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  1. Because I was not aware of it. Now I am. Thank you kindly.
  2. It seems odd that there is no way, for example to run a Lannister/Baratheon treaty deck. Is this something they just haven't gotten around to yet, or is there a rules reason they don't want to allow this?
  3. Who is allowed to kneel influence to move it to another character? The player whose character it is attached to? The player who originally played it? Anyone at the table? And do you have to attach it to another character you control, or can you attach it to any character on the table?
  4. I'm also fairly new, but one thing did stand out. Stark army deck with no War Host of the North (Core)? That seems odd... any particular reason you didn't include it?
  5. I'm not like that at all. I tend to build a deck and keep it for sometimes years, evolving it along the way as I get new cards and spot weaknesses.
  6. widowmaker93 said: Maybe that's where a Lost Ranger would be useful! I had planned on my Stewards being the main fodder for that (considering they're mostly in there for their entering play effect and become somewhat useless afterward, unless they happen to be paired with a LoW Eddard or somesuch), but Lost Ranger would fill the same role just as well. widowmaker93 said: If you take my advice and add in the Guard at Riverrun, Blackfish, and heck maybe even a couple other House Tully characters it might make your opponent think twice about not attacking you. Yeah, when you suggested throwing in some Tully action I thought about that as well. There are actually quite a few good Tully cards I initially set completely out of consideration when I started building this deck (for nothing more than thematic reasons) that you've got me reconsidering now. If I get to the point that I'm actually buying multiples of certain expansions, I may even build a Tully-focused siege deck at some point.
  7. Wow, what an awful deck. You fail at life. /IKnowHimInRealLifeAndI'mJustJoking
  8. widowmaker93 said: Especially since you only have a total of 5 army characters in the deck It might seem like a waste. But definitely try it out and see how it goes for you. I could be mistaken. That's actually why I have two Yoren's Task in the deck- no matter what NW character I draw I can swap it out pretty easily for a Defenders of the North. If I drop any location, I'd personally be more inclined to drop Frozen Moat or one of the Godswoods. I purposely skirted around a lot of cards that only affect Stark characters since a majority (or around half after modifications) is Night's Watch and not Stark. This deck is also fairly rich in plot gold and gold-generating locations, and my characters for the most part are pretty cheap (slapping a Defenders down with The Wall doesn't cost anything), so I figure investing in a two gold location isn't going to break my treasury. That and DotN Jon can give Night's Watch characters an army crest. So yeah, that's my reasoning with that one. Thanks, by the way, for all of the feedback on my decks so far. I really appreciate it!
  9. I was looking at the Direwolf decklist that comes with LoW when I built this, which itself only has 22 characters. Still, I can see where 20 would be low in this kind of deck, so I'll incorporate some of these suggestions. I don't want to get rid of both Training grounds because I really like that card and think it would pair extremely well with Defenders of the North. Catelyn and Arya also seem slightly superfluous since all of my NW characters have Intrigue, but Robb and Eddard would definitely go well with this deck, and Qhorin was one I was heavily considering as well. As far as card count goes, I don't mind keeping it at 65. It's not strictly efficient, but in every LCG or CCG I've ever played I usually make a point to go a little over the minimum just to be different. I also looked at the possibility of sticking Bran [LoW] in there since he can almost pay off my agendas in one shot. What would you think of that idea?
  10. It says that he can give any character the Night's Watch trait, but it doesn't specify any character in play. Would it be legal for me to use this ability on a character in my hand in order to benefit from an effect like The Wall?
  11. This is my second constructed deck. At this point I own Core, Lords of Winter, and the entire Defenders of the North cycle, so if there's anything in those products I should be using but am not, let me know. House: Stark Agendas: The Rangers, The Builders, The Stewards Plot: At the Wall Siege of Riverrun Building Season The Power of Arms The Minstrel's Muse Storm of Swords Take Them by Surprise (25 Gold Total) Characters (20): Jon Snow [1 Core, 1 DotN] Ghost [1 Core, 1 DotN] Benjen Stark [1 Core, 1 DotN] Stonesnake [DotN] Old Bear Mormont [DotN] Defenders of the North [3 DotN] Host of the Bear [2 LoW] Ranger of the Watch [3 DotN] Steward of the Watch [3 DotN] Coldhands [DotN] Locations (22): The Wall [DotN] The Shadow Tower [DotN] Castle Black [DotN] Frozen Moat [DotN] Great Keep [3 LoW] Lord Eddard's Chambers [3 LoW] Narrow Sea [3 LoW] Street of Steel [LoW] Training Grounds [2 LoW] Borderland Keep [DotN] Frozen Outpost [3 LoW] Godswood [2 LoW] Attachments (7): Winter Cache [3 DotN] Frozen Solid [3 LoW] Longclaw [DotN] Events (16): Distinct Mastery [Core] Distraction [Core] The Price of War [2 KotSea] The Sword in the Darkness [2 DotN] Yoren's Task [2 DotN] They Shall Not Cross [LoW] Routing the Charge [2 LoW] Die by the Sword [2 LoW] Winter is Coming [Core] Guilty! [Core] Feigned Retreat [DotN] Total Deck Size Excluding Plot/Agenda: 65
  12. I'm not sure I'd say that it's better, it just seems to be easier to figure out how to use it. We've never had anyone win with the Lannister deck, and I think the reason for that is that it takes a lot more planning ahead and strategizing. Stark is the easiest deck to win with when you don't know what you're doing.
  13. Anyone else in the KC metro or Lawrence, KS area interested in playing? Got a fluctuating group of 4-5 spread out between the two. We tend to meet at JCCC or Tabletop Game and Hobby on 110th and Metcalf in Olathe. Most of us also live in or can drive to Lawrence on a regular basis.
  14. Alando said: You can use him to blank your own agenda too (both of them if you have a Wildling Mead on him) to remove the 2 extra power requirement to win. Having all 3 icons is useful too. Ahaa..... thanks a lot. I'm seeing a pattern with this LCG where cards that I didn't think were that great turn out to be useful if you use them on yourself.
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