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  1. Daleks are not robots, there are fully sentient, hateful, little creatures piloting them.
  2. Not a child? It seems fairly childish to come here and complain that grown ups won't let you swear. If you don't like it feel free to host your own public forum and remove any and all filters. I notice a 2 has been added to the end of your screen name, did the last one get banned due to a certain thread?
  3. Don't tend to what, keep their own fleets? I'd disagree with that, even if they don't police a particular sector they still have huge reserves of ships. The Ark Mechanicus listed in Hostile Acquisitions is cruiser sized, far smaller than a battleship but still impressive. There's a distinction between having ships and having a formal fleet. The Mechanicus have a variety of voidships that exist for a variety of purposes. They don't necessarily have a formal fleet equivalent to a subsector Navy; that will vary based on the needs and... imperatives (desires is the wrong word for Tech-Priests) of the local Mechanicus at any given moment. Exploratory missions - whether performed by individual vessels or massed flotillas - are an ancient and proud Adeptus Mechanicus tradition, predating the Imperium and a vital element of the Quest for Knowledge. The Mechanicus are decidedly informal and inconsistent about a lot of things, with huge amounts of variation between the forces and resources of different ruling Magi. Ah, so they have vast amount of resources and ships at their disposal but don't have a formal standing armada. I'd imagine they keep large numbers of ships in dry/spacedock, being dismantled and reassembled, out doing AdMechy things and standing ready to do whatever they happen to need of them.
  4. Don't tend to what, keep their own fleets? I'd disagree with that, even if they don't police a particular sector they still have huge reserves of ships. The Ark Mechanicus listed in Hostile Acquisitions is cruiser sized, far smaller than a battleship but still impressive.
  5. I don't allow reconstructive surgery, but I don't see what's to stop a Navigator from say, cutting off their hands if they get bony talons, or having all their teeth pulled if they get a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, or having their face cut off and replaced with a mask of metal, etc. Social penalties would apply. Would you consider the social penalties worse, less than or equal to any accrued from the aforementioned mutations? When you say you don't allow reconstructive surgery do you mean you'd ban bionics to replace the amputated appendages or just wouldn't allow "plastic" surgery?
  6. I found a couple unique Inquisitor ships in there as well, I'll probably steal them and use them as "unique" AdMech designs. Maybe I'll even drop some hints as to where the STC for their plans are, it'd make for some interesting exploring of ancient abandoned ship yards.
  7. The Secutor, that's the one I was thinking of. I must have missed the Lathe, I'll have to check again tonight and I'll leaf through Hostile Acquisitions as well. I guess the AdMech could just take any old ship, like the Dauntless, and Magos it up a bit.
  8. Besides the Goliath and the light cruiser, the name escapes me at the moment, have there been any additional Mechanicus ships printed for Rogue Trader? I have an AdMech heavy game coming up and I’d like to sprinkle some of their ships throughout as salvage and prizes.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love the standard Navigator in all their hideous glory. It was the first class I ever played when we picked up the game and, if I remember correctly, I wound up with Pale & Hairless Flesh, Strangely Jointed Limbs and Eyes As Dark As The Void. I wound up taking point with the Kroot a lot as I had decent mobility, could se in the dark and started taking The Course Untraveled. A good amount of their mutations are awesome and, depending on the charater concept, far too good to give up. However, some, like bloated and elongated form, would probably leave a person in agony for the remainder of their life. Now some Navigators would likely see the daily pain endured as a badge of honor and suffer it proudly however there are likely many who would seek relief.
  10. I would assume Navigator houses have their own Genetors, someone has to know enough about genetics and their specific physiology to act as a medical professional to families. Their basic internal makeup probably isn't that much different from a normal human's however I'm betting you would be hard pressed to find a doctor willing to birth a child that might melt his soul when it pops out or one who isn't too superstitious to work on something "tainted" by the warp. It'd be a lot of fun to play a vain Navigator who took the Augmenticist alternate career because they didn't want to lose their looks when the mutations set in. Physical Perfection would be taken only after major deformative mutations to represent getting the offending flesh cut away and replaced with pure, beautiful, gleaming machine.
  11. Many of the Navigator mutations are purely cosmetic or only have drawbacks due to physical deformities. Are there any rules preventing a Navigator from simply having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery performed by the ship’s Genetor? Alternatively, how would physical mutations work if a Navigator took the Augmenticist alternate career?
  12. I, like most if not all members here, have zero experience with an Eldar, Dark or otherwise, in the party. I'd assume they'd be no more difficult to include in an adventuring party than any other Xenos species and whatever substantial bonuses they get should be more than compensated for by the extra derring-do performed by the player because of said bonuses. +1
  13. Did any serious math go into determining the number of Remora ships contained within the Princely Prosperity or was this just a fitting number off the top of your head? As any good Rogue Trader crew should.
  14. What's a Q-ship? Based solely on the coversation up to this point I'm assuming it's a large ship that docks or houses smaller ships for repair/refit and deploy. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q-ship In short: a merchant ship that has replaced its storage space with weapons and armor, typically for drawing in small, unexpecting hunters. They're a lot of fun too, and a surprise all their own. I'd thought they were in the main book, or in BFK, but I'm probably mistaken. Neat, this is an awesome idea! You could probably sacrifice more than the Geller Field and Warp Drive as the Cobra could rely on the Auger Array of the Universe Class Mass Conveyor to relay pertinent information during combat. The crew of the Universe could double as the crew of the Cobra, after all the Universe doesn't need to operate at peak efficiency during an encounter and can shunt crew to the Cobra right before launch.
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