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  1. Ha! Yeah, that makes sense. I didn’t even think about the normal format of the game. Thanks!!
  2. I tried to search for an answer, but couldn’t find it. the second line of the Enlightenment card says that “...if all five rings are in your claimed ring pool, you win the game”. Wouldn’t you have already won the game before the card was played? I can’t figure out how playing the card would get you from 4 rings to 5. What ring effect might do that? Thanks for any help you can offer. Jon
  3. New Orleans, LA area https://www.facebook.com/Go-4-Games-Legend-Of-The-Five-Rings-LCG-527368030937210/
  4. I’m setting the next phase of the adventure to feature the tyranids (my favorite from the tabletop). The story will involve them “bumping” into a few stray ships from a hive fleet and getting their ship infested. I’m going for a Dead Space vibe. So it should provide lots of opportunities for him to use his super blasty powers, but also fear the impending doom of a hidden lictor. It’ll also give me the opportunity to stalk the humans in the party with smaller tyranids, while the marine gets stalked by bigger predators. Plus, the Shadow in the Warp will help tone down the psychic powers for a bit. It should be exciting, everyone is looking forward to it. Again, Thanks all for your comments. Cheers, Jon
  5. Thanks Lynata, Yeah, the player is super-cool about us discussing the power and finding a solution. He wants to be a badass (I don't blame him), but he doesn't want to suck the fun out for the rest of the party. Or get them all killed by a parade of Bloodthirsters.
  6. Sirrunon, Lol, i like the idea of Tzeentch "paying him a visit" to encourage more diversity in his spell uasage. Ha! And yes, the BC book has the Lord of Change in it. NFK, Thanks for pointing those out. I'll share the details with him about not using them in the same turn and the rules on shocking quality. And yeah, everyone in the group (including him) wants him to have "cool powerz", but not be so powerful as to kill every villain in the blink of an eye. Thanks all!
  7. Thanks javcs, I like your solution. The temp solution we made on Saturday night was that the damage from boon would not be reduced by TB or armor... Since it's effectively warp brain damage. We'll test it out next week. I'll also be sure to push some hordes at him. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for checking in. I first assumed that it would ignore armor, but it specifically lists (Pen 4) and doesn't clearly say that it ignores armor. He has not hit perils yet. Of course he won't ever on boon (he does it fettered) and he's been lucky enough not to on Force Storm.
  9. Hi all, I’ve been experiencing some problems with a character build in my group; a Thousand Sons Sorcerer. I have looked over the forums here and haven’t found any posts that address this particular issue. I was wondering if any of you had this problem, or could offer some solutions. The player is open to adapting the character so as to not ruin the fun of the other players. His character has a Psy rating of 4, a Willpower of 72, the Boon of Tzeentch power, and the Force Storm power. Here’s what happens during most combats (first round): Half action 1 – cast Boon of Tzeentch fettered. With a Psy Rating of 4 (counts as 2), he rolls on a willpower of 82. He usually gets 4-6 degrees of success. Let’s say he gets 6. That gives him a temporary Psy Rating of 10 for the next power used. The damage caused to him by casting the Boon is 1d5+10, Pen 4 (average 13). Well, he has power armor (10) and TB 8; so that’s no damage. Thus, no drawback to casting Boon. Half action 2 – cast Force Storm unfettered with a temp Psy rating of 10. He rolls on a Willpower of 122. Let’s say he gets a 45. That’s 8 degrees of success; producing 8 shots of 1d10+30 each. Average damage of 35 each. Even for an adversary with 10 armor and 10 toughness bonus, that’s 120 damage to the body in the first round of combat. Ugh. The rest of the party are humans; so I don’t want to just throw Bloodthirsters at them. It’s fine when I run non-combat encounters/puzzles, but any combat is over in about 1 round… Any thoughts or suggestions? Are we doing something wrong? Thanks! -Jon
  10. Thanks for all the info so far. It does seem that most agree that it's (weapon damage) + (all successes). I definitely see that, but yeah, it just caught us by surprise as being slightly non-intuitive. That's any easy fix! As far as the shock gloves go, is it agreed that it's (Brawn) + (3 strain)? Thanks so much, Jon
  11. Hi, I just ran my first session this weekend and it went great! But two rules questions did pop up. We couldn't find easy answers, so I thought I'd ask the community. 1) Damage from a weapon. Imagine a player rolls an attack. He is using a weapon with a damage rating of 5. If he scores 1 success and 0 failures, does his weapon do 5 damage or 6? Does it take 1 success to make the weapon do damage, then additional ones add more damage? or does the first success do both activate the weapon damage and add to it? Can a weapon ever do it's base damage? 2) Stun weapon, unarmed damage When using shock gloves (Stun 3), is the damage calculated at Brawn+3 (converted to strain) or just 3 Strain (no Brawn)? Thanks so much for any advice you can offer. -Jon
  12. I ran it this past weekend and the players really liked it. It's nicely divided into three parts, making it easy to break into several sessions if you want. Part 1 is mostly Social/negotiation Part 2 is mostly action/combat Part 3 is mostly adventure/investigation There are some twists too. Two villains (one is obvious and one is secretive). Overall, we liked it. Our party was a Duros smuggler, a trandoshan bounty hunter, and a human rebel commando. Our twi'lek jedi exile was absent. But with those three, they made it through fine!
