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    Maese Mateo reacted to WHW in I really hate this %&$·"&%   
    I...I would be scared to play with people who do that sort of things. 
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    Maese Mateo reacted to FFG Max Brooke in Open Beta Schedule and Testing Plan (10/12/2017)   
    Greetings, L5R Open Beta testers!
    First of all, the design team would like to express its gratitude and awe at the volume of response we’ve gotten so far. From posts on these and other forums to direct emails, we’ve been really impressed with how enthusiastic people are about Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying!
    Overview of the Beta
    We want to give people time to digest the content before we make any big changes—so keep those test reports coming in! In lieu of a large content update this first week, we’ll instead take the opportunity to explain some of the things we want to accomplish with this Open Beta, how you can help to guide its course, and the general shape of things to come in the Beta process.
    Update Format
    The Beta will run into the New Year (with a few unscheduled weeks around the December holidays because we assume people will be busy). Usually, updates will be sent out via the mailing list on Wednesdays, and then posted to the forum Thursday mornings. Additionally, the mailing list update will include insights like designer diaries, internal testing anecdotes, and other glimpses behind the scenes of Legends of the Five Rings roleplaying!
    Focal Issues
    From the third week forward, each week will have one or two focal topics, which we’d like to center the discussion around. Of course, feel free to bring up other issues, but we’ll be making a stickied thread for these topics each week. 
    We will also include a survey every odd-numbered week to help compile your feedback on key issues we’re examining. Sometimes, these surveys will also contain questions that relate to the next week’s focal issues!
    L5R has always been very community-driven, and we want to keep you involved! In addition to using the surveys to gather feedback on the parts of the game that are already present, some weeks, we’ll be using them to get your input on one or two specific elements you want to see in the Open Beta.
    These previews may include content such as families, schools, and weapons not in the Beta! Each time we include one of these questions about preview content, the top-voted response will be added to the Beta as a sneak preview of content that will be in the final game!
    Open Beta Timeline
    Week 1 (Oct 2nd) Launch
    The Open Beta is released. You’ve already started to give great feedback, so we’re off to a great start!
    Week 2 (Oct 9th) Reading Period
    Another week for people to keep absorbing the material in the Beta (plus this update about plans for the test). If you can, try to get the game on the table this week, or at least build characters, so that you can start to give feedback on the sorts of experiences that only occur in play.
    Week 3 (Oct 16th) Core Mechanics
    This week’s focal discussion will be on Chapter I: Playing the Game.
    Week 4 (Oct 23) Character Creation
    This week’s focal discussion will be on the 20 Questions and related parts of the book.
    Week 5 (Oct 30) Skills, Advantages, and Disadvantages
    This week, we’ll be focusing on Skill, Advantages, and Disadvantages.
    Week 6 (Nov 6) Conflicts Part 1
    This week will be focused on testing and discussing Intrigues and Duels.
    Week 7 (Nov 13) Conflicts Part 2
    This week will focus on testing and discussing Skirmishes and Mass Battles, as well as weapons, armor, and other equipment.
    Week 8 (Nov 20) School Abilities
    This week will home in on school abilities, and how they have functioned in actual play, along with school advancement tables.
    Week 9 (Nov 27) Techniques Part 1
    This week will focus on Kata, Shūji, and more secretive arts.
    Week 10 (Dec 4) Techniques Part 2
    This week will focus on Invocations, Kihō, Mahō, and Rituals.
    Week 11 (Dec 11) GM Guidance
    This week will focus on the GM’s chapter, with special consideration for the sort of guidance people want to see in the final book!
    Week 12 (Dec 18) NPCs
    This week will focus on NPCs, assessing the encounter rating system, and related issues.
    After this point, the winter holidays will be upon us, and we’ll take that time to evaluate the course of the Beta. After that, we’ll return with more information about the final issues to be researched and addressed in the Beta.
    Additional Notes
    Before we wrap up this update, there are a few issues that people have isolated that seem to be especially important to people. So that we don’t leave you completely in suspense, here’s a short, far-from-complete list of matters we’re currently reviewing based on your feedback so far:
    Certain nomenclature has been a sticking point for people, particularly “Outbursts.” We have some ideas we want to put in front of the community to see what people think, so prepare to discuss this soon! Stances are under close evaluation—please try them out on the table in their current form and report back, but also know that we have some potential adjustments in mind if needed. The Medicine skill has been noted to be missing some fairly core functionality! Good job on that diagnosis—we expect to see it stitched up and back on its feet soon. Pending some consultation, Iaijutsu is getting a fairly substantial update. This might not come into effect until a few weeks down the road, but we know it’s a matter of great concern to many proud Crane duelists, and we want people to know it’s being treated with the gravity it deserves. Some samurai are concerned about not having their favorite armaments from previous editions. Fear not, the Open Beta list is not necessarily a full list of everything that will be in the final book. You’ll be able to slice down shuriken-wielding ninja with your nodachi in the final book, if not sooner! Due to the scale of the Open Beta, we will not be responding directly to individual queries on these forums. However, we are keeping track of all of it, so the questions and concerns you raise here are not being overlooked!
