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  1. As much as I love TI3 (it's my favorite game), I would wait for TI4 at this point. It's shinier and it will get support and expansions from FFG, while TI3 is most likely done (as in no more new stuff). If you really want to try it, I would try to find somebody who can invite you for a game, or borrow it to you, so you can try with your friends.
  2. I think in TI3, with the new objectives, all variants that encourage combat, it's still best to let others do the fighting (first). Frankly, in our group, trade is one of the least picked strategy. While it is true that it gives you a nice income and a mercenary, it's not going to stop you from attacking your neighbor, if that will accomplish an objective. It also gives trade goods to anybody, who didn't pick the Trade strategy. There are no real consequences for attacking (other than diplomatic relations turning sour), since next round you can make the same trade agreements again. It's rare that the primary player is not letting people trade.
  3. I like the race-specific tokens. More often than not, players will pick the color that matches their race color anyway.
  4. We have had some meaningful votes in our games from time to time. Like, when my fleet was amassed for attack from the Wormhole Nexus, and the galactic senate closed the wormholes. I had to scuttle both War Suns. The most shameful event in military history. It's true that those laws are rare, but it's the about the potential and the opportunity. Besides, Public execution and Alien artifact are always fun.
  5. People, seriously. The game hasn't even come out yet. That being said, if I like TI4 as much as TI3, I will probably check out any expansion.
  6. It would be an interesting twist on the random tokens, if more valuable planets posed a greater risk to conquer.
  7. For me Distant Suns is a vital part of the early game. It makes conquering planets a lot more exciting than just landing troops at the quickest pace possible. It adds a lot of fun, when you have to think twice before landing with too many ground forces (radiation, hostages), or too few (hostiles, bio-hazard), makes you roll against yourself (enemy PDS) and the occasional outcry of your opponents (free tech, free space dock). It would be a great shame if none of this made it to the base game.
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