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  1. I think you miss some small parts, Yes this thingie is extremly powerfull but: The field is equall Wp-10 / WP of each seperat Marine (as stated p 27 TJR: This counts as a Force Field(...) with a Protection Rating equal to each characters WP -10; WP at Rank 4), so they are not all of same value. Second, you learn it, + all other SMAs + Oath to use it. Its still a new Codex SMA, so needs Oath to use plus everyone needs to know it or the rules for Chapter Squad Modes are used. so it is 500xp for every user plus 750 for squad leader and either the deed for Archeos Salient or at least 2 Missions in the Salient absolved before able to buy them. And there comes the last Point: at the Moment the SMA is unusable, for no Oath exists wich allows this SMA (i would suppose Oath of Purity, as was stated here it would persumably be "Faith is our Shield", wich gives +10 or +20 WP to resist Psi (i would go with +10) and +1 TB against things with the Daemonic trait) If fields are Rare in your Campaing, well up the costs. by what ever margin feels good, or simply disallow the package. As GM we are the final arbiters. And to be honest led them have their shiny bubbles, you will find ways to get them despite it. ^^
  2. **** not out yet in Europe.... Well Ward changed some fluff, and it was back in the 90's very different to the 3d Edition Deamonhunt Codex. They started with: only Terminator, max psy rank 1 per Terminator in squad, acting as one Psyker. Max 5 Terminators. 3d only Captains, and Grandmasters had a List, the Terminators could use as a Squad Holocaust. Nowadays they are all still medicore Psykers but can activate certain Powers in a Squad, though need training for the specific abillty only usuable together, unlearning their old way. For fluff, go with Grey Knight Omnibus, Counter has a way to describe the Brotherhood that is quiet usuable as RP background. as for pre Release times, a gave them Pure Faith, with some fitting faith powers. And concerning Psi Weapons (Nemesis/PsiBolter) the Number of Faith talents + PF as equvalent Psi Rating. Fits the description perfect. also consider giving them either Armour of Contempt or the Palantine, Favor of the Emporer (wich would be a great Solo Mode, deducting their WP Bonus from all Corruption and Insanity gain.) I would go for +10 WS, as at least their Table top skills don't indicate ohterwise, use the Hunter of Deamons from RoB + the two Advances Unatural WP x2/x3 from the Primaris Psyker. for 1000 and 1500XP else, use standard DW rules, just tweak on the DW advance List. Chaplains, Champion, Dreadnaught, Epistolary, 1st Company Vetran (Paladins), are aplicable. well rest is tweaking, since, only the Devastor (honored Brother to use Heavy weapons) is still base, with Techmarine and in Theory Librarian. hope i could help sincerly Akil
  3. Simple: no Auger Array/MIU for non Techmarines. it just doesn't feel right. Helps alot. Expect where Iron Hands are involved. well: The Body you are given is the gift of the Emporer. calling it useless and weak.... (wich a Player does if he just "trades" Req for Bionic without emminent need) is Blasphemy and just don't fit with an Adeptus Astartes. Especially the Apothecary that performs the surgery. Only because their is a rule that state costs, it doesn't mean it's that simple. Example: Go to the Hospital and tell them: "HEy i heard Replacments for missing Legs makes me faster. I'm a sprinter. can you chop of my legs? I have the Money." Well, we all know where you go right? Bionics are for such things as: the ravener chewed of my leg. not: I need go faster. chop them off. Thinking this way is pure and simple metagame thinking. It has nothing to do with the character involved. btw even Iron Hands, don't replace everthing immediatly, the replace an arm that failed him. a hand that couldn't steady his aim... Well somehow i fear this will get us nohwhere...
  4. saddly not enough time, to read all up at the moment. so sorry if i just repeat a point. my Girls mentioned to me that 3 things couldn't be done at the moment correctly. 1. Transistion packages for Sisters of Battle/Hospitaller/Dialogus/Famolus 2. Choosing at rank 5 the Celestian 3 Advancing from Hospitaller to Palantine per Heresy begets Retribution this is entirly possible. sad thing is my skills at Excel programming are too dull to find the Problem with the celestian myself and hand over a solution. still, thought might help to look it up. Argh some Female Gamers are bloodthirsty beyond imagination.... well thanks in advance.