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    Maese Mateo reacted to KrisWall in Oracle System?   
    Sure looks that way.  Choose Your Own Adventure with multiple players, items (the cards) and a linked campaign of 6 stories.  I'm pretty much sold.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Ywingscum in Is this... an RPG or a tabletop game?   
    When playing RPG I always wanted something more structured, playing board games wanted something more in depth.  For me, this is good, kinda a hybrid RPG/board games 
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Tejedor in Summary Sheet   
    I made this simple Summary Sheet
    I hope you find it useful.
    If you find any error or you have any sugesstions, please let me know.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to ElTacolad in Tabletop Simulator Custom Dice   
    Added a black ring die by request.

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    Maese Mateo reacted to Jamescuk in Live Playtest of L5R tonight at 7pm Est   
    Okay its up on youtube now 
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Nitenman in I really hate this %&$·"&%   
    Weird, I ended up liking the dice system, despite having lots of previous editions bias...
    Does that mean it makes me a millennial? Wow, never felt that good, I just shaved off 20 years of my age just due to one comment on a forum.
    10/10 would try that rejuvenating again.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Tabris2k in I really hate this %&$·"&%   
    I'm also an old L5R player and GM, I'm 37 years old, played a lot of systems... and so far I'm liking the new system. So:
    - If you like the old system, just stick to 4th edition. You have all the material there: All schools, all clans (minor clans included), all spells... with the old system mechanics. FFG had to do a new version, otherwise it just would have been the same game again. And really, I'm no saying this in a bad way, if you like the old system, you're lucky, 'cause you have it all done with 4th Edition.
    - The Dice are pretty simple, you obviously haven't even tried them, because you get the hang out of them in less than two minutes. And it's still the old "meet X successes or fail", but with a twist... a narrative twist, so that's good for me. And it doesn't take out the role. If anything, it makes the way far more narrative than it's predecesor. The old system was a crunchy system and pretty abusable by powergamers. This one? Just to have to justify the approach you take makes it more narrative. It's not just "I roll to behave properly and convince him" anymore, now you have to say in which way you're behaving and how you're gonna convince him.
    - This is just a beta, you can be sure there will be ninjas in the Final edition.
    - Escribir en español sólo te lleva a que el 90% de la gente de este foro no te entienda. Y por cierto, yo sí creo que el juego va a triunfar. Derrotistas como tú ya hubieron muchos cuando FFG sacó el sistema de Star Wars y míralo, tiene un éxito enorme.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Krofinn in I really hate this %&$·"&%   
    Don't be silly. Ninjas don't exist.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Bazakahuna in I really hate this %&$·"&%   
    I'm going to go out on limb here and guess you didn't like it?
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    Maese Mateo reacted to MuttonchopMac in Windows Die Roller   
    No problem. Read the documentation for explosive successes.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to MuttonchopMac in Windows Die Roller   
    To encourage more participation in the beta and spare myself some effort with stickers, I made a windows application to handle dice rolling, which I'm sharing here because FFG didn't ask me to take down the previous (crappy) version, as well as with the availability of web rollers for Edge of the Empire and Warhammer Fantasy. There's a link in my original post, which has the download link.
    I hope this gets you into the beta!

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    Maese Mateo reacted to MuttonchopMac in I Hacked Up A Die Roller   
    So I was curious how the dice in this game worked, and didn't feel like repeating the painstaking process of stickering dice like I did for Edge of the Empire's beta, so I put my Computer Science degree to use and hacked up a nice-ish die roller in C#.
    Disclaimer-ish Stuff
     This is no substitute for FFG's app, and exists to encourage more people to participate in the beta. If they ask for it to be removed, I will certainly oblige, but online die rollers for their Star Wars and Warhammer Fantasy custom dice have persisted for a long time, so I'm under the impression that they don't mind.

