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  1. They are all equally beautiful, mysterious, magical butterflies! That being said, Y-Wing 4 lyfe! 😎 As for an argument starter: The Last Jedi is, by far, the worst Star Wars film of all time. 🤣 😅
  2. Just my two cents, not wanting to start a whole "TLJ was great/terrible" argument here. It seems that as a Jedi master, Luke would be able to suppress temptation/excessive emotions to a much higher degree. Ultimately though, there is a difference between being angry or fearful and murdering your sleeping nephew. He resisted all those things, even resisting the opportunity to kill the emperor (!), and never loses hope in saving his father (one of the most murderous, sadistic, and dangerous beings in the galaxy). But then he becomes a sad sack and abandons the entire *idea* of the Jedi because his nephew is being sorely tempted by the dark side. Just doesn't follow for me.
  3. A happy weekend to everyone! I would like to see a new Clone Wars set, but others may disagree. Also, a Star Wars film from an imperial perspective would be awesome (thread closed due to asinine political divergence before I could respond)!!!
  4. Rebels is certainly worth watching for any Star Wars fan, no matter what age. But if you are pro-Imperial and tend to over-analyze a story about space wizards, prepare yourself for a host of incredibly silly ways for the Rebels to destroy ISDs.
  5. Agreed about 85% with this review. Although I must admit, being a hardcore nerd, it would be impossible to satisfy 100%! 7/10
  6. Hello everyone, please find my very brief list below (for trade only): Want: Extra Stands (small, medium, large) Have: Multiple custom ships Multiple Tokens Multiple Cards Feel free to message me for more details.
  7. I for one, Vykes, think that Firespray is fantastic. Sometimes less is more. I prefer to paint mine more subtly/understated. But then again, I'm a realism guy (usually ). Keep up the good work!
  8. Well done! How did you accomplish those blast markings?
  9. Hey jasonkc25, great work! You inspired me to try this on one of my own VSDs and it worked really well...until I flipped the "on" switch and nothing happened. I'm not ashamed to say I followed your example step-by-step, but since I'm a noob I messed it up somehow. Any pointers or solutions to common mistakes? Thanks in advance.
  10. Although Grandmikus is correct as to the (im)balance issues of the core scenarios, one thing I have found with all these games is that they are nothing if not greatly customizable, especially as far as scenarios go. Ultimately, Tide of Iron is slightly more complex and both are fantastic games. Hope that helps.
  11. I've played several campaign type games over the years, but primarily games workshop- or birthright-based systems. It would probably be more complicated to convert battlelore into a "grand strategy" type campaign, but I'm sure some of you folks who are smarter and more creative than myself would have no problem solving that issue.
  12. I never was a huge fan of the way leaders were used in BL, a little too generic. However, I very much enjoyed the board being split into three sections - waiting for the right cards to come up always added a bit of suspense to the game!
  13. Having worked extensively with both types of glue, I can say the plastic glue certainly smells better while the super glue really only makes my head hurt! Just in case someone tries to sue me, I must say that any 'high' gained was merely coincidental and/or natural because I love putting together miniatures. And to actually add to the conversation, thank you for confirming the plastic glue works, as I have only used super glue on my BoW minis (which also works quite well).
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