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  1. Teetoo

    Newspaper Reports

    It refurs to the left most from the hunters perspective and the right most from Dracula's perspectiive.
  2. Teetoo

    Combat roll

    Thanks for the info and posting it
  3. Teetoo

    Escape Route

    If a hunter plays Escape Route to escape a Minion in the same location as Dracula can they then battle Dracula after escaping the Minion? And does the Minion stay on the location? Thanks
  4. Teetoo

    Starting your turn on Dracula's location

    Thank you Julia. I love this game, very unique. I can't wait to try Letters from Whitechapel.
  5. Teetoo

    Starting your turn on Dracula's location

    Since the move phase comes before the action phase does that mean the hunter can move away if they start their turn on a location with the Count? Also if the Count starts his turn on a location with a hunter can he move away?
  6. In essance if you have the kit and the rules from 2.0 cant you just adapt the 1.0 dungeon maps and scenarios
  7. If you have the conversion kit, can you play the 1st edition with the 2nd edition rules? I'm fairly new to the Descent games but I have some of 1st edtion and 2nd edition.
  8. Teetoo

    Money Trail

    I think the card's name is Money Trail. It reveals all of the sea zones in Dracula's trail. My question is will it reveal Dracula's currant location if he is on the sea?
  9. Teetoo

    Preview Parties

    Thank you Coldmoonrising
  10. Teetoo

    Preview Parties

    Are there supposed to be promo figures at these events for sale or to win?
  11. Teetoo

    On the fence about Age of Conan

    Cardhaus.com has it for an amazing price of $19.88 for those interested! Hard to go wrong at that price. http://www.cardhaus.com/clearance_boardgames )
  12. For those still interested, finally a responce from FF on this: "Yes, the effects are cumulative. While both cards are in effect, each peasant will raise the resistance of the corresponding region by two. Unless stated otherwise, game effects are cumulative. For example, if Nurgle placed two Plague Touch Chaos Cards in the same region, each enemy figure would have their defense value reduced by two points (still to a minimum of one). I hope this has answered your question. Happy gaming! Christopher Hosch Managing Game Producer Fantasy Flight Games" )
  13. Teetoo

    is it worth the price?

    Myself and everyone in my game group think the base game is very balanced. We love it and is one of our favorite games to play. The expansion just adds to it.
  14. Teetoo

    Close Encounters of the Dud Kind (Questions)

    Hugesinker said: Tiz said: ... if they would have plagued me then I wouldn't have any encounter cards during my turn. I wouldn't be able to draw any because the starting phase already happened, so would my turn be over? But what about if the Philanthropist could give me an encounter card later? That wouldn't happen until the alliance phase. So... does my turn end immediately or can I keep playing because I would be receiving an encounter card before the planing phase anyway? My interpretation is that your turn would NOT be over immediately in this situation. You would still have an alliance phase which would give the Philanthropist the opportunity to turn your dud encounter into an actual encounter if they are involved. The rules say "If the offense runs out of cards later during his or her turn AND NEEDS TO PLAY ONE, the offense's turn ends immediately." The offense doesn't usually NEED TO PLAY an encounter card until the Planning phase. This is reenforced by the rules for the Planning phase (pg 9) wherein it says "The offense and defense Now each select an encounter card... and play it facedown... If the offense has no encounter cards in hand, his or her turn immediately ends." It never says that the offense must end their turn at any other phase. After reviewing the rule book I would agree with your interpretation.