    Oh, and AVG had to scan it to check for viruses, but it came up negative. Feel free to scan it before trying it out.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to MuttonchopMac in L5R Dice App   
    I made a Windows-only die roller application, which I posted over here on the forums. FFG has not asked me to remove it (as of now), and they seem to be tolerant of the online rollers for Edge of the Empire and Warhammer Fantasy.
    Hope this helps you get more into the beta. Enjoy.

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    Maese Mateo reacted to Magnus Grendel in Beta 1st Impressions   
    First impressions: combat
    We ran a quick mock combat between Hida Takeshi and a bunch of Shadowlands Goblins (two regular goblins and a chieftain) who had snuck into a garrison and were setting spring-spear traps when he literally blundered into them) The initiative was fairly simple - Takeshi drew with the chieftain (we correctly had him go first, subsequently finding out that the tiebreaker should be honour, so we did it right) and beat the two regular goblins. Since he wasn't on duty and was in travelling clothes, not armour (but had his otsuchi with him because 'you can pry it from my cold dead hands when I'm within ten miles of the Kaiu wall') he only had a low resistance, but the combination of resistance 2 plus Way of the Crab meant that the goblins still needed fire stance and strife to hurt him. Since regular goblins only required 4 strife to make them try and flee, this meant they ended up out of the fight fairly quickly (a couple of stabs and some light wounds later, the fact that he wasn't falling over dead clearly unnerved them). You rack up strife very quickly. Hida Takeshi's martial arts [Melee] (Earth) roll is 4 ring [EDIT: yes, you can't raise a ring above 3. Just noticed this today - will sadly have to correct this with him next time!] and 1 skill, and he was eating a point or two of strife every round, plus the point or two the fire stance goblins were dumping on him. Of course, becoming enraged when you're by far the tougher and better fighter is not actually a bad thing, especially since inflicting meaningful criticals with an otsuchi is actually quite hard, and the goblin chieftain is armed with a low deadliness weapon (a spikey club) as well. Criticals are fairly brutal, but fitness checks do seem to cut the worst of them; the chieftain took one hit from the otsuchi and was left 1 wound short of his resilience 7 (6 wounds). The second incapacitated him and knocked him prone (14 wounds), the third hit left him unconscious with a fractured spine (about 20 odd wounds), and the fourth (which is some serious overkill at this point) bleeding and dying. That sounds like a suitably brutal series of blunt force trauma impacts. I like the fact that a level 0 critical still damages the target's armour (and since goblin armour starts damaged, destroys it!); causing "a critical strike" feels like it should still achieve something, even if the target gets a good fitness roll. We'll probably try a straight duel between the Hida Defender and the Kakita duellist later this week. Also - missed minions not being able to use stances or opportunities. Yeah...goblins are really going to need to be in big squads to matter!  
    TL:DR Thoughts
    Goblin wargear starts with the damaged quality. "If armor becomes Damaged, reduce the resistance it provides by 2 (to a minimum of 0)." surely can't apply, because goblin scrap armour only has 1 point of armour (so it'd be armour 0). But if it has it already included, then the scavenged ashigaru armour the chieftain wears shouldn't be armour 3, it should be armour 1. We assumed the condition is mechanically meaningless and is just there to make the item easier to destroy (because a single 'damaged' result destroys it instead of two). It'd be nice to have a comment to this effect in the NPC section, though. It might be nice to have a space on the character sheet for 'all the things you can spend opportunity on' in a single easy-to-refer to cheat sheet. Page 18 covers most of them, but there's also a table on page 98 that's relevant, plus any opportunities on the action (like triggering a critical with Strike) and any other opportunities from a specific Kata (like striking as fire). That's a lot of flicking back and forth, so a 'cheat sheet' (in the same way the effects of stances are listed on character sheets) might be good. Remembering the order things occur in is important. It's resolve explosive successes, then strife, then opportunity, then success or failure of the check. This is important because they triggers can affect subsequent things. Imagine a fire-stance attack: Explosive success generates more strife than you originally rolled. The extra strife causes an outburst (in this case, becoming enraged) The opportunity could be spent on striking as fire, to increase the severity of the next critical. Since the target might be about to be pushed over their resilience by the damage you're going to do when you resolve success, the "next critical" is the one you're about to do with this strike action. Damage (plus bonus damage for strife) is resolved, and since it pushes the target over their resilience, they take a critical with the bonus severity for both you being enraged and striking-as-fire, which means 'missing extremity time'.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to CarrotandStick in Why custom dice?   
    Also, @LordBen if cost is an issue it took me maybe twenty minutes to download the Custom Image Dice app for Android, print screen and cut out the dice faces in Paint.net, and make my own, 100% free dice roller.
