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  1. Actually, they know exactly what they are doing, they just do it different then you. Many figure manufactures measure the figure from the base of the foot to the eyes. I can't tell you where most manufactures are today, but in the past almost all did it this way. This is where the 1/56 scale figures came from. Bolt Action Miniatures, Company B, Sloppy Jalopy and many others have been making vehicles in 1/56 scale for years. If you want you can read more about scale in miniatures on sites like The Miniatures Page. They have some good articles in there features section that have been there for years.
  2. 1/48 scale = 33.5mm 28mm = 1/58 scale As other have said actually miniatures vary and not all manufactures can agree on things. Some measure from base to eye, others measure to the top of the head. As Major Mishap said, some are advertising 28mm as 1/56. For example of above, 15mm = 1/107 scale, but most manufactures make their vehicles 1/100 scale, but some do 1/110. This can be seen on the table.
  3. Don't forget that platoons were almost never up to strength. Use what you want.
  4. I hope they don't do this. The AT-43 Soviet stuff is way to modern looking for Dust. We need new miniatures...
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