  5. hmmm, yes fine idea. Have to chew on that and spit somthing funny out.... oh, the ship they will use has an Ork cook. crazy Rouge Traders.... exactly Swiss Pirat, Rouge Trader. still working on more.
  6. was my Quote Isidro =D and yes you have to switch to ALL charateristics. so use your power knive with two hands as a Power Claymore... also at least some logic, even if a RPG is involved that as a rule tend to ignore logic for fun and fluff =D So no Problem i think I'm jst not statisfied with most Melee weapon rules concerning Swords. Powerfists/Hammers/Axes Staffs and Polearms are rather ok, Some Swords are... just doesn't fell right. Also yes, twohanded weapons tended to be squishy comared to one handed weapons. but honest: the clyamores have 5! points more damege and more penetration. only the unwieldy is out of place. skip that, givving it neiter advantages nor penalty to parry, and the weapon is good and reliable. even much cheaper than a normal save a pair of Power swords. (15 to 40 req) so all cool. At least for my littel well working GM world where I am the Emporer; the rinous powers and the Rule lawyer are, in personal union
  7. yes for deathwatch they changed that. one of the fact that makes Exitus Rifels so extremly useless ramming through nearly any armour yes but doin on average 13 points of damage. Wich is not so much considering typical Targets for a Vindicare. else it would "only" be +10 BS, wich heavy weapons still do get, and Proven 3 an the lascan. plus range and all it is still a very precise good long range weapon. else give it volatil as a Tech, make things also funny...
  8. I'm still with Autarkis on this one. Techmarines like Techpriests gain more and more Bionics. It's normal. The Requisition thingy is for one situation only: Boss the 'nid Alpha Warrior eat my arm. need new one to kill more Xenos. EXPECT for Iron Hands, no sane Marine would wan't more Bionics when absolutly necessary to carry on the fight, expect Techmarines for wohm this is natural evolution becoming the Omnissiah closer. It's an RPG for gods sake, sorry for swearing, I personally tend to penalize or Kick Players under me GMing who completly ignore the Idea behind essential as the fundamental core of belive of a Monastic Order of Knights. And Marines ar exactly this at core. Yes sounds harsh at first but usually first i talk with them. Then feed them to the fish So i see no Problems with aqquiring Bionics through Req. (BTW: ok, either you two get a shiny new arm, instead of the good flesy ones you have, or... we get us for this Mission a **** Razorback!) If they abuse it, 30 req per Marine per Mission is also fine and enough. Enjoy as they suffer trying to down that runt down chimera with bolter and chainsword, after using up their grenades. and only because MR Iron Hands needed new things so no Missile Launcher and Krag Missiles...
  9. One thing you always must account for is, you can't fight with an Eviscirator/Power Longsword the way I or any of my training partners fight. It would be completly insane to grab the blade of your power weapon for more control. For the Saceris Claymores, well yes even if the sharp part (upper third of the blade) is mono, one can fight normally with it. So Balanced for them, at least no penalty/Bonus at all, is applicable. Axes/Maces/Hammers, on the other hand, are heavy headed and akward to parry with. So Unwieldy/unbalanced is appropiate. Swords are better balanced due to theire nature. So maximum of unbalenced for really unwieldy blades is ok. Eviscirators... well, with the exception of Chaptermaster Seths Eviscirator/Chainsword these things are huge Chainsaws. Not balanced at all, and awkward to handle. btw, Two handed weapons have one big advantage, more and partly much higher damage compared to one handed Weapons. and since you can "only" score one additonal hit while wielding two weapons the advantage of heavy melee weapons is significant enough. Although I like the idea of Mastery skill to swipe away the parry penalty. Also a Circular Attack (TT codex Grey Knights, part of the special Rule for the Brotherhood Champions. It's translated as "Vollendeter Krieger" aka peerless warrior) is fine. but as i remember their was somthing like that all ready... (Furious Assault does this, beefing it up with an Extra would fit perfectly requiring a two handed weapon.) Their is of course the option of awarding accomplished duelists with the Master of Blades (Power Sword/Power Claymore) He can than choose, better defence or better offense with either of these weapons as he can swap statistics. So the system gives us much options for tweaking.