    I'm sure a fan made HTML based one is literally only days away.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Stacie_GmrGrl in Why custom dice?   
    For this game I am really liking the custom dice, even more so than Star Wars/Genesys. I think its because of how the Roll and Keep system works. Because of how the different symbols represent different things, and allowing the idea that these dice can help a person feel the theme's of Rokugan better, then giving the players the choice to make meaningful choices by Keeping the dice they wish to Keep in turn gives the players a lot of Player Agency to dictate what happens to them without relying on GM interpretation alone to dictate the growing narrative of the game. 
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Drudenfusz in Why custom dice?   
    On the ring dice there are 3 success and on the skill dic there are 7 successes, but some of them come with Strife. Oppotunity is not really useful when you have no successes. So, failure is still an option, and look at how small the dice pools are for starting characters! Also, don't forgot that the game has target numbers, so you are often required to have multiple successes. But honestly read the rules, plenty of such complaints should fade away when you start to understand how the system actually works.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to AK_Aramis in L5R Dice App   
    Have one ready... http://aramis.hostman.us/l5r/L5R5E_Mat.pdf
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    Maese Mateo reacted to AK_Aramis in L5R Dice App   
    Dice mats... showing numbered sides and the corresponding symbols.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Bazakahuna in Beta 1st Impressions   
    I came expecting to dislike the mechanics and end up using their setting with 4th Edition rules... on first inspection it appears I was mistaken.
    First as I have said elsewhere, this is the best iteration of their custom dice to date. The filtering effect of roll/keep allows you to tailor outcomes and gets rid of the mass of overly random consequences that rolling a handful in something like Star Wars generated. Custom dice is a nice way to produce effects beyond pass/fail and therefore this interests me greatly as I feel it provides the best from custom dice while mitigating the worst.
    The use of Rings as attributes is actually quite inspired. Generally in games it is the skill that alters to specific needs, a smith may specialise in repairing and be better at that for instance. However in these rules your skill in smithing is a fixed quantity and it is your natural aptitude at certain approaches that defines how good you are at repairing (is your Earth high). Sure this makes 'nature' more important than 'nurture' if you will, but for a game like this I approve of the emphasis being placed on something ephemeral like 'feeling' as opposed to something tangible like 'learning'.
    These two core mechanical approaches have made me optimistic about the game and I am hoping that through testing and expansion it can grow to be the best Legend of the Five Rings yet.
    Oh... and the time period is an obvious win.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to WHW in Misconceptions about Strife and Outbursts   
    6. Strife is always bad - Strife in certain situations is desirable. Fire heavy characters love Strife as it gives them extra successes, certain School Abilities use Strife as fuel, and trying to Outburst ASAP during combat sequences is a valid strategy in order to reap Enraged bonuses (which include a form of Void Point regeneration). Having an Outburst and escalating the scene to a duel before you cool off make you immune to Finishing Blow (as you already suffered an Outburst during this scene). 
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    Maese Mateo reacted to Ultimatecalibur in Misconceptions about Strife and Outbursts   
    This is a list about common and uncommon misconceptions about Strife and Outbursts. please add any more that you can think of.
    Strife Symbols are Threat symbols - Strife is more stress damage than negative side-effect tokens. Outburst happen every time you gain Strife - You need to have more Strife than your Composure to trigger an Outburst and each character can only have one Outburst per scene. Outbursts determine what the character is feeling - The form an Outburst takes is determined by the player for PCs and GM for NPCs. Outburst will happen every scene - Outbursts require a character to have more strife than their (Earth + Fire) x2, after every scene characters remove their Water Ring in strife and after a scene with an Outburst a characters Strife is set to half their composure You can not do anything about Strife - All Water approaches can spend opportunity to reduce your own strife by 2 for each opportunity spent this way, Earth approaches can reduce the strife of a number other characters equal to opportunity used by 2, Air approaches can use double opportunity to do the same as Water approaches, Fire approaches can use the same for Earth and Void approaches can use opportunity as if they were any other element. This is in addition to the effects of various techniques and actions.
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    Maese Mateo reacted to shosuko in Misconceptions about Strife and Outbursts   
    Not a misconception - Strife takes away control of your PC
    Correct - no more than damage, or any other game influence.  You can't narrate your character to be a master of void if the character sheet doesn't support it.  You can't narrate perfect, social stoicism if your character sheet doesn't support it. 
    Juggling what you control, and what you can't control is the essence of drama and story.
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