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  1. I'm not sure. It too early to tell. Though there is this meetup page: www.meetup.com/conquestphilly
  2. Let me reword that, I meant, when is it good to rez a card on the Runner's turn? Like a certain strategy for this, can't seem to find the point in doing so. But, I have another similar question… The Runner has installed a completely made-up card: 5 credits: The Corp discards one card from his HQ It is the Corps turn. On his second click, he draws a card. The Runner has 12 credits and uses the paid ability twice and the Corp discards his hand down to 1 (3 cards in his hand). Now, would this seem right as if the Runner would use paid abilities on the Corp's turn, and like if the Corp would rez cards on the Runner's turn? …Rulegeeking here.
  3. When would it be the right time to rez a card during the Runner's turn? I read too that if this happens, the Runner acts first if he has paid abilities.
  4. I'm trying to understand the timing priority chart. I see that on the Runner's turn, after each action, non-ice cards can be rezzed. So after a Runner's click, the Corp can rez any non-ice?
  5. Eventually, there is going to be a AN:NET card editor online and everyone can make either serious of humorous cards. The new Identity cards have big potential. It sort of reminds of Cosmic Encounter. Very easy to put your favorite fictional characters into some. …Some time ago, I made up a ID card like this: Anarch BL: 0 45/15 Starting hand limit is 3. Win the game scoring 6 agenda points.
  6. As stated in the original 1996 Netrunner rulebook on page 34, "The Runner can examine the contents of the face-up pile at any time…" Does this rule still apply to AN:Net?
  7. You can also run on an empty server just to see if the Corp is going to rez ice
  8. Thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Easy question… The Runner has 5 agenda points. He makes a run on a Jinteki server and has made a successful run. He scores an agenda worth 2 points, winning the game. However, the Jinteki ability reads: "Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, do 1 net damage." The Runner had zero cards in his hand. What would come first? Would the Runner immediately win the game? Or does the Corp override the Runner?
  10. update: Ok, a little bumpy this week. I was just in 7thD games in Jenkintown for the first time to see a friend play in a L5R league. Durning the time I also picked up the original Netrunner starter pack and sealed them in green and purple . I go to a community college near Jenkintown that has a tabletop gaming club every WED 12:20-1:20, started by casual gamers from 7DG. I have made a couple of gordo's maps on mousepad like material, they look cool, but still trying to find something fancy though. Our current Netrunner group of 5 wants to deck the TCS (kop) board game night with a separate, fancy looking, Netrunner table. Working on it, getting there. Yes, but 10-2-12 at TCS will be the next meetup, expecting the usual four.
  11. Ironburn said: This depends. Lets say the runner has a hand size of zero, due to brain damage, at the start of his action phase. Actions 1 and 2 he plays diesel and draws six cards. Action 3 the runner makes a run and suffers 1 brain damage. At that point he would discard a card, now the runner has 5 cards in his hand and a maximum hand size of -1. The runner loses at the end of his turn since his maximum hand size is less than zero. From page 20: If the Runner takes more damage than the number of cards in his grip, or if he has a maximum hand size of less than zero at the end of his turn, then he is flatlined and the Corporation wins the game. Ah, a hand size less then zero at the end of the turn. Got it, thanks.
  12. Butaman551 said: Sent this question into FFG and got a response from Lukas…. "The rules are talking about *each time* that the Runner takes 1 point of brain damage. So if the Runner takes 3 brain damage from a single source, he will have his maximum hand size reduced by 3." So there we go. Wow, that was a tricky one. Sounded almost like one. Thanks.
  13. Quick question, easy to answer: If the Runner got his 6th Brain Damage on his Action Phase, would the Runner lose the game on his Discard Phase because he cannot discard down to -1?
  14. update: will not meet on 9-25-12 because of reservation of runequest league, will be back next week!
  15. Ok, got it. It just sounds confusing with "Do 4 Brain Damage" sounding like you would take 4 Brain Damage tokens, thanks.
  16. Not sure on this one but I am confident about it: On page 20 of the rules about Brain Damage, The Runner randomly trashes one card from his grip for each point of brain damage done to him, and his maximum hand size is permanently reduced by one card. The Runner takes a brain damage token to track this. So if the particular piece of ice had a subroutine, "Do 4 brain damage," it would mean that the runner would randomly trash 4 cards and then take one brain damage?
  17. Every tuesday 4pm-late night @ The Compleat Strategist, King of Prussia, PA 580 Shoemaker Road http://www.thecompleatstrategist.com pm me for more info, i am the organizer, DO NOT call the store, personal reason BRING A CORESET IN CASE FOR MORE ACTIVE TABLES! …next meeting 10-2-12
  18. I'm close to Philadelphia. I hang around the suburbs. I am at a particular hobby store every week at game night, and have brought netrunner with me for the third week. Big hit at the store.
  19. Although I have never seen this happen in a game, what happens to the runner if he has no more cards in his stack and he has to draw a card? Does he: 1. Lose the game or 2. Shuffle his heap and create a new stack?
  20. Janus said: Your mistake is seeing the "Central Servers" as a singular entity for card effects. The card you are referencing says "ice protecting this server" for the target of effect. "The Corporation has three central servers: Headquarters, Research and Development, and Archives. Each central server also has a root." (pg. 6, Netrunner Rules) If you install him in the root of your HQ server, he affects HQ. If you install him in the root of a remote server, he affects that server. "Central Servers" just help define what you get when the game starts, the three components are not protected and affected as one. Get rid of the idea that there is a single "CS" and a single "RS". There are three Central Servers when the game begins and you will build 1 or more Remote Servers as you play. Each Remote Server will house a single Asset or Agenda, have as many root upgrades as you want to affect that single server, and will each have their own defensive line of ICE. Oh, so R&D. HQ, and Archives each have a Root! Ok, that really clarifies everything. thanks.
  21. Mikko Leho said: Joe K. said: …so creating a new server in RS, means a whole new defensive line of ice! even though there are two different servers in RS, right? Kinda, you got the individual ice for every server correct and the only one asset or agenda per server. However your first example should be called Remote Server #1, not Server in Remote Server #1. Every new server you create is a Remote Server. See rulebook page 7, it lists two Remote Servers. Alright, so its called a RS even though it branches out with another asset/agenda. So if an upgrade would effect that RS, it would effect just that RS? Or would it effect all RS? If Akitaro Watanabe (rez cost is lowered by 2) is installed in Root, it would effect HQ, R&D, and Archives. What happens if intsalled in a single RS?. I'm guessing it would be a single RS and not all of them. The Root would just effect CS.
  22. radiskull said: If you placed an agenda in a particular RS, you can no longer place an asset in that RS. You could, however, place an asset in a different RS. You can have multiple RS, each protected by its own ICE. wait, so there can be both an agenda and asset? even though thats not co-existing!? oh. so if i am getting this correctly, hear are my example servers in RS, SER IN RS #1 1. Asset 2. Upgrade ICE #2 SER IN RS #2 1. Agenda 2. Upgrade 3. Upgrade ICE #3 …so creating a new server in RS, means a whole new defensive line of ice! even though there are two different servers in RS, right?
  23. I think I see. On page 19 of the rules, the ice is defending not one but two agenda/upgrade in the server. I thought it was that each piece has to be defended with ice. So it could possibly be like, 1. asset/upgrade 2.agenda/upgrade 3. upgrade/upgrade/as or ag, but yes never agenda and asset co-existing?
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