You're welcome :-) I did find the italian version too, but for your very same reason I bought the English version via amazon :-) Not to mention that, in most of the cases, translations simply suck. I have the italian version of Fury of Dracula, and I'm seriously thinking about buying the English version of the game. I've never played the italian version of Doom, but if it's translated like Descent I'm happy with my English game ...
  20. JCHendee said: What about limiting the draw according to experience counters? Not sure about the count, but say at least three counters before drawing from anything the but the lost cost deck. Perhaps 6 counters before going up one more deck category beyond that. Just a notion. Well, I think that money is the better a limiter when it comes to marketplace. To have eight coins or so means to have won four or five green chellenges at least, but likely more 'cause if you get injured you have to spend money to heal. With that amount of experience it's natural for me to start with yellow challenges after have bought one good item/ally or two middle-low items/ally. If I can financially afford the aquire then it's not a gamebreak, in my opinion. The problem is if a challenge gives me an object for free, than I can have a strong free object AND one good item/ally or two middle-low items/ally. This house rule avoids this scenario, wich is great, but I think that the market should be left free, as TheKingOfBlades said.
  21. This variant sounds great! I'm positive that it fixes ugly situations: if heroes can get powerful items too early the game becomes unbalanced and less funny. My doubts are about markets. How so you decide wich deck to use in a city? A high level hero could be interested also in low cost cards, too. After all, cheap allies are always a goof meal for dreagons...
  22. The_Warlock said: Fingolfin80 said: I used some Adventure Variant expansion before, but I've never combined them with other card expansions. In Crown of the Elder Kings and The Scepter of Kyros the manual says that everytime an event from the base deck is drawn it must be replaced by a card from the expansion deck. If I combine one of those Adventure Variants with other cards expansions (i.e. The Dark Forest), how should I treat the events from these expansion? Do I have to resolve them normally or they must to be replaced like the others? They shall be replaced like the others. Events usually carry on the general plot, so if you use an Adventure Variant it eliminates unfitting happenings and allows you to introduce new cards and carry on the expansion storyline/challenge plan. Thank you The_Warlock! This weekend I've played with the Scepter of Kyros and The Dark Forest, using them as you suggested. Maybe we were wrong, but the referesh of the adventure tokens was difficult, and we had to house rule it making a referesh for every event, not only for those with the sun icon because at a certain point became impossible to go on. I have to specify that we were more than usual, we usually are four players and this time we were six, so adventure tokens ran out more quickly. Another observation: six players really slow down the game, I would suggest a four or five playres game at most.
  23. Julia said: In case some of you are still searching for a copy of the expansion... amazon.de still has a copy of it (english edition) http://www.amazon.de/Fantasy-Flight-Games-VA29-Expansion/dp/158994237X/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=toys&qid=1289171847&sr=8-4 (well they had 2, I bought the other one last week :-P) Thank you for the info! In the meanwhile I've found an Italian version, but since I have the English game this one is much better, I hate having half a game in a languge and half in another.
  24. I used some Adventure Variant expansion before, but I've never combined them with other card expansions. In Crown of the Elder Kings and The Scepter of Kyros the manual says that everytime an event from the base deck is drawn it must be replaced by a card from the expansion deck. If I combine one of those Adventure Variants with other cards expansions (i.e. The Dark Forest), how should I treat the events from these expansion? Do I have to resolve them normally or they must to be replaced like the others?
  25. shadow? said: what is line of fate? And the question is if i could only get one: runebound expansion, talisman or arkham horror which one? Also how long is a game of Arkham horror? My fault, i meant Doom Track. My version of the game isn't the english one, sometimes I use terms that are re-translations of translated terms and this cause confusion, I apologize. So forget "line of fate", it's Doom Track I was talking about. In my experience an Arkham Horror game requires between 2,5 and 3,5 hours. Of course, experienced players can be faster than that, this is the duration of my games. What you should buy? Well It depends by you and what your searching for. You are tired of Runebound and you want more variety in your Runebound games? Buy the expansions. You want a completely different fantsy game? Buy Talisman. I'ts time for a cooperative game with an horror mood? Buy Arkham Horror. All the options are valid, these are three great games indeed. No one can tell you the best option for you, it's just.... personal.
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