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  1. Hear, hear! That is really good news. I'm glad to see this setting being supported again. But d&d 3.5 not 4? Or better an own rules set! Yes, this would suit it best!
  2. I'd like to see more more head hunter and smuggler ships. Most of them have been mentioned already. This also could make up a new (neutral or credits) faction And on top more scenarios!
  3. For all of you who haven't noticed yet: Finally the Quest Log has been updated!
  4. Rackzul said: Really impressive work here. I wish I had the talent to do such a great job on my own. I don't forsee them ever being anything other than grey…lol. Same with me I wish I could paint that well
  5. Feqz


    I'd like to join the real expansion and no PoD faction! Any guesses what they will bring up for the Arkham Nights event?
  6. As I don't know the FFG definition for Q1 etc. your argument could be right. On the other hand it is for the unlearned reader (us) so I'd guess Q1 should mean somewhat between january and march. But that is not an uncommon thing in the gaming industry. Publishers tend to scedule their products early. Most of the time this will not be the real release date. Sad but true. Another thing is a question concerning a game rule. I can understand you that you'd like to have an quick answer in the forums but may be this is not the best sollution concerning all players (some might miss it and in the end you get a confused player base). I personally tend to like quick updated FAQ and errata. While a quick answer sometimes in the forum would really be much appreceated I've come to see the FFG-forum a place to look for help from other gamers. Having said this much of my opinion I do undersand you and yes at the moment reactions tend to be slow. I also guess that's due to the work which came with the actual conventions and fairs. AND I HOPE THIS WILL GET BETTER SOON FFG PLEASE UPDATE THE LOTR QUEST LOG!!!
  7. For someone who has missed the start of the lcg or didn't want to play an lcg it looks promising. The big drawback from my point of view is that you can't upgrade to the lcg. So is it only a product for beginners and fans of the series?
  8. I can fully understand your wish for a (beta) pdf version although I appreciate paper. Pdf has much more handling/review capablities. I don't know why it wasn't done (enough raesons were mentioned). At the moment I don't have access to a copy . Is it worth the price for a beta-book?
  9. Thanks a lot for your great work! Just stumbled over it by accident and skipping through it - it's an amazing work. A lot to read about the Asur (especially for newbies to warhammer) who have been so neglected till now. Thanks again.
  10. I don't know if it is such a big help but in Germany you can order them via special retailers who are connected with the importer/local ffg partner. Maybe there's something similar in the UK.
  11. Thank you very much for the question and your decent answers! That's what I was wondering about too. For me, there is one question left: Which game has more interaction between players? If I understand you correct it seems that Thunderstone is in a way compareable to Dominion (which in my humble opinion has few to no interaction with other players) - can anybody help me with this?
  12. Skowza said: btw, when scoring a multi-player game, are you supposed to list the "final group score" for your score, or just add your heroes damage and your threat level to the rounds and subtract victory points It's the final group score (add everything together minus vp). This thread is a deja vu - but a good one. Feel free to add me
  13. @ieptokurt: at Karstadt you might face problems. I wouldn't expect them to offer card sleeves for games like LotR. If they do it'd mostly be poor quality. First address should be your friendly local gaming store. If you lack one, look for gaming stores who sell via the internet. There are quite a few in Germany. Feel free to PM me if you have questions on german online stores or sleeve types (bei Fragen einfach eine kurze PM an mich)
  14. I've mixed feelings about it; tending not to like it. While it's a big improvement to count each round with a score of 10 this just fixes endless games completly and forces you to rush (which is a good intention but I thought the one point threat per round should deal with - we've seen that this doesn't work). In the end it's no real improvement. The different spheres are not accounted for in the system. In the end it might be irrepairable... I'm coming closer to think of a completely new system and as threat is the field for spirit, rounds might/should be the first indicator of a good game. But just first thoughts...
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