  13. I spoke with the player and I think we'll give the following a try. This will just be for minions. Rivals or a nemesis will take more work. 1) Stealth check. If it's successful, he has moved into takedown position. Any advantage gained on this roll will translate into boost dice on the takedown roll (next). 2) Brawl check: This is the takedown action, possibly boosted by the stealth advantages. Success means that the target is unconsious. Advantage can be used to be able to stash the body somewhere quickly. That doesn't seem too complex and gives a few opportinuties for interesting "problems" to occur. Failed stealth check? guard sees you Threat on a successful stealth check? you made noise and another guard is heading your way to investigate Failed brawl check? the guard is struggling to escape and the action converts to a combat Threat on successful brawl? the guard goes down, but hits the floor hard and another guard probably heard... Thanks all for your wonderful thoughts and discussion! I can't wait to try this in a session. -Jon
  14. Awesome! Thanks. I'll probably use "auto takedown" for minions, then maybe my version of the combat (advantages) for a rival. He'll have to do more than just squeeze to take out a Nemesis! I like the idea of a successful stealth check to aid in the process. I'll use that too. But yeah, his plan was to eliminate guards and such on the way to somewhere more important. Thanks again so much. If anyone else has more idea, please feel free to share! -Jon
  15. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm new to the system and I'm going to start running a game soon. One of my players wants to be a stealthy, "black ops" rebel commando (think Solid Snake). One of the things he would like to be able to do is to sneak up behind someone (like a guard) and either knock them out or put them in a sleeper hold unitl they pass out. Are there existing mechanics to support this? All I can initially find is do to nonlethal, unarmed damage until the target's strain threshold is met. But looking at the dice, it looks like this may take a few rounds to complete. Does it seem reasonable to use advantage pips to keep the guard from just screaming out or moving away and shooting? Consider him grappled, then let the player roll an attack each turn until he scores enough successes to meet the strain threshold. Any other thoughts? Am I missing an existing mechanic? Thanks so much for any help you can offer, Jon
  16. So, our group was looking over some of the weaponry for a terminator and one of my players came to this conclusion... A storm bolter is a better weapon (more shots and more damage) than an assault cannon. Now, please keep in mind that he has never played any other 40k game at all (either RPG or tabletop). To the opposite extreme, I have played 40k tabletop since 1992 and have played DH and RT. His comment made me wince. I asked him to explain. Here is his math (I don't have my book on me right now so a few of my numbers may be slightly off, but not by much): Example BS = 50 (+20 for full auto) Assault cannon can only fire on full auto, so let's compare that. Assault cannon full auto = 10 shots. Each hit does 3d10+6 damage (averaged to 22.5 excluding Righteous Fury) Storm Bolter full auto = 4 shots + Storm trait. Each hit does 2d10+5 damage (averaged to 16 excluding Righteous Fury) So, with an attack roll of 69 (success, with no degrees of success)...Assault Cannon does 22.5 and the Storm Bolter does 32 (because of two hits from the storm) Attack roll of 40...Assault Cannon does 67.5 damage and the Storm Bolter does 96. Attack roll of 30...Assault Cannon does 90 and the Storm Bolter does 128 (its maximum fire rate) Attack roll of 20...Assault Cannon does 112.5 and the Storm Bolter still does 128. Attack roll of 10...Assault Cannon does 135 and the Storm Bolter still does 128. So, the assault cannon becomes advantageous at an attack roll of 10 or less. Is there something I'm missing? Knowing that tabletop game, the assault cannon has twice the firing rate of the storm bolter. It seems that an easy fix would be to give the assault cannon the "storm" trait. The storm trait does describe multiple barrles shooting and the assault cannon is six spinning barrels. Anyone have any ideas or comments?
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