  10. So after a Night long sit in and still headaches due to to much rum, my fellow GM and myself decided to put our Troupe through a little Pirat Campaign. som lesser System in the far East of the Sector, controled by your avarage corrupt Govenor, a well hidden Spaceport in the Orbit with Pirats, and Orks, and Mercs of all Kinds and Race. The basic setup stands. Any funny Ideas for Pirat Concepts? I'm myself too much in old Erol Flynn movies to make good orky crew, also still not so sure wich races fit good as mercs, beside Slann and Kroot, and Eldar Corsairs.
  11. Visitor Q said: Actually this kind of mission would be perfectly suited to the right kind of cleric. Afterall it involves preaching to Imperial servants, leadership and re-kindling their perhaps lagging faith. And when the time comes bringing holy wrath upon the alien and the heretic. The Inquisitor just needs to make sure he picks a cleric that is prepared to quietly spread the faith until the moment is right rather than a redeptionist..... I totally agree on this, could be more interesting, especially if he starts to realize "they aren't so bad at all" Also their is the schism between the Imperial Cult and the Astartes. But I agree on sending more than one TA. Suggesting, a Crusader and a Desperado. The Crusaders watches after the Cleric, the Desperado organizes Smuggeling routes, sabotage if neccesary, an Assasin would be also viable. Sadly no Callidus shrine exist as Template as far as I know, would be a perfect matchup.
  12. as much effectivly as any character +1 as a reaction. =D meaning, Furious Assault 1+1 as reaction if hitting, Lightning attack 3 +1 offhand +1 as reaction, now Dual Strike could be interesting, as you bash up the target with all applicable melee attacks you have. As a Techmarine with a Servo Harness I would assume 3, 2 Arms 1 Axe, quite gruesome. If you consider, give him "Multiple Arms" then he would gain all benefits as per the Multiple Arms trait rules p. 133. Wich is imho the best solution.
  13. @zakalw: basicially Renown = Influence nope FP don't heal crit. don't underestimate it, re-roll parry is fine, but reroll against a 6 degree succes melee strike with 47 WS is impossible for example. Healing would be wiser ^^ well or you suck both and run into the maw of the carnifex rip your grenades free, burn a fate point survive and the beast goes booom! noteable. I like the Idea though... now there are those Carnifex rules....
  14. yes first the little thingie with medicae, btw: full action both, the natheticum doubles the Int Bonus not the d5. somtimes... attack often spread attacks, let npc's score rightous fury! (very brutal, but to be honest: whan my players finish the Genstealer patriarch with a singel bolt shell first round....) just don't kill them outright. Arms, legs, eyes blown of. fits nicely. makes more fun for you. Oh and as for medics... and old saying in the german Bundeswehr: that cross badge on your arm. Take it of, thy kill you on sight! Intelligent enemys pick targets, like that funny dude with the white helmet running to the others and then "poof" they keep on fighting. funny btw. My Players never heal in combat, to risky in melee and in a shoot out often not needed or not more needed.... Tau burst Cannons and Stealth Suits are not nice for Players... =D
  15. As for cost: good/master crafted Items cost 1,5 / 2 x base cost of an item this goes for Bionic as well. meaning Exceptional bionics are double cost, good: one and half of the item in question. -edit- also: see the complete entry under cybernetics in the core rule book, quiet plain i say. Should solve this. as for the rest: under "normal" conditions, you get new shiny bitz when old fleshy ones torn apart by choppa. Meaning no sane Astartes, Iron Hands are not realy sane, sorry guys =D , would just go the Aphotecari stating: old arm weak, need better one! Reply would be : Train harder Brother! and see the Chaplain at your way out. After getting rescued from the field missing both arms and an eye, diffrent story. (and -1FP and some Insanity most likley) This is not cyberpunk, it's still a game about the Emporer's Finest. And if he wante'd them made of steel he had invented an Army of Robots, and not genenginerd superhumans.
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