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  1. This works and looks amazing. Thank you very much for taking the time to makes this. Only missing feature is Explosive Successes additional die.
  2. Oh, this is clever. I like it. I may use it for the first playtest.
  3. I'm really happy with what I've read so far. My first impression is highly positive. The way the custom dice work with R&K is great, and it forces the players to make choices. Do I succeed but risk losing Face? Do I fail but keep Face? That sort of questions should be central to a samurai story. I can't wait to gather some players and give it a test.
  4. Maybe something liek this rather tan charts? HIDA DEFENDER SCHOOL ADVANCEMENT RANK 1 Skills: Command, Medicine, Survival Skill Groups: Martial Skills Technique Category: Rank 1 Kata Techniques: Rishing Avalanche Style, Honest Assessment Rings: Ring Or something like that. It saves space.
  5. I like this take. It means characters are not totally fixed by their School choice, there is still room for customization. Also, the spiritual samurai (or martial shugenja) is going to be spending time and XP on learning this things and not learning bushi things, which means a full bushi will still be a little better if they fully specialize. So in the end, everything works out nicely, I think.
  6. Is there any way to buy the App, then make it work on my PC rather than my phone? I don't have enought free space on my phone to install it. *sigh* Otherwise, waiting for a charitable soul to make an online diceroller for the game.
  7. I suggested Wookie but my players are the sort that feel more confortable playing humans or the most human-like alien species.
  8. So, one of my players wants to play a shaman, which I think is neat. I recommended the Mystic/Seer career/specialization to go full spiritual mode (with maybe a Seeker specialization in the future). But what about species? What of the published species in FFG books make sense as a shaman? I want to present the player with a list to guide him during character creatio, but of course I plan to allow him to play any species he wants in the end (there can always be the "there is a remote planet of [species] were they developed a shamanistic culture around the Force" sort of approach), but guidelines are always useful.
  9. A while back, when doing a black market purchase for unnusual items, one of my players got several successes, a Triumph and 4/5 Threats when buying an ancient sword from a trader (he didn't want to use the sword, he was trying to disguise as a customer to get information, but since his character is an explored who travels the galaxy looking for artifacts he kept it). The players decided that the sword had some unknown curse of my own design, and of course their characters didn't know anything about it. Later on, the Force-sensitives in the group started to hear something calling them at night from that character's room, and after some investigatio they realised the sword is somehow linked to an old deserted planed called Korriban. Basically, I've decided to turn the weapon into a Sith Sword linked to some dead Sith sorcerer (I haven't decided the particulars yet, the group is bussy at the moment with a mission). What abilities do you think are appropiate for a Sith sword? My plan is that the Sword is linked to its former master somehow, and it'll try to tempt and corrupt the Force users into using it, so it has to have some nice perks attached to tempt them (it's sort of the One Ring of Sith swords).
  10. I highly doubt they'll release a new line. The best path, IMHO, is for them to focus on sourcebooks that improve the scope of the current 3 lines allowing you to play other things with what you have (an Imperial book for AoR or an Inquisition book for F&D, for example).
  11. The series is good, the problem is that, like leo1925 said, it feels they should be doing 3-episode arcs like The Clone Wars. They have good ideas but they don't develop them as much as they should.
  12. Based on this week's episode, I'm questioning some of the current rules. 1) Ezra chops a TIE Fighter in half with his lightsaber. That and Episode VII convinced me that we need new rules regarding damage done by characters outside a vehicle to a vehicle. The current rules don't allow us to mimic what we've seen in the movies and the series. 2) Unlike real space, people seem to be able to be super fine in the vacuum of space as long as they have a helmet or something that allows them to breath. It seems that in the SW fiction the only real danger in space is suffocation. Thoughts aside, I really liked the episode. Space whales are awesome.
  13. Seconded. I was about to ask the same question.
  14. I have a similar problem with most pregenerated adventures, SW or not. That's why I (almost) never buy or use them. I did enjoy and use the one in the EotE Begginer Box, though. Good way to introduce people to the game.
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