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  1. I checked the main page of Civilization the Board Game, and I checked the entire page, but I didn't see the expansion pack. I'm just asking, should they create an expansion pack. Please write down what you think. Thank you for reading, and commenting!
  2. Well, I was thinking about the 2nd expansion pack everyone is talking about. I was thinking about having Sabaoth, Guardian of Hell, Seekers, The new enemies from Doom 3 ROE, New marines, Z Sec zombies, regular zombies, and Sgt. Kelly. Please write down what characters you want for the 2nd expansion pack!
  3. Well, we don't know for sure, but, I hope they do. I hope this time, this expansion will have: Sabaoth (Sgt. Kelly/ Animal/ Tank) Guardian of Hell, New Marines, and Sgt. Kelly. MAN, THEY NEED TO RELEASE THE 2ND EXPANSION PACK NOW!
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